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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Au Revoir Simone
Au Revoir Simone【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 72 首歌 】
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Move in Spectrums 英文
1.More Than
2.The Lead Is Galloping
4.We Both Know
5.Just Like a Tree
6.Somebody Who
8.Boiling Point
9.Love You Don't Know Me
10.Hand Over Hand
11.Let the Night Win
Still Night, Still Light 英文
1.Another Likely Story
3.All Or Nothing
4.Knight Of Wands
5.The Last One
6.Trace A Line
7.Only You Can Make You Happy
8.Take Me As I Am
9.Anywhere You Looked
10.Organized Scenery
11.We Are Here
12.Tell Me
The Bird Of Music 英文
1.The Lucky One
2.Sad Song
3.Fallen Snow
4.I Couldn't Sleep
5.A Violent Yet Flammable World
6.Don't See The Sorrow
7.Dark Halls
8.Night Majestic
11.The Way To There
Verses Of Comfort Assurance And Salvation 英文
1.Through The Backyards Of Our Neighbors
3.The Disco Song
4.Where You Go
5.Back In Time
6.The Winter Song (提供)
7.And Sleep Al Mar
8.Stay Golden
eMusic Sessions: Live At Urban Outfitters - SXSW 2007 英文
1.Through The Backyards (Live)
2.Sad Song (Live)
3.I Couldn't Sleep (Live)
4.Fallen Snow (Live)
5.Dark Halls (Live)
Tour Remixes 英文
1.Shadows (Tanlines remix)
2.Take Me as I Am (It's a Musical remix)
3.Only You Can Make You Happy (Deradoorian remix)
4.Through the Backyards (The Shortwave Set remix)
5.The Lucky One (Kyte remix)
Reverse Migration 英文
1.The Lucky One (Slow Club remix)
2.The Way to There (Rerunner remix)
3.Sad Song (Air France remix)
4.Lark (Ruff and Jam remix)
5.Stars (Disco Pusher remix)
6.Night Majestic (Matt Harding remix)
7.Dark Halls (Best Fwends remix)
8.Don't See the Sorrow (Keith Murray remix)
9.A Violent Yet Flammable World (Montag remix)
10.I Couldn't Sleep (Darkel remix)
11.Fallen Snow (The Teenagers remix)
Brightness / Contrast 英文
1.Hand over Hand (Bermuda Star Remix)
2.More Than (Etienne Daho Remix)
3.Somebody Who (Tropical Remix)
暫存 英文
1.Through The Backyards
2.I'll Be Home For Christmas
3.Christmas Time Is Here
4.Fallen Snow (Skatebård remix)
5.Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix) BONUS
6.Oh! You Pretty Things

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