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Crosby Stills Nash & Young( Crosby, Stills & Nash )【 共收藏 30 張專輯, 375 首歌 】
Crosby,Stills&Nash(CSN)是由美國歌手兼詞曲作者David Crosby和Stephen Stills以及英國創作歌手Graham Nash組成的民謠搖滾樂團。 當加拿大歌手兼詞曲作者Neil Young加入時,他們被稱為Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young(CSNY),他是偶爾的第四名成員。 他們因其複雜的和聲,經常動蕩的人際關係,政治活動以及對美國音樂和文化的持久影響而聞名。 Crosby,Stills&Nash被納入名人堂搖滾名人堂,並且所有三名成員也參加了其他團體的工作(Crosby for Byrds,Stills for Buffalo Springfield和Nash for Hollies)。 Neil Young也被選為獨奏藝術家和布法羅斯普林菲爾德的成員。
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CSNY 1974 英文
1.Love The One You're With
2.Wooden Ships
3.Immigration Man
5.Johnny's Garden
6.The Lee Shore
7.Change Partners (提供)
8.Only Love Can Break Your Heart
9.Our House
10.Guinevere (提供)
11.Old Man (提供)
12.Teach Your Children
13.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
14.Long Time Gone
Demos 英文
Rhino Records
1.Marrakesh Express
2.Almost Cut My Hair
3.You Don't Have To Cry
4.Deja Vu
5.Sleep Song
6.My Love Is A Gentle Thing
7.Be Yourself
8.Music Is Love
9.Singing Call
10.Long Time Gone
12.Love The One You're With
Allies 英文
1.Barrel Of Pain
3.Dark Star
4.For What It's Worth
5.He Played Real Good For Free
6.Raise A Voice
7.Shadow Captain
8.Turn Your Back On Love
9.War Games
10.Wasted On The Way
12.Flaming Heart
13.Love Again
14.Can't Let Go
15.No Problem
16.Grey To Green
17.Only Love Can Break Your Heart
18.No Hiding Place
19.Right By You
Looking Forward 英文
1.Looking Forward
3.Someday Soon
4.Dream For Him
5.Out of Control
6.Stand and Be Counted
8.Queen Of Them All
9.No Tears Left
10.Faith In Me
11.Seen Enough
After The Storm 英文
1.After The Storm
2.Bad Boyz (4:16)
3.Camera (4:20)
4.Find A Dream (3:51 )
5.In My Life (2:20)
6.It Won't Go Away (4:17)
7.Only Waiting For You (3:57)
8.Panama (4:15)
9.Street To Lean On (3:35)
10.These Empty Days (2:30)
11.'Till It Shines
12.Unequal Love (4:44)
Live It Up 英文
1.Live It Up
3.Haven't We Lost Enough?
4.Yours And Mine
6.Straight Line
American Dream 英文
1.Got It Made
2.Night Song
3.That Girl
4.American Dream
5.This Old House
6.Drivin' Thunder
7.Nighttime for the Generals
8.Name of Love
9.Clear Blue Skies
10.Don't Say Goodbye
12.Feel Your Love
14.Soldiers of Peace
Box Set Disc1 英文
2.Almost Cut My Hair
3.Carry On , Questions
4.Deja Vu
7.Helplessly Hoping
8.Horses Through A Rainstorm
9.Lady Of The Island
11.Long Time Gone
12.Marrakesh Express
13.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
14.Teach Your Children
15.Wooden Ships
16.You Don't Have To Cry
4 Way Street 英文
1.Black Queen
2.On The Way Home
3.Don't Let It Bring You Down
4.Pre-Road Downs
5.Southern Man
6.King Midas In Reverse
Déjà Vu 英文
1.Country Girl
3.Our House
5.Deja Vu
6.Teach Your Children
7.Almost Cut My Hair
9.Everybody I Love You
Csn 英文
1.Anything At All
2.Carried Away
4.Cold Rain
5.Fair Game
6.I Give You Blind
7.In My Dreams
8.Just A Song Before I Go
9.Run From Tears
10.See The Changes
11.Dark Star
12.Shadow Captain
Crosby, Stills & Nash 英文
1.49 Bye-Byes
Voyage 英文
1.Wooden Ships (2006 Remastered)
2.Guinnevere (2006 Remastered)
3.Long Time Gone (2006 Remastered)
4.Shadow Captain (2006 Remastered)
5.In My Dreams (2006 Remastered)
6.Delta (2006 Remastered)
7.Arrows (2006 Remastered)
8.Long Time Gone
The San Francisco Broadcast (Live) 英文
1.Wooden Ships (Live)
2.Almost Cut My Hair (Live)
3.Immigration Man (Live)
4.Teach Your Children (Live)
5.Military Madness (Live)
6.Chicago (Live)
7.Harvest (Live)
8.Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Live)
9.Heart of Gold (Live)
The David Crosby Box 英文
1.Wooden Ships - 2006 Remastered Version
2.Guinevere - 2006 Remastered Version
3.Long Time Gone - 2006 Remastered Version
4.Shadow Captain - 2006 Remastered Version
5.In My Dreams - 2006 Remastered Version
6.Delta - 2006 Remastered Version
7.Arrows - 2006 Remastered Version
8.Long Time Gone
The Bridge School Collection, Vol. 2 (Live) 英文
1.Change Partners (Live) (提供)
2.American Dream (Live)
3.Our House (Live)
4.Deja Vu (Live)
Stills 英文
1.As I Come Of Age
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Vol. 4: 1996-1997 (Live) 英文
1.For What It's Worth (with Tom Petty) [Live]
2.Teach Your Children (with James Taylor) [Live]
3.Wooden Ships (Live)
4.49 Bye-Byes (Live) (提供)
Reflections 英文
1.Marrakesh Express (Remastered Album Version)
2.Raise a Voice (2006 Alternate Mix)
3.Taken At All (Alternate Mix)
4.Pre-Road Downs
5.These Empty Days (Remastered Album Version)
6.House Of Broken Dreams (Remastered Album Version)
7.If Anybody Had A Heart (Remastered Album Version)
8.Clear Blue Skies (Remastered Album Version)
9.Wasted On The Way (Remastered Album Version)
10.Song For Susan (Remastered Album Version)
11.Just A Song Before I Go (Remastered Album Version)
12.Lady Of The Island (Remastered LP Version)
Live at United Nations General Assembly Hall, New York, Nov 18, 1989 (Remastered) [Live FM Radio Broadcast Concert In Superb Fidelity] 英文
1.Wasted On the Way (Remastered) (Live)
2.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Remastered) (Live)
3.Our House (Remastered) (Live)
4.Wooden Ships (Remastered) (Live)
5.Southern Cross (Remastered) (Live)
6.Got It Made (Remastered) (Live)
7.Guinnevere (Remastered) (Live)
8.Almost Cut My Hair (Remastered) (Live)
9.House of Broken Dreams (Remastered) (Live)
10.Wind On the Water (Remastered) (Live)
11.Helplessly Hoping (Remastered) (Live)
12.Just a Song Before I Go (Remastered) (Live)
13.Blackbird (Remastered) (Live)
14.Change Partners (Remastered) (Live)
15.Teach Your Children (Remastered) (Live)
Daylight Again 英文
1.Daylight Again
3.Into The Darkness
4.Might As Well Have A Good Time
5.Since I Met You
6.Song For Susan
7.Southern Cross
8.You Are Alive
9.Turn Your Back On Love
10.Wasted On The Way
Crosby, Stills & Nash [with Bonus Tracks] 英文
1.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Remastered
2.Marrakesh Express - Remastered
3.Guinevere - Remastered
4.You Don't Have To Cry - Remastered
5.Pre-Road Downs - Remastered
6.Wooden Ships - Remastered
7.Helplessly Hoping - Remastered
8.Long Time Gone - Remastered
9.49 Bye-Byes - Remastered
Carry On 1 英文
CSNY 1974 (Live) 英文
1.Helpless (Live)
2.Don't Be Denied (Live)
3.Blackbird (Live)
4.Old Man (Live)
5.Long May You Run (Live)
6.Prison Song (Live)
7.Time After Time (Live)
8.Guinevere (Live)
9.Fieldworker (Live)
10.On the Beach (Live)
11.Johnny's Garden (Live) (提供)
12.Carry Me (Live)
13.Change Partners (Live) (提供)
CSNY / Déjà Vu (Live) 英文
1.What Are Their Names? (Live)
2.The Restless Consumer (Live) [Bonus Track]
3.Living With War (Theme) [Reprised] (Live)
4.Roger and Out (Live)
5.For What It's Worth (Live)
6.Looking for a Leader (Live)
7.Shock and Awe (Live)
8.Let's Impeach the President (Live)
9.After the Garden (Live)
10.Déjà Vu (Live)
CSN 2012 英文
3.Girl From The North Country
4.So Begins The Task
5.Johnny's Garden
6.Teach Your Children
7.Long Time Gone
8.For What It's Worth
CSN 2012 (Live) 英文
1.For What It's Worth (Live)
2.Bluebird (Live)
3.Southern Cross (Live)
4.Long Time Gone (Live)
4 Way Street (Live) 英文
1.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Live) (提供)
2.Carry On (Live)
3.Southern Man (Live)
4.Long Time Gone (Live)
5.Pre-Road Downs (Live)
6.Black Queen (Live) (提供)
7.Laughing (Live)
8.King Midas In Reverse (Live)
9.Love the One You're With (Live)
10.49 Bye-Byes / America's Children (Live) (提供)
11.Don't Let It Bring You Down (Live)
12.Cowgirl In the Sand (Live)
13.Right Between the Eyes (Live)
14.The Lee Shore (Live)
15.Triad (Live)
16.On the Way Home (Live)
17.Find the Cost of Freedom (Live) (提供)
暫存1 英文
1.Singin' Call
2.Déjà Vu [Live]
3.Compass (2006 Remastered)
4.Thoroughfare Gap
5.It Doesn't Matter
6.Unequal Love
7.Urge For Going (Unreleased Version)
8.How Have You Been
9.Old Man Take a Look at My Life
10.Dear Mr. Fantasy (Unreleased Version)
11.Street to Lean on
12.House of Broken Dreams
14.Find A Dream
15.These Empty Days
16.Teach Your Children Well
17.In My Life
19.Almost Cut My Hair (1969 Demo)
20.Deja Vu (1969 Demo)
21.Long Time Gone (1968 Demo)
22.Sleep Song (1969 Demo)
23.Be Yourself (1971 Demo)
24.Chicago (1970 Demo)
25.Music Is Love (1970 Demo)
26.Marrakesh Express (1969 Demo)
27.Singing Call (1970 Demo)
28.Everybody's Talkin'
29.After The Dolphin
30.Shadow Land
31.Don't Let Bring You Down
32.Cowgirl In The Sand
34.Frozen Smiles
36.Girl To Be On My Mind
37.Right Between the Eyes
38.Page 43
39.Southbound Train
40.Strangers Room
41.The Wall Song
42.Where Will I Be!
43.Whole Cloth
46.Carry On
47.Find The Cost Of Freedom
48.Four Way Street (提供)
49.Medley: The Loner, Cinnamon Girl, Down By The Rive
50.What Are Their Names
51.After The Garden
52.Military Madness
53.Let's Impeach The President
54.Shock And Awe
55.Looking For A Leader
56.Living With War
57.Roger And Out
58.Living With War Piano Close
59.Turn Your Back On Love - Remastered
60.Daylight Again - Remastered
61.Might As Well Have A Good Time - Remastered
62.You Are Alive - Remastered
63.Too Much Love To Hide - Remastered
64.Since I Met You - Remastered
65.Into The Darkness - Remastered
66.Southern Cross - Remastered
67.Wasted On The Way - Remastered
68.Tomorrow Is Another Day - Bonus Track
69.Everybody's Talkin' (Bonus Track)
70.Teach Your Children (Bonus Track)
71.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Live Woodstock Version With Additional Stage Dialogue)
72.To The Last Whale: Ciritcal Mass & Wind On The Water
73.Just a Song
74.First Things First
75.Drive My Car
76.In My Life (Live)
77.Our House - Remastered Version
78.Teach Your Children - Alternate Mix
79.Deja Vu - 2006 Remastered Version
80.Almost Cut My Hair - 2006 Remastered Version
81.Compass - 2006 Remastered Version
82.Dream For Him - Previously Unreleased Live Version
83.Sea Of Madness - Live Woodstock Version
84.Dayligth Again
86.I've Loved Her So Long
87.Ole Man Trouble
88.Man in the Mirror
89.After the Gold Rush
90.Down by the River
91.Pre-Road Dows
92.Homeward Through the Haze (alternate mix)
93.Our Hourse
94.Simple Man
95.4 + 20 (Live Woodstock Version)
96.Marrakesh Express (Live Woodstock Version)
97.Country Girl: Whiskey Boot Hill – Down, Down, Down – 'Country Girl' (I Think You're Pretty)
98.Country Girl: A. Whiskey Boot Hill. B. Down, Down, Down. C. 'Country Girl' [I Think You're Pretty]
99.The Needle and the Damage Done (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Almost Cut My Hair (Unedited Version)
2.I Used To Be a King
3.This Old House (Live)
4.Teach Your Children (Remastered)
5.Our House (Remastered)
6.Amy (提供)
7.Heart of Gold (Live 1972 FM Broadcast)
8.Cathedral (Remastered)

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