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The Killers( 殺手樂團 )【 共收藏 29 張專輯, 284 首歌 】
殺手樂隊(The Killers)是來自於內華達州拉斯維加斯的另類/成人搖滾樂團,成立於2002年。樂團由Brandon Flowers (主音、電子鍵盤),Dave Keuning (電吉他),Mark Stoermer (貝斯),Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (鼓)組成。在後龐克復興運動浪潮中,The Killers主要受到了1980s的音樂風格的影響。樂團的處女專輯《聲名大噪》(2004)為其帶來了商業主流的成功;2006年發行了第二張專輯《山姆小鎮》;2007年發行了合輯《Sawdust》,其中包括了B-sides等;2008年發行了第三張專輯《歲月》。
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Wonderful Wonderful 英文
1.Wonderful Wonderful(完美境界)
2.The Man(真男人)
4.Life to Come(正面迎擊)
5.Run for Cover(尋找掩護)
6.Tyson vs. Douglas(拳王殞落)
7.Some Kind of Love(無以名狀的愛)
8.Out of My Mind(無法不愛你)
9.The Calling(神聖召喚)
10.Have All the Songs Been Written?(為你寫的歌)
11.Money On Straight(肩負重任)
12.The Man(Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
13.The Man(Duke Dumont Remix)
The Man 英文
1.The Man
2.Laid (提供)
3.American Wasted (提供)
4.Little Sister (提供)
Don't Waste Your Wishes 英文
2.Joseph, Better You Than Me
3.¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!
4.I Feel It In My Bones
5.Christmas in L.A.
6.Dirt Sledding
7.I'll Be Home for Christmas
十年輝煌 - 經典 + 新歌(Direct Hits - Deluxe Edition) 英文
1.Mr. Brightside(Album Version)(樂觀先生)
2.Somebody Told Me(Album Version)(有人來爆料)
3.Smile Like You Mean It(Album Version)(別假笑)
4.All These Things That I've Done(Album Version)(我幹的好事)
5.When You Were Young(Album Version)(年少輕狂)
6.Read My Mind(Album Version)(懂我)
7.For Reasons Unknown(Album Version)(不明原因)
8.Human(Main Version)(凡人)
9.Spaceman(Album Version)(太空人)
10.A Dustland Fairytale(Album Version)(虛構童話)
12.Miss Atomic Bomb(Album Version)(原子彈小姐)
13.The Way It Was(Album Version)(像從前一樣)
14.Shot At The Night(Album Version)(一夜機遇)
15.Just Another Girl(Album Version)(只是另一個女孩)
16.Mr. Brightside(Original Demo)(樂觀先生)(原試唱版) (提供)
17.When You Were Young(Calvin Harris Remix)(年少輕狂)(混音版) (提供)
18.Be Still(Album Version)(安靜)
Christmas In L.A. (Single) 英文
1.Christmas In L.A.
光榮戰役 - 精裝加值盤(Battle Born - Deluxe Edition) 英文
1.Flesh And Bone(血肉之軀)
3.The Way It Was(像從前一樣)
4.Here With Me(和我在一起)
5.A Matter Of Time(遲早的事)
6.Deadlines And Commitments(期限與承諾)
7.Miss Atomic Bomb(原子彈小姐)
8.The Rising Tide(浪起時)
9.Heart Of A Girl(女孩心聲)
10.From Here On Out(從現在開始)
11.Be Still(安靜)
12.Battle Born(光榮戰役)
13.Carry Me Home(帶我回家)
14.Flesh And Bone(Jacques Lu Cont Remix)(血肉之軀)
15.Prize Fighter(拳擊手)
Runaways 英文
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 英文
1.A White Demon Love Song
RED Christmas (EP) 英文
1.A Great Big Sled
2.Don't Shoot Me Santa
4.Joseph, Better You Than Me
5.¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!
6.The Cowboys' Christmas Ball
Live From The Royal Albert Hall 英文
1.I Can't Stay (Plus Piano Reprise) (提供)
2.Bling (Confession Of A King) (Extended)
3.Spaceman (Extended)
4.A Dustland Fairytale (Plus Reprise)
5.Sam's Town (Piano Version)
Day & Age 英文
Island Records
1.Losing Touch
4.Joy Ride
5.A Dustland Fairytale
6.This Is Your Life
7.I Can't Stay
8.Neon Tiger
9.The World We Live In
10.Goodnight Travel Well
11.A Crippling Blow (Bonus)
12.Forget About What I Said (Bonus) (提供)
Don't Shoot Me Santa(CD Single) 英文
Island Records
1.Don't Shoot Me Santa
Sawdust 英文
2.Shadow Play
3.All The Pretty Faces
4.Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf
5.Sweet Talk
6.Under the Gun
7.Where The White Boys Dance
8.Show You How
9.Move Away
10.Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
11.Who Let You Go
12.The Ballad Of Michael Valentine
13.Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
14.Daddy's Eyes
15.Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)
16.Romeo And Juliet
17.Change Your Mind (UK Bonus Track)
18.Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix)
Tranquilize(CD Single) 英文
Island, Vertigo
Shadowplay (CD Single) 英文
Island, Vertigo
1.Shadow Play
Read My Mind 英文
1.Read My Mind (Album Version)2.Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix)
Bones(CD Single) 英文
1.Bones(CDS version)2.Daddy's Eyes
A Great Big Sled 英文
1.A Great Big Sled
Sam's Town 英文
1.Sam's Town
3.When You Were Young
4.Bling(Confession Of A King)
5.For Reasons Unknown
6.Where The White Boys Dance
7.Uncle Johnny
9.My List
10.The River Is Wild
11.Why Do I Keep Counting
13.All The Pretty Faces
14.Read My Mind
When You Were Young(CD Single) 英文
1.When You Were Young2.All The Pretty Faces
Smile Like You Mean It 英文
1.Smile Like You Mean It
2.Change Your Mind
3.Mr. Brightside
4.Get Trashed
All These Things That I've Done 英文
Island/Lizard King
1.All These Things That I've Done
2.Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
3.Andy,You're A Star
4.Mr. Brightside
Mr. Brightside(Re-release Single) 英文
Lizard King
1.Mr. Brightside
2.Change Your Mind
3.Somebody Told Me (Insider Mix)
4.Midnight Show
Hot Fuss 英文
1.Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
2.Mr. Brightside
3.Smile Like You Mean It
4.Somebody Told Me
5.All These Things That I've Done
6.Andy, You're A Star
7.On Top
8.Change Your Mind
9.Believe Me Natalie
10.Midnight Show
11.Everything Will Be Alright
Mr. Brightside 英文
Lizard King
1.Mr. Brightside
2.Smile Like You Mean It
3.On Top
4.Who Let You Go
Somebody Told Me 英文
Island / Lizard
1.Somebody Told Me
2.The Ballad Of Michael Valentine
3.Under the Gun
Murder One 英文
1.Impaler (Live Rehearsal)
2.The Beast Arises (Live Rehearsal)
3.Marshall Lokjaw (Live Rehearsal)
暫存1 英文
2.Battle Born
3.Miss Atomic Bomb
4.Here With Me
5.Heart of a Girl
6.Flesh and Bone
7.Carry Me Home
8.From Here On Out
9.The Way It Was
10.The Rising Tide
11.A Matter of Time
12.Deadlines and Commitments
13.Be Still
14.Flesh and Bone (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
15.Prize Fighter
16.A Crippling Blow
17.Tidal Wave
18.Forget About What I Said
19.Why Do I Keep Counting?
20.Uncle Jonny
21.This River is Wild
22.Mr. Brightside <(the real lyrics) (提供)
23.Mr. Brightside (with changes)
24.Andy your a Star like u mean it
26.Glamourous Indie Rock n Roll
27.Mr. Brightside (J. Lu Cont/Lindbergh Palace Mixes)
28.#6 (提供)
29.All These Things I've Done
30.Indie Rock 'n Roll
31.Read My Mind (Like Rebel Diamonds Remix)
32.Mr. Brightsaide
33.Somebody Told Me - Josh Harris Club (bonus track)
34.Mr Bright Side (Zane Low Session)
35.Joseph, Better You Than Me [feat. Elton John, Neil Tennant]
36.Glamourous Indie Rock & Roll
37.Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine [Live]
38.Belive Me Natalie
40.This Is Your Life [Live]
41.All These Things That I've Don
42.Happy Birthday Guadalupe
44.Not True
46.Where Is She?
47.Smile Like You Mean It [Live]
48.I Cant Stay (Plus Piano Reprise) [Live]
49.A Dustland Fairytale (Plus Reprise) [Live]
50.Losing Touch [Live]
51.The World We Live In [Live]
52.Go All the Way
53.Shot At the Night (Single)
54.Mr. Brightside (from Hot Fuss, 2003)
55.Somebody Told Me (from Hot Fuss, 2003)
56.Smile Like You Mean It (from Hot Fuss, 2003)
57.All These Things That I've Done (from Hot Fuss, 2003)
58.When You Were Young (from Sam's Town, 2006)
59.Read My Mind (from Sam's Town, 2006)
60.For Reasons Unknown (from Sam's Town, 2006)
61.Human (from Day & Age, 2008)
62.Spaceman (from Day & Age, 2008)
63.A Dustland Fairytale (from Day & Age, 2008)
64.Runaways (from Battle Born, 2012)
65.Miss Atomic Bomb (from Battle Born, 2012)
66.The Way It Was (from Battle Born, 2012)
67.Just Another Girl
68.Be Still (from Battle Born, 2012)
69.Shot at the Night
70.Christmas in L.A. (feat. Dawes)
71.Peace of Mind
72.Mr. Brightside - Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix
73.Romeo And Juliet - Live from Abbey Road /2006
74.Sam's Town - Live from Abbey Road / 2006
75.When You Were Young - Mainstream
76.When You Were Young - Calvin Harris Remix
77.Mr. Brightside - Original Demo
78.Human (Main Version)
79.Human - Armin van Buuren Radio Remix
80.Somebody Told Me - Josh Harris Club
81.Four Winds
82.Smile Like You Mean It - Ruff and Jam Eastside Mix
83.Human - Ferry Corsten Radio Remix
84.Human - Pink Noise Radio Edit
85.Where The White Boys Dance (Bonus Track)
86.Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself - Radio 1 Session
87.When You Were Young (Thin White Duke Remix)
88.Andy, You're a Star (BBC session)
89.Mr. Brightside (The Lindbergh Palace Club Remix)
90.Mr. Brightside (Radio - Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)
91.Somebody Told Me (Insider Remix)
92.Joy Ride - Night Version
93.Human - Ferry Corsten Dub Remix
94.Mr. Brightside - CD Pro Version
96.Joel, the Lump of Coal
97.Mr. Brightside (Demo)
98.Mr. Brightside (Marco V Treatment)
99.A Dustland Fairytale (album version)
暫存 英文
1.Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden radio edit)
2.Miss Atomic Bomb (Arctic Moon remix)
3.Human (Disco Fox)
4.Spaceship Adventure
5.Tranquilize (live from Oxegen Festival 2009)
6.When You Were Young (live from V Festival 2009)
7.Tidal Wave (Bonus Track)
8.Forget About What I Said (Bonus Track)
9.Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
10.Indie Rock & Roll
12.A White Demon Love Song (from The Twilight Saga - New Moon)
13.Romeo and Juliet (Live from Abbey Road)
14.The World We Live In (Radio Edit)
15.Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix Edit)
16.Romeo and Juliet (2006 / Live from Abbey Road)
17.Romeo and Juliet (2006/Live from Abbey Road)
18.Mr. Brightside (Radio Edit)
19.Somebody Told Me (Radio Edit)
21.Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden unplugged mix)
22.A Dustland Fairytale (single version)
23.We Will Rock You / Smoke On the Water (Live)
25.These Things That I've Done
26.Run For Cover
27.Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

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