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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Go-Betweens( Go Betweens )
The Go-Betweens( Go Betweens )【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 196 首歌 】
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G Stands for Go-Betweens, Vol. 1 英文
1.Midnight To Neon
2.Draining the Pool For You
3.Two Steps Step Out
4.Lee Remick
6.Stop Before You Say It (提供)
7.World Weary (提供)
8.The Girls Have Moved
9.Before Hollywood
10.Dusty In Here
12.As Long As That
13.That Way
14.You've Never Lived
15.Slow Slow Music
16.Eight Pictures
18.Hold Your Horses
19.Arrow In A Bow
20.A Bad Debt Follows You
G Stands For Go-Betweens Volume One 英文
1.Lee Remick
2.I Need Two Heads
3.Your Turn
4.Hammer The Hammer
6.Dont Let Him Come Back (提供)
7.Stop Before You Say It (提供)
8.World Weary (提供)
9.Your Turn My Turn
10.The Girls Have Moved
11.Eight Pictures
12.Arrow In A Bow
13.You've Never Lived
14.Man O Sand To Girl O Sea
15.I Wanna Be Today (提供)
16.The Sound of th
17.Don't Let Him C (提供)
18.Long Lonely Day (提供)
19.Day For Night (提供)
20.Love Wasn't Mad (提供)
21.Just Hang On (提供)
22.Summers Melting (提供)
23.Obession With (提供)
24.The Night (提供)
25.Rare Victory (提供)
26.Big Sleeping C (提供)
27.Beachcomber (提供)
28.The Missin One (提供)
29.I Am An Archit (提供)
30.8 Pictures (提供)
31.The Green Ligh (提供)
32.Cold Flame (It (提供)
33.Help Or Someth (提供)
34.Only Sinners C (提供)
35.Lies (提供)
36.The Clowns Are In Town (提供)
37.Serenade Sound (提供)
38.Sunday Night (提供)
39.Hope (提供)
40.It Took You A Week (提供)
41.Day Before Tomorrow (提供)
42.I Know Why (提供)
43.Circle You (提供)
44.One Word (提供)
45.Red Epaulettes (提供)
46.Metal And Shells (提供)
47.Distant Hands (提供)
48.Near The Chimney (提供)
49.Undo What You Did (提供)
50.A Peaceful Wreck (提供)
51.Heaven Says (提供)
52.Man O'Sand to Girl
53.Newton Told Me (提供)
54.This Girl, Black Gi (提供)
55.Attraction (提供)
56.Marco Polo Jr (提供)
57.Just A King In Mir (提供)
58.Rare Breed
59.Secondhand Furnitu
60.The Power That I N (提供)
61.For Him (提供)
Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express 英文
1.Spring Rain
2.The Ghost And The Black Hat
3.The Wrong Road
4.To Reach Me
5.Twin Layers Of Lightning
6.In The Core Of A Flame
7.Head Full Of Steam
8.Bow Down
9.Palm Sunday(On Board The Ss Within)
10.Apology Accepted
Tallulah 英文
1.Right Here
2.You Tell Me
3.Someone Else's Wife
4.I Just Get Caught Out
5.Cut It Out
6.The House Jack Kerouac Built
7.Bye Bye Pride
8.Spirit Of A Vampyre
9.The Clarke Sisters
10.Hope Then Strife
Spring Hill Fair 英文
1.Bachelor Kisses
2.Five Words
3.The Old Way Out
4.You've Never Lived
5.Part Company
6.Slow Slow Music
7.Draining The Pool For You
8.River Of Money
9.Unkind And Unwise
10.Man O'sand To Girl O'sea
Send Me A Lullaby 英文
1.Your Turn, My Turn
2.One Thing Can Hold Us
3.People Know
4.The Girls Have Moved
5.Midnight To Neon
6.Eight Pictures
8.All About Strength
10.Hold Your Horses
11.Arrow In A Bow
12.It Could Be Anyone
Before Hollywood 英文
1.A Bad Debt Follows You
2.Two Steps Step Out
3.Before Hollywood
4.Dusty In Here
6.Cattle And Cane
7.By Chance
8.As Long As That
9.On My Block
10.That Way
Oceans Apart 英文
1.Boundary Rider
2.Here Comes A City
3.Darlinghurst Nights
4.Finding You
5.People Say
6.The Mountains Near Dellray
7.No Reason To Cry
9.Born To A Family
10.The Statue
11.This Night's For You
Bright Yellow Bright Orange 英文
1.Mrs Morgan
2.In Her Diary
3.Too Much Of One Thing
4.Poison In The Walls
5.Unfinished Business
6.Caroline And I
7.Something For Myself
8.Old Mexico
9.Make Her Day
10.Crooked Lines
The Friends Of Rachel Worth 英文
1.Magic In Here
2.Heart And Home
4.Surfing Magazines
5.The Clock
6.Orpheus Beach
7.German Farmhouse
8.Going Blind
9.He Lives My Life
10.When She Sang About Angels
16 Lovers Lane 英文
1.Love Goes On
2.Quiet Heart
3.Love Is A Sign
4.You Can't Say No Forever
5.The Devil's Eye
6.Streets Of Your Town
8.Was There Anything I Could Do?
9.I'm Allright
10.Dive For Your Memory
Live On Snap! 英文
1.Dive For Your Memory (live Snap)
2.Quiet Heart (live Snap)
3.Clouds (live Snap)
4.Bye Bye Pride (live Snap)
5.Right Here (live Snap)
6.I Just Get Caught Out (live Snap)
7.Cattle And Cane (live Snap)
暫存 英文
1.In The Core Of The Flame
2.The House That Jack Kerouac Built
3.Spring Rain (Live in Vienna)
4.Man o'Sand to Girl o'Sea (Live in Vienna)
5.Cut It Out (Live in Vienna)
6.Part Company (Live in Vienna)
7.Cattle and Cane (live)
8.The Sound of Rain
9.The Wrong Road (early version)
10.The Life at Hand
11.Little Joe
12.Bachelor Kisses (live)
13.Finding You (7' version)
14.Streets of Our Town
15.This Girl, Black Girl

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