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Carrie Underwood( 凱莉安德伍 )【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 163 首歌 】
卡麗·瑪麗·安德伍(英語:Carrie Underwood,1983年3月10日-),是7座葛萊美獎得獎美國鄉村音樂歌手,卡麗是電視真人秀歌唱比賽《美國偶像》第四季的冠軍。之後更是成為了一位多白金唱片銷量歌手以及鄉村樂至高殿堂Grand Ole Opry會員,也是鄉村音樂學院獎(ACM)和鄉村音樂協會獎(CMA)的「年度最佳女歌手」,還是ACM的至高大獎「年度藝人」獲得者。 首張專輯《Some Hearts》在美國得到七白金唱片認證,被Nielsen SoundScan認證為銷售最快的首發鄉村音樂專輯,同時也是鄉村樂歷史上最高銷量的女歌手處子專輯。其中產生了三首美國鄉村音樂榜上的冠軍單曲:《Jesus, Take the Wheel》, 《Wasted》和《Before He Cheats》,後者也是她迄今銷量最高的單曲之一。

次輯《Carnival Ride》於2007年10月23日發行,至今銷量已逾300萬張,在鄉村榜上產生了五首冠軍單曲:《So Small》,《All-American Girl》(卡麗形容是自己的小自傳), 《Last Name》 , 《Just a Dream》 以及《I Told You So》。

2009年11月3日,卡麗發行了她的第三張專輯《Play On》,發行以來銷量已破白金。專輯中的首支單曲《Cowboy Casanova》之前自9月14日起已在鄉村音樂電台播送。這支單曲的榜單登頂意味著卡麗超越了菲絲·希爾和瑪蒂娜·麥克布萊德成為新世紀以來擁有top 10鄉村單曲最多的女藝人。2009年11月,卡麗以1100萬的專輯銷量成為了「美國偶像」播出以來擁有美國國內唱片最高銷量的美偶藝人,超過了前輩凱莉·克萊森的600萬,而卡麗的全球唱片銷量也突破了1400萬。

除了自己的三張錄音室專輯,卡麗還在以下唱片/單曲中獻聲過:布拉德·派斯利的《5th Gear》, 與美偶同級生波·拜斯合作單曲《Inside Your Heaven》, 向艾維斯·普里斯萊致敬的《Christmas Duets》, 美偶第四季合輯《American Idol Season 4: The Showstoppers》以及電影原聲帶《曼哈頓奇緣》。在2017年3月28日, 凱莉安德伍與環球音樂發表聲明, 簽入旗下鄉村大廠Capitol Records Nashville,離開了合作將近12年的索尼音樂旗下Arista Nashville / 19 Recordings廠牌。
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Storyteller 英文
1.Renegade Runaway
2.Dirty Laundry
3.Church Bells
5.Smoke Break
6.Choctaw County Affair
7.Like I'll Never Love You Again
10.Clock Don't Stop
11.The Girl You Think I Am
13.What I Never Knew I Always Wanted
Keep Us Safe (Live from ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute to the Troops) [Single] 英文
1.Keep Us Safe
Greatest Hits: Decade Number 1 英文
1.Don't Forget to Remember Me
2.Something in the Water
3.Inside Your Heaven
4.Little Toy Guns
5.Remind Me
6.How Great Thou Art
7.So Small (Writing Session Worktape 1/24/07)
8.Last Name (Writing Session Worktape 1/22/07)
9.Mama's Song (Writing Session Worktape 2/5/09)
Blown Away 英文
1.Good Girl(好女孩)
2.Blown Away(往事隨風)
3.Two Black Cadillacs(兩台黑色凱迪拉克)
4.See You Again(再相見)
5.Do You Think About Me(你想念我嗎)
6.Forever Changed(永遠改變了)
7.Nobody Ever Told You(沒人告訴你)
8.One Way Ticket(單程車票)
9.Thank God For Hometowns(上帝的家園)
10.Good In Goodbye(分手天更藍)
11.Leave Love Alone(把愛封鎖)
12.Cupid's Got A Shotgun(邱比特之槍)
13.Wine After Whiskey(威士忌後的紅酒)
14.Who Are You(你是誰)
Play On 英文
19 Recordings \ SONY
1.Cowboy Casanova
3.Mama's Song
5.Undo It
6.Someday When I Stop Loving You
7.Songs Like This
8.Temporary Home
9.This Time
10.Look At Me
12.What Can I Say (Featuring Sons of Sylvia)
13.Play On
Carnival Ride(奇幻旅程) 英文
1.Flat On The Floor
2.All-American Girl
3.So Small
4.Just A Dream
5.Get Out Of This Town
6.Crazy Dreams
7.I Know You Won't
8.Last Name
9.You Won't Find This
10.I Told You So
11.The More Boys I Meet
13.Wheel Of The World
Some Hearts 英文
2.Don't Forget To Remember Me
3.Some Hearts
4.Jesus, Take The Wheel
5.The Night Before(Life Goes On)
6.Lessons Learned
7.Before He Cheats
8.Starts With Goodbye
9.I Just Can't Live A Lie
10.We're Young And Beautiful
11.That's Where It Is
12.Whenever You Remember
13.I Ain't In Checotah Anymore
14.Inside Your Heaven
There's A Place For Us (Single) 英文
1.There's A Place For Us2.All-American Girl
Enchanted 英文
1.Ever Ever After
Country Piano Tribute 英文
1.Whenever You Remember
Carrie Underwood 英文
1.Goodbye Earl
2.Every Time the Phone Rings
3.I Hope You Dance
4.Tonight the Heartache's on Me
5.Broken Wing
6.Lesson in Leavin'
7.Cold Day in July
8.Show Me Heaven
9.Can't Get Enough
10.There You Are
11.If I Save My Heart for You
Breakaway 英文
1.Behind These Hazel Eyes
As Performed on American Idol 英文
2.Angels Brought Me Here
3.Because You Loved Me
4.Bless The Broken Road
5.Could have Been
7.Hello Young Lovers
8.I Feel Like a Woman
9.Love Is A Battlefield
10.Making Love Out of Nothing at All
12.When Will I Be Loved
Apple Music Festival: London 2015 (Video Album) 英文
1.Blown Away (Live)
2.Smoke Break (Live)
3.I Know You Won't (Live)
4.See You Again (Mashup) [Live]
5.Before He Cheats (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Something In The Water
2.Good Girl
3.Blown Away
4.Two Black Cadillacs
5.See You Again
6.Do You Think About Me
7.Forever Changed
8.Nobody Ever Told You
9.One Way Ticket
10.Thank God for Hometowns
11.Good in Goodbye
12.Leave Love Alone
13.Cupid's Got a Shotgun
14.Wine After Whiskey
15.Who Are You
16.What Can I Say
17.O Holy Night
18.Sin Wagon
19.'Jesus, Take the Wheel'
20.whats on the outside
21.Country Piano Tribute
22.I'll Stand By You
23.Ain't In Checotach Anymore
24.Home Sweet Home
25.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
26.Praying For Time
27.Sometimes You Leave
28.More Boys I Meet
29.The First Noel
30.Indpendence Day
31.You're Lookin' At Country
32.What Child Is This
33.Praying For Time (Idol Gives Back Performance)
34.Just a Dream (album version)
35.Heartbeat (stripped)
36.Little Girl Don't Grow Up Too Fast
37.How Great Thou Art (with Vince Gill) (Live from ACM Presents: Girls' Night Out)
38.I Murdered All The Soldiers
39.Everything Is Beautiful
40.Ever Ever After - Soundtrack
41.Little Toy Guns- Story Behind the Song
42.Good Girl- Commentary
43.Two Black Cadillacs- Commentary
44.Before He Cheats - Live from Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party
45.Do You Hear What I Hear
46.See You Again (Radio Edit)
47.The Sound of Music
48.Do You Hear What I Hear (Radio Edit)
49.Last Name (album version)
50.I Told You So (album version)
51.Independence Day
52.American Girl
53.Cry Pretty

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