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C-Murder( Corey Miller )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 195 首歌 】
Corey Miller(1971年3月9日出生)以他的舞台名稱C-Murder而聞名,是美國錄音藝術家,作曲家,演員和被定罪的重罪。 C-Murder是大師P和Silkk的Shocker,歌手演員羅密歐和歌手女演員Cymphonique的叔叔,以及生產者,歌手和說唱歌手Mo B. Dick的年輕表弟。 C-Murder已經在六個不同的標籤,無限制記錄,TRU記錄,Koch記錄,庇護記錄,RBC記錄和Venti Uno上發布了九張專輯。 他的第一張鉑金專輯是1998年發行的“死亡或死亡”。
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Aint No Heaven In The Pen 英文
1.Intro (feat. Callipoe Doefus) (提供)
2.Don't Test Me (feat. Al, Big Be & Bloc Boyz Click)
3.For My Homies Dead & Gone (feat. Boosie Badazz & Lil Kano) (提供)
4.Who Really Cares (feat. Montez) (提供)
5.What You Lookin At (feat. Al, Calliope Doefus, G-Dinero & Shy Glizzy) (提供)
6.Hard 2 Be Black (feat. Snoop Dogg & Boosie Badazz)
7.Interlude (feat. Calliope Doefus) (提供)
8.All I Wanted 2 Be (Remix)
9.Yall Heard of Us (feat. Lil Soulja Slim) (提供)
10.Lifes Hard (feat. Adrian E, Big Be & Bloc Boyz Click) (提供)
11.Tru Justice Movement (feat. Jigga)
12.Outro (feat. Calliope Doefus) (提供)
Community Service 2 英文
1.Keep Ya Head Up (feat. M-11, Versa, Mia X, Ja Da Menace, Joel Quesos, Raw Di and J.Lyric) (提供)
2.Shop Boyz Drop (提供)
3.Up Thru Here (feat. Shop Boyz) (提供)
4.I'm Ah Beast (feat. Nutt Kaze) (提供)
5.Gorilla (feat. M.T., P Town Moe and B.G.) (提供)
6.This Is For (feat. Lil' Boosie, Webbie and Red Eyez) (提供)
7.All About The Chedder (feat. Gar, B.G., and TC) (提供)
8.Trapstar (feat. Ice Mic, Yo Gotti, Young Buck and Calico Jones) (提供)
9.Hustle (feat. Lil' Real One and E Money) (提供)
10.I'mma Ball (feat. Shop Boyz) (提供)
11.Fiya (提供)
12.Oooowee Yeah (feat. Lil' Meany from The Shop Boyz) (提供)
13.Cold Winter (feat. Jay Starr) (提供)
14.O-Kay (feat. Juvenile, P Town Moe and M.T.) (提供)
15.Crackpot (feat. Fiend, Gucci Mane and Corner Boy P) (提供)
16.Sixteen (feat. Pappa Reu and B.G.) (提供)
17.DJ Slab 1 Drop (提供)
18.Welcome To New Orleans (feat. VA) (提供)
19.Shop Boyz Outro (提供)
20.I Am (feat. Lil' Meany from The Shop Boyz) (提供)
21.Part (feat. Shop Boyz (提供)
22.Can't Take (feat. Shop Boyz) (提供)
C-P-3 com 英文
1.Don't Matter
2.Do U Wanna Ride
3.Get Bucked Get Crunked
4.I'm Not Just
5.That's Me
6.What U Gonna Do
7.Young Ghetto Boy
8.Ya Dig
WWF Aggression 英文
1.I Won't Stop
Trapped In Crime[Edited] 英文
1.Intro(Trapped In Crime) (提供)
2.Forever Tru
3.Concrete Jungle
4.They Don't Really Know You
5.How A Thug Like It
6.Want Beef (提供)
8.Staring At The Walls (提供)
9.On Da Block (提供)
10.What You Bout (提供)
11.Battlefield (提供)
12.Where Do We Go
13.Nl Iggaz (提供)
14.Too Much Noise
15.Damned If They Murder Me
16.Hustlin (提供)
17.That Calliope (提供)
18.Young Thugs (提供)
19.Otis Commercial (提供)
21.They Want My Money (提供)
22.Thug In Yo Life
23.Down For My N's
24.Street Thugs (提供)
Bossalinie[Edited] 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Ghetto Boy
3.Like A Jungle
4.Gangsta Walk
5.Skit (提供)
6.Livin' Legend
7.Money Talks
8.Street Keep Callin
9.Wballs (提供)
10.Ghetto Millionaire
11.Lord Help Us
12.B****N***** (提供)
13.On My Enemies
15.Lil Nigga
16.Murder And Daz
17.Piano Skit (提供)
18.Nasty Chick
19.I Remember
20.Dedication (提供)
21.Where We Wanna
22.Don't Wanna Be Alone
23.Still Makin' Moves
24.Can't Hold Me Back
25.Phone Call (提供)
26.Ride On Dem Bustas
27.Closin Down Shop
28.Outro (提供)
Life Or Death[Explicit] 英文
1.Intro(Life Or Death) (提供)
2.A 2nd Chance
4.Constantly In Danger
5.Don't Play No Games
6.Show Me Luv
7.Picture Me
8.On The Run
9.Get N Paid
10.Only The Strong Survive
11.The Truest Shit
12.Making Moves
13.Feel My Pain
16.Life Or Death
17.Where I'm From
18.G's And Macks
21.Watch Yo Enemies
22.Duck & Run
23.Ghetto Ties
24.Survival Of The Fittest
26.Outro(Life Or Death) (提供)
Life Or Death 英文
1.A 2nd Chance
3.Duck And Run
4.Constantly N Danger (提供)
5.The Truest Sh... (提供)
6.G's & Macks (提供)
9.Constantly In Danger
10.Don't Play No Games
12.Feel My Pain
13.Get N Paid
14.Ghetto Ties
15.G's And Macks
16.Life Or Death
17.Making Moves
18.Only The Strong Survive
19.On The Run
20.Picture Me
22.Show Me Luv
24.Survival Of The Fittest
25.The Truest Shit
26.Watch Yo Enemies
27.Where I'm From
Tru Dawgs 英文
1.I'm a Baller
Tomorrow 英文
1.The Message (提供)
2.The Life Eye Live (提供)
3.Snow Bunny (提供)
4.Tomorrow (提供)
5.Message Parlor (Skit) (提供)
6.Bottom Of Da Boot (提供)
7.Heartbeat (提供)
8.See It In My Eyes (提供)
9.Neva Look Back (提供)
10.How I Live (提供)
11.Chinese Restaurant (Skit) (提供)
12.I'm A Problem (提供)
13.Suicide Mission (提供)
14.Make U Cry (提供)
15.Thank You (提供)
Screamin' 4 Vengeance 英文
1.I Represent
2.Be Fresh
3.Posted On The Block (Remix)
5.Gangstified (提供)
6.My Set
7.Beastmode (提供)
8.Cuttboyz Anthem
9.Freeze / Ice Man (提供)
10.Down South (提供)
11.Murdaman Dance (提供)
12.Wtru (Skit) (提供)
13.Streets Keep Callin'
14.Intro (提供)
15.Street Keep Callin
暫存 英文
1.Ain't Nuttin' Personal
2.Won't Let Me Out
3.My Life
4.I Heard U Was Lookin' 4 Me
5.Yall Heard of Me
7.Mamma How You Figure
8.Back Up
9.Betta Watch Me
10.Camouflage & Murder
11.Hustlin' (w/ Master P)
12.Murder & Daz
13.Back On Top
14.Come Roll With Me
15.On My Block
16.Makin' Moves

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