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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Joss Stone( 喬絲史東 )
Joss Stone( 喬絲史東 )【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 211 首歌 】
藝名: 喬絲史東
本名: Joss Stone
星座: 牧羊座
生日: 1987.04.11
喬絲史東出生於英格蘭的Dover,她在四個兄弟姊妹中排行老三。八歲時舉家搬到了Devon郡一個務農的小村莊Ashill。Whitney Houston的I Will Always Love You是第一首讓她印象深刻的歌曲,而Aretha Franklin的精選輯則是她在看到電視廣告之後花錢買下的第一張專輯。
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Water For Your Soul 英文
1.Love Me(愛我)
2.This Ain't Love(非愛)
3.Stuck On You(迷戀你)
4.Star(星星) (提供)
5.Let Me Breathe(讓我呼吸)
6.Cut The Line(斷線) (提供)
7.Wake Up(feat. Damian Marley)(醒來) (提供)
8.Way Oh(喂歐)
9.Underworld(地底世界) (提供)
10.Molly Town(莫莉之城)
11.Sensimilla(愛的種子) (提供)
12.Harry's Symphony(哈利的交響曲 ) (提供)
13.Clean Water(清淨之泉) (提供)
14.The Answer(答案)
The Soul Sessions, Vol. II 英文
2.I Got the Blues
3.For Gods Sake Give More Power To The People
4.While You're Out Looking For Sugar
5.Sideway Shuffle (提供)
6.I Don't Want To Be with Nobody But You
8.Stoned Out Of My Mind
9.The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)
10.The High Road
11.Pillow Talk
12.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
13.First Taste of Hurt
14.One Love in My Lifetime
15.Nothing Takes the Place of You
16.1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Count the Days
LP1 英文
3.Drive All Night
5.Don't Start Lying To Me Now
6.Last One To Know
7.Cry Myself To Sleep
9.Boat Yard
10.Take Good Care
11.Picnic For Two
12.Cutting The Breeze
Colour Me Free 英文
3.Free Me
4.4 And 20
6.Could Have Been You
8.Parallel Lines
9.You Got The Love
10.I Believe It To My Soul
11.Girlfriend On Demand
12.Every Time I Turn Around
13.Mr. Wankerman
14.I Get High
15.Big Ol' Game
香奈兒 摩登COCO香水 英文
Introducing Joss Stone 英文
1.Change(Vinnie Jones Intro)
2.Girl They Won't Believe It
4.Tell Me 'Bout It
5.Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now
6.Put Your Hands On Me
8.Arms Of My Baby
9.Bad Habit
10.Proper Nice
11.Bruised But Not Broken
12.Baby Baby Baby
13.What Were We Thinking
Mind Body&Soul 英文
1.Right To Be Wrong
2.Jet Lag
3.You Had Me
5.Don't Cha Wanna Ride
6.Less Is More
8.Young At Heart
9.Snakes And Ladders
11.Don't Know How
12.Torn & Tattered
13.Killing Time
14.Sleep Like A Child
15.Untitled Hidden Track
The Soul Sessions 英文
1.The Chokin' Kind
2.Super Duper Love
3.Fell In Love With A Boy
4.Victim Of A Foolish Heart
5.Dirty Man(Firty Man)
6.Some Kind Of Wonderful
7.I've Fallen In Love With You
8.I Had A Dream
9.All The King's Horses
10.For The Love Of You
You Had Me 英文
1.Dirty Man (Live)
2.You Had Me (album edit)
3.Holding Out for a Hero
4.Super Duper Love (single mix edit)
5.You Had Me
The Soul Sessions, Volume 2 英文
1.I Got the… (提供)
2.Pillow Talk
3.The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)
4.Stoned Out of My Mind
6.I Don't Wanna Be With Nobody but You
7.The High Road
8.While You're Out Looking for Sugar
9.For God's Sake Give More Power to the People
10.Nothing Takes the Place of You
11.One Love in My Lifetime
12.First Taste of Hurt
13.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now 英文
1.Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now (feat. Common)
2.Music (live)
3.Tell Me 'Bout It (Live From the Bowery Ballroom)
4.Music - Live From The Bowery Ballroom
5.What Were We Thinking (Live From the Bowery Ballroom)
Sessions@AOL EP 英文
1.Jet Lag - Live performance from AOL Sessions
2.Fell In Love With A Boy - Live performance from AOL Sessions
3.Don't Know How - Live performance from AOL Sessions
Live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2007 英文
1.Jet Lag (Live)
2.Super Duper Love (Live)
3.You Had Me (Live)
4.Tell Me 'Bout It (Live)
5.Jet Lag
6.You Had Me
Live Session 英文
1.Girl They Won't Believe (Live Session (iTunes Exclusive))
2.Jet Lag (Live Session (iTunes Exclusive))
3.Music (Live Session (iTunes Exclusive))
4.Right To Be Wrong (Live Session (iTunes Exclusive))
5.Tell Me 'Bout It (Live Session (iTunes Exclusive))
Don't Cha Wanna Ride 英文
1.Spoiled (On Stage at Irving Plaza)
2.You Had Me (On Stage at Irving Plaza)
3.Right to Be Wrong (Live At the Brits)
4.You Had Me
5.Fell In Love With a Boy
AOL Sessions – EP 英文
1.Jet Lag (Acoustic) [Live]
2.Fell In Love With a Boy (Live)
3.Don't Know How (Live)
暫存 英文
2.What Ever Happened To The Heroes
3.Treat Me Right (I'm Yours For Life)
4.At Last
6.Chokin' Kind
7.U Had Me
8.My God
9.Music Outro
10.Holding Out For A Hero [Bonus Track]
12.Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' On Me?), Pt. 1
13.For The Love Of You, Parts 1 & 2
14.The Anti-Christmas Carol
15.The Choking Kind
16.Super Duper Love (Are You Digging On Me?
17.4 & 20
18.Big Ole Game
19.Stuck on You
20.Molly Town
21.Nothing Better Than
22.Dirty Man
23.The Player
24.Love Me
25.This Ain't Love
27.Let Me Breathe
28.Cut the Line
29.Wake Up
30.Way Oh
33.Harry's Symphony
34.Clean Water
35.The Answer
36.Stalemate - feat. Jamie Hartman
37.Somehow - Clean Radio Edit
38.Somehow (Radio Edit)
39.It's A Man's Man's Man's World - Live
40.It's a Man's Man's World (live)
41.Tell Me 'Bout It (Radio Edit)
42.God Only Knows
43.L-O-V-E (Long Version)
44.Parallel Lines (feat. Jeff Beck & Sheila E.)
45.Governmentalist (feat. Nas)
46.I Believe It to My Soul (feat. David Sanborn)
47.Big 'Ol Game (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
48.Under Pressure (Queen Cover)
49.Baby Baby Baby (UK Radio Mix)
50.Back In Style
51.Eyes On the Prize
52.Karma (Radio Edit)
53.Fell in Love With a Boy (live acoustic)
54.Victim of a Foolish Heart (live at Ronnie Scotts)
55.Right to Be Wrong (live acoustic)
56.Feel in Love With a Boy
57.All I Want for Christmas
58.L-O-V-E (7' remix)
59.Just Walk on By
60.Fell in Love With the Boy
61.Tell Me About It
62.Calling It Christmas (Radio Edit)
63.The Right Time
64.Torn and Tattered
65.Tell Me 'Bout It (A Yam Who? Rework)
66.Love Has Made You Beautiful
67.Stir It Up
68.Right to Be Wrong (Live at The Mahindra Blues Festival 2016)

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