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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手MercyMe( 憐憫我樂團 )
MercyMe( 憐憫我樂團 )【 共收藏 18 張專輯, 185 首歌 】
MercyMe是美國當代基督教音樂樂隊,成立於德克薩斯州格林維爾市。樂隊由主唱Bart Millard,打擊樂手Robby Shaffer,貝司手Nathan Cochran和吉他手Michael Scheuchzer和Barry Graul組成。

樂隊於1994年成立,並於2001年與INO Records簽約之前發行了六張獨立專輯。該組合首次獲得了主流認可,交叉單曲“I Can Only Imagine”將其首張專輯“Almost There”提升至三倍鉑金認證。此後,該集團又發行了8張額外的錄音室專輯(其中6張獲得了黃金認證)和10張最大的專輯專輯10張。該組合還在Billboard Christian Songs榜單上連續獲得了13首單曲,其中7首單曲達到MercyMe贏得了8個鴿子獎,並獲得了許多格萊美獎提名。 2014年4月8日,樂隊發行了第八張錄音室專輯“Welcome to the New”。 MercyMe的第九張錄音室專輯Lifer於2017年3月31日發行。
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Lifer 英文
1.We Win
2.Heaven's Here
3.Best News Ever
4.You Found Me
5.Hello Beautiful
7.Grace Got You
8.Even If
MercyMe, It's Christmas 英文
2.Christmastime Again
3.Sleigh Ride
4.I'll Be Home For Christmas
5.Hold On Christmas
6.Holly Jolly Christmas
7.Go Tell It On The Mountain
8.Do You Hear What I Hear
9.Our Lullaby
11.O Come, O Come
It’s Christmas 英文
1.I'll Be Home For Christmas2.A Holly Jolly Christmas
Welcome To the New 英文
1.Welcome To the New
2.Gotta Let It Go
4.Wishful Thinking
5.Burn Baby Burn
6.Dear Younger Me
7.Finish What He Started
9.New Lease On Life
Shake (single) 英文
The Hurt and The Healer 英文
1.You Know Better
2.The Hurt & The Healer (提供)
3.You Don't Care At All
4.To Whom It May Concern
5.You Are I Am
6.Take The Time
7.Don't Give Up On Me
8.Hold On
9.Best Of Me
10.The First Time
11.Without Your Love
The Hurt & The Healer (Single) 英文
1.The Hurt & The Healer (Single)
The Worship Sessions 英文
1.Mighty To Save
2.In Christ Alone (提供)
3.Hosanna (提供)
5.Come Thou Font (提供)
6.Just As I Am
7.My Glorious
8.Hearts Sing Louder
9.Psalm 139 (You Are There)
The Generous Mr. Lovewell 英文
Columbia / INO
1.This Life
2.The Generous Mr. Lovewell
4.Crazy Enough
5.All Of Creation
7.Back To You
8.Only You Remain
10.Won't You Be My Love
11.This So Called Love
10 英文
1.Here With Me
2.So Long Self
3.God With Us
4.I Can Only Imagine
5.Word Of God Speak
6.You Reign
7.In The Blink Of An Eye
8.Hold Fast
9.Spoken For
11.Bring The Rain
12.Finally Home
13.I Can Only Imagine (Symphony Version)
14.Only Temporary
15.Ten Simple Rules
Coming Up To Breathe 英文
1.Something About You
2.You're To Blame
3.So Long Self
4.Hold Fast
5.Bring The Rain
6.Coming Up To Breathe
7.Where I Belong
8.Last One Standing
9.One Trick Pony
10.3:42 AM (Writer's Block)
11.Safe And Sound
12.I Would Die For You
13.No More No Less
15.God With Us
iTunes Originals: MercyMe 英文
1.I Can Only Imagine (iTunes Originals Version)
2.Bring the Rain (iTunes Originals Version)
3.So Long Self (iTunes Originals Version)
4.Word of God Speak
5.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Undone 英文
1.Where You Lead Me
2.Everything Impossible
3.Never Alone
4.In the Blink of an Eye
5.Shine On
The Christmas Sessions 英文
1.Joseph's Lullaby
Live 英文
1.In the Air Tonight
2.Love of God
3.I Surrender All
4.He Is Lord
5.Where the Streets Have No Name
6.Word of God Speak
Coming Up To Breathe (Acoustic) 英文
1.Coming Up to Breathe (Acoustic)
2.So Long Self
3.Coming Up to Breathe
4.I Would Die for You (Acoustic)
5.One Trick Pony (Acoustic)
6.Last One Standing (Acoustic)
7.Bring the Rain (Acoustic)
8.Where I Belong (Acoustic)
9.No More No Less (Acoustic)
10.You're to Blame (Acoustic)
11.So Long Self (Acoustic)
12.You're to Blame
All That Is Within Me 英文
1.God With Us (Acoustic)
2.God With Us
3.Goodbye Ordinary
4.Time Has Come
5.I Know
7.You Reign
8.Grace Tells Another Story
9.All Right
10.My Heart Will Fly
11.Finally Home
12.Sanctified (Acoustic)
暫存 英文
2.It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
3.Here Am I
4.Call To Worship
5.Cannot Say Enough
6.How Great Is Your Love
7.On My Way to You
8.House Of God
9.Fall Down
10.I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
11.Christmas Time Is Here
13.I Worship You
14.In You
16.Send Me
17.Bless Me Indeed
18.O Holy Night
19.The Change Inside of Me
20.Caught in the Middle
21.The Love of God
22.There's a Reason
23.It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
24.Drummer Boy
25.Because Of This
26.All Because of This
27.When You Spoke My Name
28.A Million Miles Away
29.Keep Singing
31.Caught Up In The Middle
33.'Come One, Come All'
34.Your Glory Goes On
35.Silent Night
36.All The Above
37.What Child Is This?
38.I Can Only Imagine (Independent Release Version)
39.Impact of 'I Can Only Imagine'
40.The Hurt & the Healer (Performance Track, No Background Vocals)
41.The Hurt and the Healer
42.Have Fun In Life
43.The Nails in Your Hands / I Surrender All
44.You Reign (Track with Background Vocals)
45.Bless Me Indeed (Jabez's Song)
46.Keeper of My Heart
47.Lord I Lift Your Name on High
48.Finally Home (Edit)
49.I Can Only Imagine (Acoustic)

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