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Mcfly( 小飛俠 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 292 首歌 】
四位充滿活力的年輕小伙子,踩著過癮帶勁龐克聲韻大搖大擺挺進英國流行市場,成為少男少女們心目中的頭號鍾愛樂團--McFly,連續兩張勇奪全英冠軍專輯《Room On The 3rd Floor》、《Wonderland》後,再接再厲推出名為《Just My Luck》大碟,除了藉此正式搶攻美國市場,更是蹦蹦跳跳躍上大螢幕替青春偶像琳賽蘿涵、「麻雀變公主2:皇家有約」小帥哥克里斯潘恩攜手主演的電影「Just My Luck/幸運之吻」幫腔助勢,又演又唱的展現全方位才藝天賦。首週上映票房即以5百50萬美金高掛第四名位置。
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Hyperion 英文
1.Nobody Knows (提供)
2.Dare You To Move (提供)
3.Danger (提供)
4.On The Run
5.Hyperion (提供)
6.Taste It (提供)
7.Break Me (提供)
8.Slow Down (提供)
10.Nothing's Gonna Get In My Way (提供)
Above The Noise 英文
1.End Of The World
2.Party Girl
3.If U C Kate
4.Shine A Light
5.I'll Be Your Man
6.Nowhere Left To Run
7.I Need A Woman
8.That's The Truth
9.Take Me There
10.This Song
Party Girl (Single) 英文
1.Party Girl (Single)
2.Sunny Side of the Street (Home Demo)
3.Hotel On A Hill
radio:ACTIVE 英文
2.One For The Radio
3.Everybody Knows
4.Do Ya
5.Falling In Love
9.The End
10.Going Through The Motions
11.Down Goes Another One
12.Only The Strong Survive
13.The Last Song
The Greatest Bits; B-Sides & Rarities 英文
1.She Loves You
3.Crazy Little Thing Called Love
5.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
6.Deck The Halls
8.No Worries
9.Fight for Your Right
10.Mr. Brightside
11.The Guy Who Turned Her Down
12.Pinball Wizard
All the Greatest Hits 英文
1.Memory Lane (Live at the Manchester Arena 2006)
2.You've Got A Friend
3.The Heart Never Lies
4.The Way You Make Me Feel
5.Don't Wake Me Up
6.5 Colours in Her Hair (US Mix)
7.The Ballad of Paul K (Orchestral Version)
Motion In The Ocean 英文
1.We Are The Young
2.Star Girl
3.Please Please
4.Sorry's Not Good Enough
5.Bubble Wrap
8.Little Joanna
9.Friday Night
10.Walk In The Sun
11.Home Is Where The Heart Is
12.Don't Stop Me Now
Just My Luck(幸運之吻-首張精選特輯) 英文
1.I Wanna Hold You
2.I've Got You
5.Five Colours In Her Hair
6.Too Close For Comfort
7.All About You
8.That Girl
9.Unsaid Things
10.I'll Be OK
11.Just My Luck
12.Memory Lane
Sorry's Not Good Enough/Friday Night (Single) 英文
1.Sorry's Not Good Enough (Single)
2.Rockin Robin
3.Friday Night (Single)
Wonderland 英文
1.I'll Be Ok
2.I've Got You
4.Ballad Of Paul K
5.I Wanna Hold You
6.Too Close For Comfort
7.All About You
8.She Falls Asleep(Part 1)
9.She Falls Asleep(Part 2)
10.Don't Know Why
12.Memory Lane
13.I Wanna Hold You(Version 2)
14.Silence Is A Scary Sound(On Dvd)
15.Too Close for Comfort
I Wanna Hold You (Single) 英文
1.Easy Way Out
2.Mr. Brightside (Single)
3.I Wanna Hold You (Single)
Room On The Third Floor 英文
1.5 Colours in Her Hair
3.Room on the 3rd Floor
4.That Girl
6.Saturday Night
7.Met This Girl
8.She Left Me
9.Down by the Lake
10.Unsaid Things
11.Surfer Babe
12.Not Alone
Room on the 3rd Floor 英文
1.5 Colours In Her Hair
2.Saturday Night
4.Unsaid Things
5.That Girl
6.Get Over You
7.Met This Girl
8.Surfer Babe
10.Down By The Lake
11.She Left Me
12.Not Alone
13.Room On The 3rd Floor
iTunes Festival: London 2008 英文
1.Everybody Knows (Live)
2.Falling In Love (Live)
3.POV (Live)
4.The Last Song (Live)
That's the Truth 英文
1.Shine a Light (Live)
2.I'll Be Your Man (Live)
3.That's the Truth (7th Heaven club mix)
4.That's the Truth
That Girl 英文
1.Obviously (Live From Liverpool Pops)
2.She Loves You (Live From Liverpool Pops)
3.That Girl (Live From Liverpool Pops)
4.She Loves You
5.That Girl
Memory Lane 英文
1.Memory Lane - Original 2003 Demo
2.Five Colours In Her Hair
3.The Heart Never Lies (Radio Edit)
4.All About You
5.Room On the 3rd Floor
6.Get Over You
7.Mr. Brightside
8.Little Joanna
9.Bubble Wrap
10.One For the Radio
12.Rockin' Robin
14.Surfer Babe - Original 2003 Demo
15.Obviously (2003 Demo)
17.Down Down
18.Memory Lane (2003 Demo)
19.Surfer Babe (2003 Demo)
20.Mess Around You (Unreleased Demo)
21.I'll Be OK
22.She Loves You
23.Five Colours In Her Hair (U.S Version)
Memory Lane - The Best of McFly 英文
1.Love Is Easy
2.Five Colours In Her Hair
3.Get Over You
4.All About You
5.Room On the 3rd Floor
6.Mr. Brightside
7.Little Joanna
8.Bubble Wrap
9.Room on the Third Floor
10.One For the Radio
12.Rockin' Robin
13.That Girl
14.The Heart Never Lies
15.That Girl (Original 2003 Demo)
16.Obviously (Original 2003 Demo)
17.Memory Lane (Album Version)
18.Sunny Side of the Street
19.Mess Around You
20.Do Watcha
21.Cherry Cola
22.I'll Be OK
23.She Loves You
Memory Lane (The Best Of McFly) [Japanese Version] 英文
1.Love Is Easy - Live, London, 2012
3.One For The Radio
4.Bubble Wrap
5.Little Joanna
6.Mr. Brightside
7.Get Over You
8.Room On The 3rd Floor
9.All About You
10.The Heart Never Lies - Radio Edit
11.Five Colours In Her Hair
12.Rockin' Robin
14.Five Colours In Her Hair - U.S Version
15.She Loves You
16.I'll Be OK
10th Anniversary Concert 英文
1.Saturday Night - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
2.Surfer Babe (live)
3.I'll Be OK (live)
4.I've Got You (live)
5.Star Girl (live)
6.Little Joanna (live)
7.Transylvania (live)
8.One for the Radio (live)
9.Love Is Easy (live)
10.Walk in the Sun (live)
11.Not Alone (live)
12.McFly the Musical (live)
13.Love Is on the Radio (live)
14.Five Colours in Her Hair (live)
15.All About You (live)
16.The Heart Never Lies (live)
17.Surfer Babe - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
18.Obviously - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
19.Room On The 3rd Floor - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
20.I'll Be OK - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
21.Star Girl - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
22.Little Joanna - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
23.Transylvania - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
24.One For The Radio - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
25.Love Is Easy - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
26.Walk In The Sun - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
27.Not Alone - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
28.Five Colours In Her Hair - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
29.All About You - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
30.Room on the 3rd Floor (live)
暫存 英文
1.Saturday Nite
3.Town Called Malice
4.Dragon Ball
5.Here Comes The Storm
6.Love Is On The Radio
7.Do Ya?
8.Baby's Coming Back
9.Silence Is A Scary Sound [Tour Song]
10.I'll Be OK (OST)
11.I Wanna Hold You (OST)
12.Obviously (OST)
13.Ultraviolet (OST)
14.Five Colours in Her Hair (OST)
15.Too Close for Comfort (OST)
16.All About You (OST)
17.That Girl (OST)
18.Unsaid Things (OST)
19.Memory Lane (OST)
20.I've Got You (OST)
21.She Falls Asleep, Part 1
22.The Ballad Of Paul K
23.She Falls Asleep, Part 2
24.Dynamite - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
25.Love Is On The Radio - Mr & Mrs F Mix
26.Love Is On The Radio - McBusted Mix
27.McFly: The Musical
28.Love Is On the Radio (Me & Mrs F Mix)
29.I've Got You (Just My Luck)
30.I Kissed a Girl (Live from BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge)
31.Do Ya (Acoustic)
32.I Wanna Hold You (Revised Version - Do Not Put On A/W)
33.Unsaid Things (U.S. Version)
34.She Falls Asleep Pt. 2
35.I Predict a Riot (Radio 1 Session)
36.Fight for Your Right (Live from the Motion In the Ocean Tour)
37.Baby's Coming Back (Acoustic)
38.Baby's Coming Back (Dougie Version)
39.Transylvania (Radio Edit)
40.Sorry's Not Good Enough (Radio Edit)
41.Love Is Easy (Dougie Style)
42.Silence Is a Scary Sound
43.Winner Takes It All
44.I'll Be Okay
45.You're the One That I Want
46.McFly the Musical (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
47.Lies - Live
48.You're the One That I Want (Grease)
49.Too Close For Comfort (Live)
50.Winner Takes It All (acoustic version)
51.Fallíng In Love
52.I'll Be Your Man (acoustic)
53.Shine A Light (Radio Edit) [feat.Taio Cruz]
54.Shine a Light (radio edit)
55.Shine a Light (Westfunk & Steve Smart remix)

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