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懷克里夫·金(Wyclef Jean,1972年10月17日-),全名Neluset Wyclef Jean,生於海地,9歲隨全家移居美國紐約市布魯克林區,是一名音樂家、創作歌手、饒舌歌手、唱片製作人和社會活動家,唱片曾多次獲鉑金認證。2010年8月6日搭乘私人飛機前往海地,並正式登記參選海地總統,但最後被選舉委員會以未符合在海地居住5年的資格被拒絕。


1997:The Carnival (Columbia)
2000:The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book (Columbia)
2002:Masquerade (Columbia)
2003:Greatest Hits (Columbia)
2003:The Preacher's Son (J)
2004:Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101 (Koch)
2007:Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant (Columbia)
2009:From the Hut, To the Projects, To the Mansion (Columbia)
2010:Wyclef Jean (Columbia)
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Carnival III:The Fall And Rise Of A Refugee 英文
1.Slums (提供)
2.Turn Me Good (提供)
3.Borrowed Time
4.Fela Kuti
5.Warrior (提供)
6.Shotta Boys (提供)
7.Double Dutch (提供)
8.What Happened To Love
9.Carry On (提供)
10.Concrete Rose (提供)
11.Trapicabana (提供)
12.Thank God For The Culture (提供)
Fela Kuti 英文
1.Fela Kuti (提供)
J'Ouvert 英文
1.Zion Dub (提供)
2.Life Matters
4.Party Started (提供)
5.Lady Haiti (提供)
6.Little Things (提供)
7.Holding On the Edge (提供)
8.Rear View (提供)
9.I Swear (提供)
10.If I was President
I Swear 英文
1.I Swear (feat. Young Thug)
April Showers (Mixtape) 英文
1.Whitney Houston Dub Plate
2.Haitian V Intro feat. Hatian V
3.Bugatti Freestyle
4.Hip Hop
5.Kick Knowledge
6.Bang Bang Bang
7.Glow of a Rose
8.The Pullover
10.Trap N Roll
11.Open Letter FreeStyle
12.Pop Ya Belly Ring
13.All Right Then
14.April Showers
15.The Go Go
16.Hope n Pray
18.I Wish It Was Music
19.Mid Life Crisis feat. Maino
20.The Shrine feat. Choppa Zoe
21.Stay On My Jimi Hendrix
22.Hard Times
23.Death Wish feat. Opium Black
24.Jack Thriller Interlude
25.Started From The Bottom Interlude
26.Sosa Interlude
27.The Buzz
28.Main Dish
29.Real City
30.Yacht Club
31.Real Niggaz Feel It
32.The Smack Movement Continues feat. Murda Mook, Loaded Lux, Smack White
33.All Day All Night
Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights Soundtrack 英文
1.Dance Like This
Masquerade 英文
1.Peace God
2.The PJ's
3.80 Bars
6.You Say Keep It Gangsta
7.Party Like I Party
8.Oh What A Night
10.Midnight Lovers (提供)
11.Two Wrongs
12.Instant Request
13.Thug Like Me
15.Knockin on Heaven's Door
16.The Eulogy
17.War No More
18.The Mix Show
19.Ghetto Racine(Pj's Creole Mix)
The Ecleftic:2 Sides Ii A Book 英文
1.Da Cypha
2.Thug Angels
3.It Doesn't Matter
4.Pullin' Me In
7.Low Income
8.However You Want It
9.Where Fugees At?
10.Kenny Rogers - Pharoache Monch Dub Plate
11.Perfect Gentleman
13.Wish You Were Here
Ecleftic-2 Sides Ii A Book 英文
1.Columbia Records (提供)
2.Where Fugees At?
3.Kenny Rogers - Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate
4.Thug Angels
5.It Doesn't Matter
7.Pullin Me In
8.Da Cypha
10.Red Light District (提供)
11.Perfect Gentleman
12.Low Income
13.Whitney Houston Dub Plate
14.However You Want It
15.Hollywood To Hollywood
17.Something About Mary
18.Bus Search
19.Wish You Were Here
Presents The Carnival Featuring The Refugee All St 英文
1.Anything Can Happen
2.Street Jeopardy
3.Sang Fezi
5.Year Of The Dragon
6.To All The Girls
9.We Trying To Stay Alive
12.Gone Till November
13.Mona Lisa
14.Fresh Interlude
16.Closing Arguments
17.Words Of Wisdom
18.Pablo Diablo
19.Killer Mc
20.Enter The Carnival
Carnival 英文
1.Carnival (提供)
4.Enter The Carnival(Interlude)
6.Tryin' To Stay Alive
7.Killer M.c.(Interlude)
8.Street Jeopardy
9.Mona Lisa
10.Fresh Interlude
11.Sang Fezi
12.Year Of The Dragon
13.Words Of Wisdom(Interlude)
14.Gone 'til November
15.Anything Can Happen
16.To All The Girls
17.Closing Arguments(Skit)
18.Down Lo Ho(Interlude)
19.Prelude 'to All The Girls' (提供)
21.Pablo Diablo(Interlude)
24.Intro(The Carnival) (提供)
Wyclef Jean: The Haitian Experience 英文
1.Daddy Was A Good Man (提供)2.Mr. AutoTune
Wyclef Jean 英文
1.If I Were President
2.Beaches Of Ibiza (提供)
3.The Tracks Of My Tears (Refugee Remix) (提供)
The Preacher's Son 英文
If I Were President: The Haitian Experience 英文
1.Haitian By Association (提供)
2.The Day After (提供)
3.Delilah (提供)
4.Election Time
5.Death Threats
6.Once More (提供)
7.Political Incorectness (提供)
8.Adieu Haiti (提供)
9.Homeland (提供)
10.Promises (提供)
11.Fame And Fortune (提供)
12.Praying For Time (提供)
13.You Make Me A Better Man (提供)
14.Can You Find Love? (提供)
From The Hut To The Projects To The Mansion 英文
1.From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion (Interlude) (提供)
2.Warrior's Anthem
3.The Streets Pronounce Me Dead
4.Slumdog Millionaire
5.Every Now And Then (Interlude) (提供)
6.Walk Away
7.More Bottles (提供)
8.You Don't Wanna Go Outside
9.Toussaint Vs. Bishop (提供)
10.We Made It
11.Suicide Love
12.Letter From The Pen (提供)
13.Robotic Love (提供)
14.Gangsta Girl
15.Tell The Kids The Truth (Interlude) (提供)
16.The Shottas (提供)
Carnival 2 英文
1.Any Other Day
2.Fast Car
3.Heaven's In New York
4.Hollywood Meets Bollywood
5.King And Queen
8.Slow Down
9.Sweetest Girl
10.Touch Your Button Carnival Jam
11.Welcome To The East
12.What About The Baby
暫存1 英文
1.Hollyhood To Hollywood
2.25 To Life
3.Bubblegoose (Bakin' Cake Version)
4.Bubblegoose (South Park)
5.Cheated (Rock Remix)
6.Cheated (To All The Girls)
7.Chickenhead (remix)
8.Gone Til November (Pop Version)
9.Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix)
11.In The Zone
12.Men In Blue (No Airplay)
13.New Day
14.New Day (Pop Radio Edit)
15.No Airplay
16.Rumble In The Jungle
17.The Streets Are Like A Jungle
18.Thug Angel
19.What's Clef
20.Closing Arguments (interlude)
21.Fresh (interlude)
22.Down Lo Ho
23.What a Night
24.Guantanamera'(feat. Lauryn Hill
25.Year Of The Dragon'(feat. Lauryn Hill
26.Sang Fezi'(feat. Lauryn Hill
27.Mona Lisa'(feat. Neville Brothers
28.Street Jeopardy'(feat. Jean Forte, R.O.C.
29.Tryin' To Stay Alive'(feat. John Forte
30.Kenny Rogers - Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate'(feat. Kenny Rogers, Pharoahe Monch
31.It Doesn't Matter'(feat. Melky Sedeck, The Rock
32.Da Cypha'(feat. Supreme C, Marie Antoinette, Hope
33.Runaway'(feat. Earth, Wind & Fire, The Product G&B
34.Whitney Houston Dub Plate'(feat. Whitney Houston
35.Hollyhood To Hollywood'(feat. Small World
36.Diallo'(feat. MB^2, Yossou N'Dour
37.You Say Keep It Gangsta'(feat. Butch Cassidy, Big Jack, Sharissa
38.Cheated (To All The Girls)'(feat. The Product, Queen Pen
40.What's Clef'(feat. Queen Pen, The Product, & Naomi Campbell
41.Freedom (Song For Egypt)
42.Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix)'(feat. Canibus, R. Kelly, Khadejiah Bass
43.Rumble In The Jungle'(feat. Busta Rhymes, John Forte, Lauryn Hill
44.No Airplay'(feat. Canibus, Manhunt
45.In The Zone'(feat. Ivy Queen
46.25 To Life'(feat. Xzibit, Juvenile,Nature, Ja Rule,Reptile
47.New Day (Pop Radio Edit)'(feat. Bono (U2)
48.Imagino'(feat. ReFugee All-Stars
49.Party to Damascus
50.The Stripper Song (corrected lyrics)
51.Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)
52.If I Was President
53.To Zion
55.Diallo, Diallo
56.Ghetto Religion
57.Wyclef Jean / Gone Till November
58.No More War
61.Three Nights in Rio
62.Baby Daddy
63.Party to Damascus Remix
64.Hey Girl
65.Gone Till November (The Makin' Runs Remix)
66.Stayin Alive
68.Class Reunion
71.Take Me As I Am
73.We Trying to Stay Alive f,John Forte & Pras
74.1-800-Henchman (Spoken Word)
75.Next Generation
76.Hot 93.1 (提供)
77.We Tryin' To Stay Alive
78.Chickenhead (Icerider Remix)
79.I Am Your Doctor
80.Who Gave the Order
81.Diallo - Featuring Youssou N'Dour And MB2
82.Thug Angles
83.Dance Like This
84.Gone Till November Canibus
85.Two Wrongs Featuring Claudette Ortiz Of City High
86.Yele - Featuring Lauryn Hill/Joel Servilus
88.Rebel Music
89.Hold On
91.Blood Is Thicker Than Water
92.Haitian Experience
93.Gone Till November [Pop Version]
94.John 3:16
96.Your Love(L.O.V.E.Reggae Mix)
97.Your Love (L.O.V.E.Reggae mix) (The Outfield cover)
98.Stripper Song
99.Someone please call 911
暫存 英文
1.We Trying to Stay Alive (LP version)
2.It Doesn't Matter (LP version)
3.Bollywood To Hollywood (Immigration)
4.Party By the Sea
5.Industy (remix)
6.If I Was President 2016
7.My Girl (DJ Drianu Remix)
8.Hold On - Single Version featuring Mavado
9.My Girl
10.Divine Sorrow (Feat. Avicii) - Klingande Remix
11.Divine Sorrow (Feat. Avicii)
12.Redemption Song - Live
13.Lost in Time
14.China Wine
15.Mentality Of A Lion
16.Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) [Album Version]
17.If I Was President (Live)
18.I'm Ready
19.Fortunate Son (Instrumental, 2004)
20.Dub Plate
21.Started From The Bottom
23.911 (feat. Mary J. Blige) (radio edit)
24.Perfect Gentleman (radio edit)
25.Guantanamera (LP version)
26.Intro / Court / Clef / Intro (skit/interlude) (提供)
27.It Doesn't Matter (live version)
28.Industry (Marley Marl Remix)
29.Wish You Were Here (radio edit)
30.New Day (Pop Version)
31.Two Wrongs (feat. Claudette Ortiz) (album version)
32.Party to Damascus (With Intro)
33.Party to Damascus (radio edit with intro)
34.Your Love (L.O.V.E. reggae mix) (feat. Eve)
35.Million Voices
36.Always & Forever
37.Perfect Gentlemen
38.Rough Boy
39.It Doesn't Matter (Ca ne me fair rien)
40.Take Me as I Am (feat. Sharissa)
41.Younger Days
42.The Industry

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