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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Mark Wills
Mark Wills【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 110 首歌 】
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Looking For America 英文
1.Looking For America
2.Rockin The Country
3.Crazy Being Home
4.Like There's No Yesterday
5.Rather Be
6.The Whole World
7.Smokin' Gun
8.Phantom Of The Opry
9.Where Did I Lose You
10.Crazy Being Home (Acoustic Version)
2nd Time Around 英文
1.Don't Laugh At Me (Live)
Familiar Stranger 英文
1.Days Of Thunder
2.The Things We Forget
3.Entertaining Angels
5.Panama City
6.Take It All Out On Me
7.Rednecks Anonymous
8.The Likes Of You
9.Crazy White Boy
10.What Are You Doing
11.Her Kiss
12.All The Crap I Do
Loving Every Minute 英文
1.One Of These Days
2.In My Heaven
3.Back On Earth
4.I Hate Chicago
7.I'll Be Around
8.Lost In A Kiss
9.The Balloon Song
10.Love Can't
11.I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You(Mark Wills With Jamie O'neal)
12.Loving Every Minute
Permanently 英文
1.This Can't Be Love
2.Rich Man
3.The Perfect Conversation
4.Still Waiting
5.Because I Love You
6.Right Here
7.Time Machine
9.Almost Doesn't Count
10.Forget About Love
11.In My Arms
12.Everything There Is To Know About You
13.Back At One
Mark Wills 英文
1.High Low And In Between
2.Jacob's Ladder
3.What's Not To Love
4.Any Fool Can Say Goodbye
5.Ace Of Hearts
6.Leavin' Coming On
7.Sudden Stop
8.I Wonder If He Knows
9.Places I've Never Been
10.Squeeze Box
11.What Love Is
12.Look Where She Is Today
Wish You Were Here 英文
1.Don't Think I Won't
2.Emily Harper
3.Wish You Were Here
4.She's In Love
5.Love Is Alive
6.Don't Laugh At Me
7.The Last Memory
8.Help Me Fall
9.It's Working
10.Anywhere But Memphis
11.I Do(Cherish You)
19 Something 英文
1.I Do Cherish You (Re-Recorded)
2.Don't Laugh at Me (Re-Recorded)
3.Eastbound and Down (Re-Recorded)
4.Smoky Mountain Rain (Re-Recorded)
5.Do You Believe Me Now (Re-Recorded)
暫存 英文
1.Things That We Forget
2.Nineteen Somethin'
3.When You Think of Me
4.How Bad Do You Want It
5.Prisoner of the Highway
6.Singer in a Band
7.And the Crowd Goes Wild
8.What She Sees in Me
9.Perfect Conversation
10.I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You - Duet With Jamie O'Neal
11.He's a Cowboy
12.Crowd Goes Wild
13.Married In Mexico
14.What Hurts the Most
15.That's a Woman
16.Holes In The Floor Of Heaven
17.Prisoner Of The Highway(w/Ronnie Milsap)
18.19 Something
19.Nothin' but a Suntan
20.I Just Close My Eyes
21.Looking For American
22.I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You
23.19 Somethin' (Greatest Hits Version)
24.When You Think of Me (Greatest Hits Version)
25.19 Somethin'
26.I Want to Know (Everything There Is to Know About You)
27.Eastbound and Down
28.Crazy Being Home (Acoustic)
29.Back at One (Re-Recorded)
30.When You Think of Me (Radio Edit)
31.New Star Shining
32.Fooled Around and Fell in Love
34.Close Enough to Perfect

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