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Engelbert Humperdinck( 英格伯漢普汀克 )【 共收藏 31 張專輯, 429 首歌 】
英格伯·漢普汀克(Engelbert Humperdinck,1936年5月2日-),出生於英屬印度馬德拉斯,為英國流行歌手。因歌曲「Release Me」、「The Last Waltz」、「After the Lovin'」、「A Man Without Love」等被人熟知。2012年3月1日,英國廣播公司宣布,洪佩爾丁克代表英國參加2012歐洲歌唱大賽決賽,在2012年5月26日在亞塞拜然的巴庫舉行,決賽後,不幸僅以12分拿到25名(倒數第二名)。

縱橫流行樂壇逾40載的浪漫歌王Engelbert Humperdinck/英格伯漢柏汀克,憑著寬廣的音域、渾厚醇美的漂亮音色、高超的演唱技巧、以及細膩的情感詮釋征服了世界各地無數的樂迷,全球專輯總銷售量堂堂突破1億3千萬張!他的招牌性感鬢角與華麗的皮衣造型更曾引領時尚潮流,還趣稱好友貓王抄襲了他的裝扮。而包括The Carpenters、Jimmy Hendrix等傳奇巨星在當年都只是為Engelbert Humperdinck的現場演唱會暖場的嘉賓而已。

出生於印度、成長於英國的Engelbert Humperdinck,’67年初臨時獲邀參加當時英國收視率最高的電視節目「Sunday Night At The Palladium」充當救火隊,那是他第一次公開在媒體演唱<Release Me>,隔天起這首單曲立即在電台和唱片行引起熱烈迴響、創下一天熱賣8萬張的驚人紀錄,一週後輕鬆擊退Beatles的<Penny Lane>登上英國金榜冠軍,從此開啟Engelbert Humperdinck璀璨的演唱生涯,而<Release Me>在榜上停留長達56週的輝煌戰績更入列金氏世界紀錄﹔之後,Engelbert Humperdinck連續以<There Goes My Everything>、<The Last Waltz>、<Am I That Easy To Forget>、<A Man Without Love>、<Les Bicyclette De Belsize>、<The Way It Used To Be>等7首膾炙人口的單曲打入英國金榜Top 5,聲勢達到顛峰!Engelbert Humperdinck的磁性歌喉與浪漫魅力在美國市場同樣廣受歡迎,<I’m A Better Man (For Having Loved You>、<Winter World Of Love>、<Sweetheart>…均成功在全美成人抒情榜上攻城掠地。
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2.Something To Hold On To (提供)
3.Quien Te Dijo Eso (提供)
4.Never Never Never (提供)
5.Since I Lost My Baby (提供)
6.Something About The Way You Look Tonight (提供)
7.She Believes In Me (提供)
8.Real Love (提供)
9.Spinning Wheel (提供)
10.I Need You Now (提供)
11.Make You Feel My Love (提供)
12.It Matters To Me (提供)
13.The Hungry Years
14.Kiss Me Honey (提供)
15.A Certain Smile (提供)
16.Ain't That Peculiar (提供)
17.It's Impossible [Somos Novios] (提供)
We Made It Happen Sweetheart 英文
1.We Made It Happen
2.My Cherie Amour
3.Love Me With All Of Your Heart
6.Everybod's Talkin'
7.Love For Love (Ciao, My Love) (提供)
8.Just Say I Love Her
9.Wand'Rin' Star (提供)
10.My Wife The Dancer
11.California Maiden (提供)
12.Woman In My Life (提供)
13.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
14.Take Me For Now Love (提供)
15.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
16.Santa Lija (Sogno D'Amore)
17.Live And Just Let Live (提供)
18.For The Good Times
19.Put Your Hand In The Hand
20.When There's No You
An Evening With Engelbert 英文
1.A lovely way to spend an evening
2.I'm so excited
4.After the lovin'
6.Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer
7.Ramblin' rose
9.I just called to say I love you
10.I'll walk alone
11.Help me make it through the night
12.Come a little bit closer
13.Release me
15.Medley (提供)
20Great Love Songs 英文
1.After the lovin'
2.Can't take my eyes off you
3.Another time, another place
4.Love me with all your heart
5.And I love you so
6.You are the sunshine of my life
7.The most beautiful girl
8.Help me make it through the night
9.Love is all
10.Close to you
11.Killing me softly with his song
12.Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
13.Can't smile without you
14.Leaving on a jet plane
15.My cherie amour
17.Forever and ever
18.Without you
19.Everybody's talkin'
20.In time
16 Most Requested Songs 英文
1.Winter World Of Love
Step Into My Life 英文
1.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
2.I Wanna Rock You In My Wildest Dreams
3.Only A Lonely Child
4.Red Roses For My Lady
5.Sentimental Lady
6.Sweet Lady Jane
7.There's Something Wrong In Our Paradise
8.You Are My Love
9.You're My Heart, You're My Soul
10.You're So Beautiful
Another Time Another Place 英文
1.Another Time, Another Place
2.Help Me Make It Through The Night
3.Our Love Will Rise Again (提供)
4.Talk It Over In The Morning (提供)
5.There's An Island (提供)
6.Revivin' Old Emotions (提供)
7.Nashville Lady (提供)
9.Twenty Miles From Home (提供)
10.Days Of Icy Fingers (提供)
11.I'm Holding Your Memory (But He's Holding You) (But He's Holding You) (提供)
We Made It Happen 英文
1.We Made It Happen
2.My Cherie Amour
3.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
4.Love Me With All Your Heart
7.Everybody's Talkin'
8.Love For Love(Ciao My Love) (提供)
9.Just Say I Love Her
10.My Wife The Dancer
11.Leaving On A Jet Plane
Engelbert 英文
1.Love Can Fly (提供)
2.Love Was Here Before The Stars (提供)
3.Don't Say No(Again) (提供)
4.Let Me Into Your Life
5.Through The Eyes Of Love
6.Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
7.The Way It Used To Be
8.Marry Me
9.To Get To You (提供)
10.You're Easy To Love (提供)
12.A Good Thing Going
A Man Without Love 英文
1.A Man Without Love
2.Can't Take My Eyes off You
3.Spanish Eyes
4.A Man and a Woman
5.Up, Up and Away
6.The Shadow of Your Smile
7.Wonderland by Night
8.What a Wonderful World
9.Call on Me
10.By the Time I Get to Phoenix
11.Quando, Quando, Quando
12.From Here to Eternity
The Last Waltz 英文
1.The last waltz
2.Dance With Me
3.Two Different Worlds
4.If It Comes to That (提供)
5.Walk Hand in Hand
6.A Place in the Sun
7.Long Gone And Far Away
8.All This World and the Seven Seas (提供)
9.Miss Elaine E.S. Jones (提供)
10.Everybody Knows(We're Through)
11.Nature Boy
12.To the Ends of the Earth
13.That Promise (提供)
14.Three Little Words(I Love You)
15.Those Were the Days
16.What Now My Love
Release Me 英文
1.Release Me
2.Quiet nights
3.Yours until tomorrow
4.There's a kind of hush(All Over The World)
5.This is my song
6.Misty blue
7.Take my heart
8.How Near Is Love (提供)
9.Walk Through This World (提供)
10.If I Were You (提供)
11.Talking Love (提供)
12.My world
13.Ten guitars
Various Songs 英文
1.can't take my eyes of you
The Winding Road 英文
1.Wonderful Tonight
2.Blue Eyes
3.Whiter Shade of Pale (Bonus Track)
4.A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
5.Goodbye My Lover
6.Every Breath You Take
7.South of the Border
8.Handbags and Gladrags
9.Eternally (提供)
The Best Of Engelbert Humperdinck 英文
1.Lonely Is A Man Without Love
2.Ten Guitars
3.What Now My Love
4.This Is My Song
5.Quiet Nights
6.Follow My Heartbeat
8.I'm a Better Man
9.Release Me
10.Don't Cry Out Loud
11.A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
12.Winter World of Love
13.The Way It Used to Be
14.Goodbye Maria
15.Help Me Make It Through the Night
16.Quando, Quando, Quando
17.After the Loving
Remember - I Love You 英文
1.Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
2.How Do I Stop Loving You
3.We'll Meet Again
4.Love Is All
5.Under the Man in the Moon
6.On the Wings of a Silverbird
Release Me - The Best Of Engelbert Humperdinck 英文
1.Love Letters
2.My Cherie Amour
3.Have I Told You Lately
4.A Man Without Love
5.Release Me
6.Winter World of Love
7.The Way It Used to Be
8.Quando Quando Quando
9.Love Will Set You Free (Eurovision 2012 - United Kingdom) [Live]
10.Strangers In The Night
11.Ten Guitars
12.What Now My Love
Live With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 英文
1.I'm So Excited (Live)
2.Ramblin' Rose (Live)
3.I'll Walk Alone (Live)
4.Help Me Make It Through The Night (Live)
5.Come A Little Bit Closer (Live)
6.I Just Called To Say I Love You (Live)
7.A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
Live At The Royal Albert Hall 英文
1.Please Release Me
2.I Just Called to Say I Love You
3.A Man Without Love
4.Release Me
5.A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
6.Quando, Quando, Quando
7.Help Me Make It Through the Night
8.I'll Walk Alone (Live)
9.Mona Lisa (Live)
10.A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening (Live)
11.Love Is All
12.After The Loving
Let There Be Love 英文
1.When You Say Nothing At All
2.Love Songs
3.You Inspire Me
4.We're All Alone (提供)
It's All In The Game 英文
1.Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) - Live
2.Quando Quando Quando - Live
3.A Man Without Love - Live
4.Spanish Eyes - Live
5.The Last Waltz - Live At London Palladium
I Wish You Love - 20 Great Love Songs 英文
1.A Man and a Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
2.This Is My Song
3.I'm a Better Man (For Having Loved You)
4.Release Me
5.A Man Without Love
6.I Wish You Love
7.Winter World of Love
8.Gentle on My Mind
9.Everybody Knows (We're Through)
10.A Man And A Woman
11.What Now My Love
Grandes Exitos 英文
1.Dommage, Dommage (Too Bad, Too Bad)
2.Cuando Me Enamoro (A Man Without Love)
3.Soy Fácil de Olvidar (Am I That Easy To Forget)
4.Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
5.The Way It Used To Be
6.I'm a Better Man (For Having Loved You)
7.Winter World Of Love
8.Release Me
Gold 英文
1.Love Me With All Your Heart (Cuando Calienta El Sol)
2.The Way It Used to Be
3.Another Time, Another Place
4.Winter World of Love
5.Release Me
6.A Man Without Love
7.I'm a Better Man (For Having Loved You)
8.In Time
9.This Is My Song
10.Let Me Into Your Life
11.My World (Il Mondo)
12.Everybody Knows (We're Through)
13.I Never Said Goodbye
14.Free As The Wind
15.Wonderland By Night
16.By the Time I Get to Phoenix
17.Precious Love (提供)
18.This Is What You Mean to Me
19.A Place In the Sun
20.Quando Quando Quando
21.Love Is All
22.Just Say I Love Her
Engelbert Live 英文
1.Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (Live)
3.Release Me
4.Quando Quando Quando
5.Quando, Quando, Quando
6.Ave Maria (Live)
7.Unchained Melody (Live)
8.Yours (Live)
9.When I Fall In Love (Live)
10.Secret Love (Live)
11.Too Young (Live)
12.I Apologize (Live)
13.The Shadow of Your Smile (Live)
14.Portofino (Live)
15.Stranger In Paradise (Live) (提供)
Engelbert King of Hearts 英文
1.Do I Love You
2.My Summer Song
3.I'm Stone In Love With You
4.Somebody Waiting
5.I'm Leaving You (提供)
Engelbert Humperdink - The Greatest Hits And More 英文
1.Your Love Stays With Me
2.Ten Guitars
3.Strangers In the Night
4.I'm a Better Man (For Having Loved You)
5.A Man Without Love
6.Release Me
7.Winter World of Love
8.Another Time, Another Place
9.The Way It Used to Be
10.My World (Il Mondo)
11.This Guy's In Love With You
13.Quando Quando Quando
14.How to Win Your Love
Engelbert Humperdinck: Essential Collection (Live) 英文
1.Please Release Me (Live)
2.Come a Little Bit Closer (Follow My Heartbeat) [Live]
3.I'll Walk Alone (Live)
4.Help Me Make It Through the Night (Live)
5.I Just Called to Say I Love You (Live)
6.Release Me
Access All Areas 英文
1.After the Lovin' (Live)
2.Release Me (Live)
3.This Moment in Time (Live)
暫存1 英文
1.Away In A Manger
2.A Man Without Love(Quando M'innamoro)
3.Am I That Easy to Forget?
4.Last Waltz
5.Quando, Quando, Quando (Tell Me When)
6.Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
7.There Goes My Everything
8.This Moment In Time
9.Lesbian Seagull
10.A Man Without Love (Quando M'innamoro)
11.White Christmas
12.How I Love You
13.You Are So Beautiful
14.Always on My Mind
16.Say Goodnight
17.Beautiful Baby
18.A Chance To Be A Hero
19.The Power Of Love
20.Hearts In The Dark
21.You'll Never Know
22.My Foolish Heart
23.More I See You
24.I Wish I Knew
25.There's A Kind Of Hush
26.In The Still Of The Night
27.Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer
28.I'll Be Seeing You
29.Heart Don't Fail Me Now
30.Honky Tonk World
31.You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance
32.Yellow Moon
33.I Don't Want To Walk Without You
34.The Way It Just To Be
35.Please Release Me (Let Me Go)
36.Long Ago And Far Away
37.When I Fall In Love
38.Come Spend The Morning
39.Cuando Cuando
40.Long Ago (And So Far Away)
41.I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
42.Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
43.Killing Me Softly
44.Quando Quando Quando - Original 12 Mix
45.There's No Good In Goodbye
46.Somebody Like You
47.I'm A Better Man
48.Everybody Knows We're Through
49.Maybe This Time
50.Getting Sentimental Over You
51.Catch Me I'm Falling
52.My Marie
53.Alone In The Night
54.Love Me Tender
55.On The Wings Of A Silverbird
56.You Belong To My Heart
57.Woman Woman
58.'Til You And Your Lover Are Lovers Again
59.Embraceable You
60.Per el Amor de una Mujer ( I Know That We Have Loved Before)
61.Still - Live Version
62.After The Loving (live)
63.Close to You (They long to Be)
64.Please please release me
65.Torero (She Bring Him Spanish Roses)
66.Cuando quando quando
67.The Lord's Prayer
68.Love Will Set You Free
69.Love Story
70.What I Did for Love
71.Cuando Cuando Cuando
72.What Are You Waiting For
73.Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
74.Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
75.Everything and More
76.I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
77.If Tomorrow Never Comes
78.A Man and a Women
79.Shadow in Your Smile
80.The Way It Use to Be
81.Everybody Knows
82.Didn't We
83.Pretty Ribbon
84.Love Will Set You Free (Eurovision 2012 - United Kingdom)
85.What I Did for Love ('A Chorus Line')
87.Wrap Your Arms Around Me
88.Il Mondo
89.This Is My Song, From 'A Countess From Hong Kong'
90.Bicyclettes de Belsize
91.Radio Dancing
92.If I Could Love You More
93.Hansel and Gretel: Act III. 'When dew drops on the daisy' (Dew Fairy, Gretel)
94.Just the Way You Are
95.Torero (She Brings Him Spanish Roses)
96.Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi
97.Too Beautiful to Last
98.A Night to Remember
99.Baby I'm a-Want You
暫存 英文
1.They Long To Be Close To You
2.If You Love Me (Really Love Me)
3.I Can't Stop Loving You
4.My Way
5.Just the Two of Us (Compilation Edit)
6.Still (Live)
7.Sometimes When We Touch
8.The Spanish Night Is Over
9.Blue Bayou
10.Winter Wonderland
12.Red Sails in the Sunset
13.Moonlight Becomes You

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