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Sasha【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 166 首歌 】
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Late Night Tales presents Sasha : Scene Delete 英文
1.Channel deq (提供)
2.View2 (提供)
3.Baracus (提供)
4.Linepulse (提供)
5.Time After Time (提供)
6.Detour (提供)
7.Pontiac (提供)
8.Cassette Sessions D (提供)
9.Cassette Sessions E (提供)
10.Healer (提供)
11.Modcon (提供)
12.Scarpa Falls (提供)
13.Warewolf (提供)
14.Bring on the Night-time (提供)
15.Corvette (提供)
16.Shelter (提供)
17.Untitled 3 (提供)
18.Abacus (提供)
19.Rooms (提供)
20.Broadcast (提供)
21.Vapour Trails (提供)
The One 英文
1.Enjoy The Ride
2.Good Days
3.Mad Love (提供)
4.Rock Within The Breakers (提供)
5.Sleeping With The Lights On (提供)
6.Me Und My Gorilla (提供)
7.Can't Quit Loving You
8.A Girl Like You
9.Working For Love (提供)
11.Silver Linings
12.The One
Good News on a Bad Day 英文
1.Please Please Please
2.There She Goes
3.Good News On A Bad Day
4.Growing Egos
5.Why Did You Call
6.15 Minutes Older
7.Lipstick On The Mirror
8.High & Low
9.Read My Mind
10.Everybody's Fool
11.Life Designer
12.Wide Awake
Invol2ver 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.You Are The Worst Thing In The World
3.Flesh (提供)
4.Eclipse (提供)
5.Lowlife (提供)
6.Midnight (提供)
7.Arcadia (提供)
8.That You Might (提供)
9.The Eraser
10.3 Little Piggys (提供)
11.Arcadia Apparat
12.Destroy Everything You Touch
13.Couleurs (提供)
14.Sometimes I Realise
15.Flavor (Sasha Invol2ver Remix) (提供)
16.Burma (Invol2ver Dub Mix) (提供)
17.Gas Tank (Sasha Invol2ver Remix) (提供)
18.Midnight (Extended Mix) (提供)
19.Eclipse (CM Dub Mix) (提供)
You 英文
1.Keep On Runnin'
Surfin' On A Backbeat 英文
1.Days Like These
Open Water 英文
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Coming Home - Original Radio Version
2.Coming Home
3.Coming Home (X-Mas version)
4.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
5.Rooftop (New version 2006)
6.We Can Leave the World (New version 2006)
7.Walk This Way
8.I'm Still Waiting
9.Take Good Care of My Baby
10.Happy X-mas - War Is Over
11.Turn It Into Something Special - Radio Cut
12.Owner Of My Heart
13.If You Believe
Dedicated To... 英文
1.Right On Time2.Get Down
BEST OF Butterfly 2003 英文
1.That Sexy Body
暫存 英文
1.Let Me Be The One
2.Love Is All Around
3.Take Good Care
4.Chemical Reaction
5.Club C'est La Vie
6.Pretty Thing
7.Take My Hands
8.Don't You Forget Me
9.Wouldn't It Be Good
10.It Ain't That Bad
11.Reach Inside
12.I Feel Lonely
13.If you believe
14.We can leave the world
15.On And On
17.Here She Comes
18.Hard To Handle
20.Do It To Me
21.Different Me
22.Dat Sexy Body
23.Don't Say Goodbye
24.Something Stupid
25.Here She Comes Again
26.I'm Still Waitin'
27.Seras El Aire
28.Let Me Have You Girl
31.Open Water
32.Blown Away
33.This Is My Time
34.Turn It Into Something Special
35.Why Does Everybody Hurt
37.Just A Second Away
38.Don't Say Good-Bye
39.Drive My Car
41.Miracle Mile
42.Let's Get Closer
44.How Do You Know
45.Miracle Mile (live)
46.I Feel Lonely (New Version 2006)
47.Goodbye - New Radio Mix
48.Lucky Day
52.This Is My Time [Live 2009]
53.Please Please Please - Live
54.We Can Leave The World - Live
55.This Is My Time (Acoustic Mix)
56.Hide & Seek
57.Hide & Seek (Instrumental)
58.Slowly (Radio Mix)
59.Rooftop (New Radio Version)
60.Let Me Be the One (Extended Version)
61.Chemical Reaction (New Radio Mix) [No Ragga]
62.If You Believe (Osio Mix) [Osio Radio Edit for USA]
63.I'm Still Waitin' (Unreleased Version)
64.I Miss You - Radio Edit
65.Goodbye (live 2009)
66.This Is My Time (Live)
67.White Christmas (aus 'Sing meinen Song')
68.All I Want For Christmas Is You (aus 'Sing meinen Song')
69.Wide Awake (feat. Maria Mena)
71.Only One
72.Wavy Gravy (Original Mix)
73.Baba Mi
74.Chemical Reaction (new radio mix)
75.Owner of My Heart (Boogieman radio mix)
76.Open Your Eyes
77.From Zero to Hero
78.From Zero To Hero (aus 'Sing meinen Song')
79.Dat Sexy Body (español) (feat. Ivy Queen)
80.I Feel Lonely (R&B version)
81.Here She Comes Again (album version)
82.Fall on My Feet

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