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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Art Brut
Art Brut【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 94 首歌 】
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Top of the Pops 英文
1.Maternity Ward
2.1Sexy Sometimes (提供)
3.Unprofessional Wrestling
4.These Animal Menswear
5.0About Time (提供)
6.Ignorance Is Bliss
7.Catch (提供)
8.Modern Art (Live in Berlin)
9.Just Desserts (Alt Version) (提供)
10.Moved To La
11.Weird Science
12.Positively 5th Street (提供)
13.The Great Escape (We Are Scientists)
14.Her Majesty (提供)
15.Post Soothing Out (Live in Berlin)
Art Brut; Top Of The Pops 英文
1.Emily Kane
2.Good Weekend
3.My Little Brother
4.Axl Rose
5.Arizona Bay (提供)
6.We Make Pop Music (提供)
7.Formed A Band (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)
8.Bad Weekend (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version) (提供)
9.These Animal Menswear (B-Side) (提供)
10.Modern Art (Early Keith Top Of The Pop Version) (提供)
11.Maternity Ward (B-Side) (提供)
12.Blame It On The Trains (Produced By Russel Senior)
13.Post Soothing Out (Produced By Russel Senior)
14.St. Pauli (Produced By Russel Senior)
15.About Time (B-Side) (提供)
16.Ignorance Is Bliss (B-Side) (提供)
17.Catch (The Cure Cover)
18.Just Desserts (Alt Version Of B-Side To Alcoholics Unanimous) (提供)
19.Moved To L.A. (Art Brut vs Satan iTunes Bundle) (提供)
20.Weird Science (B-Side) (提供)
21.Positively 5th Street (B-side) (提供)
22.Unprofessional Wrestling (Download only) (提供)
23.The Great Escape (We Are Scientists/Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover) (提供)
24.Her Majesty (Beatles Cover Arranged By Black Francis) (提供)
Brilliant! Tragic! 英文
1.Clever Clever Jazz
2.Lost Weekend
3.Bad Comedian
4.Sexy Sometimes
5.Is Dog Eared
6.Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules!
7.Axel Rose
8.I Am The Psychic
9.Ice Hockey
Art Brut vs. Satan 英文
1.Alcoholics Unanimous
2.DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake
3.The Passenger
4.Am I Normal
5.What A Rush
6.Demons Out!
7.Slap Dash For No Cash
8.The Replacements
9.Twist And Shout
10.Summer Job
11.Mysterious Bruises
Live at Schubas - November 15, 2005 英文
1.St. Pauli
2.Good Weekend
3.Bang Bang Rock & Roll
4.Moving to L.A.
5.My Little Brother
It's a Bit Complicated 英文
1.Pump Up The Volume
2.Direct Hit
3.St Pauli
4.People In Love
5.Late Sunday Evening
6.I Will Survive
7.Post Soothing Out
8.Blame It On The Trains
9.Sound Of Summer
10.Nag Nag Nag Nag
11.Jealous Guy
Bang Bang Rock & Roll 英文
1.18,000 Lira
2.Bad Weekend
4.Formed a Band
5.Stand Down
6.Modern Art
暫存 英文
3.Rusted Guns of Milan
4.Moving to LA
5.Soundtrack Of The Summer
6.Bang Bang Rock and Roll
7.DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake
8.Martin Kemp
9.It's About Time
10.Every Other Weekend
11.Home Altars Of Mexico
12.These Animal Menswe@r

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