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Kasabian( 卡薩比恩 )【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 166 首歌 】
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Eez-eh 英文
Velociraptor! 英文
1.Let's Roll Just Like We Used To
2.Days Are Forgotten
3.Goodbye Kiss
4.La Fee Verte
6.Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From The Storm)
7.I Hear Voices
9.Man Of Simple Pleasures
10.Switchblade Smiles
11.Neon Noon
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum 英文
2.Where Did All The Love Go
3.Swarfiga (提供)
4.Fast Fuse
5.Take Aim
6.Thick As Thieves
7.West Ryder Silver Bullet
8.Vlad The Impaler
9.Ladies And Gentlemen Roll The Dice
10.Secret Alphabets
The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum( 西萊德貧民瘋人院) 英文
Sony Music Records
2.Where Did All The Love Go
3.Swarfiga (提供)
4.Fast Fuse
5.Take Aim
6.Thick As Thieves
7.West Ryder Silver Bullet
8.Vlad The Impaler
9.Ladies & Gentlemen (Roll The Dice)
10.Secret Alphabets
Empire 英文
2.The Doberman
3.British Legion
4.Shoot The Runner
5.By My Side
6.Seek And Destroy
8.Me Plus One
9.Last Trip (In Flight)
11.Sun Rise Light Flies (提供)
Kasabian 英文
1.Processed Beats
2.Cutt Off
3.Reason Is Treason
5.Test Transmission
6.Butcher Blues
7.L.S.F. Lost Souls Forever
8.Club Foot
9.Running Battle
10.U Boat
11.Orange (提供)
12.Pinch Roller (提供)
13.Ovary Stripe
iTunes Session 英文
1.Days Are Forgotten (iTunes Session)
2.Fire (iTunes Session)
3.Re-Wired (iTunes Session)
iTunes Festival: London 2009 英文
1.Where Did All the Love Go? (Live)
2.Fire (Live)
3.Fast Fuse (Live)
4.Fast Fuse
6.Club Foot
iTunes Festival: London - Kasabian 英文
1.Shoot The Runner - Live At iTunes Festival
2.Empire - Live At iTunes Festival
3.Stuntman - Live At iTunes Festival
4.The Doberman - Live At iTunes Festival
5.Club Foot - Live At iTunes Festival
6.LSF - Live At iTunes Festival
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Underdog - Live from Spotify London
2.stevie - Live from Spotify London
3.Goodbye Kiss - Live from Spotify London
Processed Beats 英文
1.L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) (Live At The Cabinet War Rooms)
2.L.S.F. Lost Sould Forever (live at the Cabinet War Rooms)
3.Processed Beats (Afika Bambaataa remix)
Live from Brixton Academy 英文
1.I.D. (Live)
2.Ovary Stripe (Live)
3.U Boat (Live)
4.L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) [Live]
5.The Nightworker's (Live)
6.Butcher Blues (Live)
7.Test Transmission (Live)
8.Processed Beats (Live)
9.Running Battle (Live)
10.Reason Is Treason (Live)
11.Cutt Off (Live)
12.Club Foot (Live)
Live from Abbey Road 英文
1.Shoot the Runner (Live from Abbey Road)
2.Empire (Live from Abbey Road)
3.Me Plus One (Live from Abbey Road)
For Crying Out Loud 英文
1.Underdog (Live at King Power Stadium)
2.You're In Love With a Psycho
3.Fire (Live at King Power Stadium)
4.Vlad the Impaler (Live at King Power Stadium)
5.stevie (Live at King Power Stadium)
6.L.S.F. (Live at King Power Stadium)
7.Stuntman (Live at King Power Stadium)
8.British Legion (Live at King Power Stadium)
9.I.D. (Live at King Power Stadium)
10.Days Are Forgotten (Live at King Power Stadium)
11.Fast Fuse (Live at King Power Stadium)
12.eez-eh (Live at King Power Stadium)
13.Shoot the Runner (Live at King Power Stadium)
14.bumblebeee (Live at King Power Stadium)
15.Comeback Kid
Days Are Forgotten 英文
1.Days Are Forgotten - Album Explicit Version
2.Days Are Forgotten (Single Edit)
3.Pistols at Dawn
4.Days Are Forgotten
Cutt Off 英文
1.Processed Beats (Live Lounge version)
2.Out of Space (Live Lounge version)
3.Cutt Off (Single Version)
4.Beneficial Herbs (Demo)
5.Cutt Off
Club Foot 英文
1.Club Foot (album version)
2.Club Foot
3.Sand Clit
4.The Duke
5.55 (Live At Brixton Academy)
48:13 英文
暫存 英文
1.The Green Fairy
3.West Ryder/Silver Bullet
5.Trash Can
7.Too Much Too Young
8.Black Whistler
9.Let's Roll Like We Used To
10.Where Did All The Love Go?
11.West Rider/Silver Bullet
12.Cunny Grope Lane
13.Road Kill Cafe
15.The Sweet Escape - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
16.L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) - Live At Brixton Academy
17.Butcher Blues - Live At Brixton Academy
18.Test Transmission - Live At Brixton Academy
19.Video Games - (Live) [Originally by Lana Del Rey]
20.Switchblade Smiles (live)
21.Somebody to Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge Version)
22.Fast Fuse / Pulp Fiction (Live)
23.Vlad the Impaler (Live)
24.Turkish Acid Bath (Shelter from the Storm)
25.Velociraptor! (VEVO Presents: Kasabian - Live From Leicester)
26.Narcotic Farm
27.Road Kill Café
28.Julie & the Mothman
29.Underdog (Sasha Remix)
30.Lab Twat
32.Pictures of Matchstick Men
34.LSF (Jagz Koooner mix)
35.I'm So Tired
36.The Doberman (Serge vocals)
37.Seek & Destroy
38.Empire (Jagz Koonan Remix Edit)
39.Fancy (Live)
40.Processed Beats (Live at the Roundhouse)

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