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Mew( 海鷗樂團 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 169 首歌 】
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Visuals 英文
1.Nothingness and No Regrets (提供)
2.The Wake of Your Life (提供)
3.Candy Pieces All Smeared Out (提供)
4.In a Better Place (提供)
5.Ay Ay Ay (提供)
6.Learn Our Crystals (提供)
7.Twist Quest (提供)
8.Shoulders (提供)
9.85 Videos
10.Zanzibar (提供)
11.Carry Me to Safety
plus minus + - 英文
3.The Night Believer
4.Making Friends
5.Clinging To A Bad Dream
6.My Complications
7.Water Slides
8.Interview the Girls
10.Cross The River On Your Own
謎幻故事(No More Stories...) 英文
1.New Terrain(Album Version)
2.Introducing Palace Players(Album Version)
3.Beach(Album Version)
4.Repeaterbeater(Album Version)
5.Intermezzo 1(Album Version) (提供)
6.Silas The Magic Car(Album Version)
7.Cartoons And Macrame Wounds(Album Version)
8.Hawaii Dream(Album Version)
9.Hawaii(Album Version)
10.Vaccine(Album Version)
11.Tricks Of The Trade(Album Version) (提供)
12.Intermezzo 2(Album Version) (提供)
13.Sometimes Life Isn't Easy(Album Version)
14.Reprise(Album Version)
陌生的友人(Frengers) 英文
1.Am I Why ? No
3.Snow Brigade
5.Behind The Drapes
6.Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years
7.Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
8.She Came Home For Christmas
9.She Spider
10.Comforting Sounds
The Zookeeper's Boy 英文
1.Saliva, Mica & Panda (Live Version)
2.The Zookeeper's Boy (radio edit)
3.A Dark Design (Red version)
4.Chinaberry Tree (Red version)
5.Safe as Houses
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.The Night Believer - Live From Spotify Stockholm
2.Water Slides - Live From Spotify Stockholm
3.Symmetry - Live From Spotify Stockholm
4.Witness - Live From Spotify Stockholm
5.Satellites - Live From Spotify Stockholm
Special 英文
1.Special (radio mix)
2.Animals of Many Kinds
3.Apocalypso (live)
4.Comforting Sounds (edit)
She Came Home for Christmas 英文
1.Watch This Space
2.She Came Home for Christmas (acoustic version)
3.Wheels Over Me (Alleder Und Fa remix)
Napster Live Mixes 英文
1.Why Are You Looking Grave? - NapsterLive Mixes
2.The Zookeeper's Boy - NapsterLive Mixes
3.Symmetry - NapsterLive Mixes
4.Comforting Sounds - NapsterLive Mixes
Half the World Is Watching Me 英文
1.Secret Track
2.156 (Cubase Demo)
3.Wherever (live 2001)
4.Wheels Over Me (Live 2001)
5.Mica (Live 2001)
6.Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years (Live 2001)
7.Half the World Is Watching Me (Studio Outtake)
9.King Christian
12.Comforting Sounds (Do I Look Puerto Rican?) (Demo)
And the Glass Handed Kites 英文
1.Fox Club
2.The Seething Rain Weeps for You (Uda Pruda)
3.An Envoy to the Open Fields
4.A Dark Design
5.Chinaberry Tree
6.Shiroi Kuchibiruno Izanai (White Lips Kissed) (Japanese version) (提供)
7.Forever and Ever
8.Louise Louisa
9.Saviours of Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December) (提供)
10.The Zookeeper's Boy
12.Why Are You Looking Grave?
13.The Seething Rain Weeps for You
14.Saviours of Jazz Ballet
15.White Lips Kissed
Am I Wry? No 英文
1.Like Paper Cuts
2.Am I Wry? No (album version)
3.She Spider (live)
4.Comforting Sounds (live)
A Triumph for Man 英文
1.Beautiful Balloon
2.How Things Turn Out To Be
3.Life Is Not Distant
4.Superfriends (Demo)
5.Wheels Over Me (Demo)
6.I Should Have Been a Tsin-tsi (For You) (Demo)
7.Chinese Gun (Demo)
8.Web (Demo)
9.Beautiful Balloon (Acoustic)
10.Say You're Sorry (ATFM Session)
11.I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You)
13.No Shadow Kick
14.Then I Run
16.Coffee Break
6 Songs 英文
1.Say You're Sorry
2.Nothing Is Red
+ - (Quiet Sessions) 英文
1.Water Slides (Quiet Session)
2.Witness (Quiet Session)
3.Cross The River On Your Own (Quiet Session)
4.Making Friends (Quiet Session)
暫存 英文
2.The Seething Rain Weeps For You
3.An Envoy To The Open Fields
4.I Should Have Been A Tsin-Tsi
6.Quietly (demo)
7.Bones (Song for Albert)
8.Where Have All the Geysers Gone?
10.That Time On The Ledge
11.Eight Flew Over
12.B Rabbit Final Battle i wry?
14.Am I Wry? No
15.Fox Cub
18.City Voices
19.Beach (Trentemøller remix)
20.Wheels Over Me
21.Symmetry (acoustic)
22.King Christian (New Version)
24.Why Are You Looking Grave
25.Western Silver Lion Cub (Bonus Track)
26.Drinking Soda (Bonus Track)
27.Sometimes Life Isn't Easy
28.New Terrain
29.Introducing Palace Players
31.Repeater Beater
32.Silas The Magic Car
33.Cartoons And Macrame Wounds
34.Hawaii Dream
37.Tricks Of The Trade
38.Intermezzo 2 (提供)
41.Intermezzo 1 (提供)
42.Count To Ten
43.The Zookeeper's Boy (Live In Copenhagen Nov 14)
44.Making Friends (13)
45.The Zookeeper's Boy (Live at Shepherd's Bush)
46.Start (B-Side) [Bonus Track]
47.Swimmer's Chant (B-Side) [Bonus Track]
48.In a Better Place (Purity Ring Remix)

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