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Tina Turner( 蒂娜透娜 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 313 首歌 】
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Love Songs 英文
1.The Best Edit
2.I Don't Wanna Lose You
3.Let's Stay Together(Single Version)
4.What's Love Got To Do With It
5.Missing You(Single Edit)
6.Private Dancer(Single Edit)
7.Two People
8.Look Me In The Heart
9.Way Of The World
10.Why Must We Wait Until Tonight 7'' Edit
12.I Want You Near Me
13.Be Tender With Me Baby
14.Don't Leave Me This Way
15.I Don't Wanna Fight Single Edit
16.Whatever You Need Edit
17.When The Heartache Is Over
18.River Deep Mountain High
Wildest Dreams 英文
1.All Kinds Of People
3.Dancing In My Dreams
4.Do What You Do
6.In Your Wildest Dreams
7.Missing You
8.On Silent Wings
9.Something Beautiful Remains
10.The Difference Between Us
11.Thief Of Hearts
12.Unfinished Sympathy
13.Whatever You Want
The Platinum Collection 英文
1.The Acid Queen
2.I Want to Take You Higher
3.Get Back
4.Come Together
5.Tearing Us Apart
6.Whatever You Want
7.Addicted to Love
8.What's Love Got to Do With It
9.Show Some Respect
10.I Can't Stand the Rain
11.Private Dancer
12.Let's Stay Together
13.Better Be Good to Me
15.Typical Male
16.What You Get Is What You See
17.Two People
18.Break Every Rule
19.Steamy Windows
20.The Best
21.Look Me In the Heart
22.Nutbush City Limits
23.We Don't Need Another Hero
24.'River Deep, Mountain High'
25.It Takes Two
26.Be Tender With Me Baby
27.I Want You near Me
28.Way Of The World
29.Love Thing
30.I Don't Wanna Fight
31.Proud Mary
32.Missing You
33.On Silent Wings
34.In Your Wildest Dreams
36.Something Beautiful Remains
37.Cose Della Vita
38.One Of The Living
39.It Would Be A Crime
40.I'm Ready
41.Open Arms
42.When the Heartache Is Over
43.Whatever You Need
44.I Don't Wanna Lose You
45.Why Must We Wait Until Tonight?
47.It's Only Love
Tina! 英文
1.Acid Queen
2.It Would Be A Crime
3.I'm Ready
4.Addicted to Love
5.What's Love Got to Do With It
6.I Can't Stand the Rain
7.Private Dancer
8.Let's Stay Together
9.Better Be Good to Me
10.What You Get Is What You See
11.Steamy Windows
12.The Best
13.Nutbush City Limits
14.We Don't Need Another Hero
15.'River Deep, Mountain High'
16.I Don't Wanna Fight
17.Proud Mary
Simply The Best 英文
1.Better Be Good To Me
2.It Takes Two
3.I Can't Stand The Rain
4.I Don't Wanna Lose You
5.I Want You Near Me
6.Let's Stay Together
7.Look Me In The Heart
8.Love Thing
9.Nutbush City Limits
10.Private Dancer
11.River Deep Mountain High
12.Steamy Windows
13.The Best
14.Typical Male
15.Way Of The World
16.We Don't Need Another Hero(Thunderdome)
17.What's Love Got To Do With It
18.What You Get Is What You See
Break Every Rule 英文
1.Paradise Is Here
2.Break Every Rule
3.Back Where You Started
4.What You Get Is What You See
5.Overnight Sensation
6.Till The Right Man Comes Along
8.I'll Be Thunder
9.Two People
11.Typical Male
Tina Sings Country 英文
1.Soul Deep
All The Best 英文
1.Open Arms
2.When the Heartache Is Over
3.Whatever You Need
4.I Don't Wanna Lose You
5.Great Spirits
6.Why Must We Wait Until Tonight?
8.Complicated Disaster
9.Something Special
10.It's Only Love
11.Addicted to Love
12.What's Love Got to Do With It
13.I Can't Stand the Rain
14.Private Dancer
15.Let's Stay Together
16.Better Be Good to Me
17.Typical Male
18.What You Get Is What You See
19.Two People
20.Paradise Is Here
21.Steamy Windows
22.The Best
23.Nutbush City Limits
24.We Don't Need Another Hero
25.'River Deep, Mountain High'
26.I Don't Wanna Fight
27.Proud Mary
28.Missing You
29.On Silent Wings
30.In Your Wildest Dreams
32.Something Beautiful Remains
33.Cose Della Vita
Private Dancer 英文
1.Steel Claw
2.I Might Have Been Queen
4.Better Be Good To Me
5.What's Love Got To Do With It
6.Private Dancer
7.Show Some Respect
8.Let's Stay Together
10.I Can't Stand The Rain
Dues Paid 英文
1.Lean On Me
Twenty Four Seven 英文
1.Whatever You Need
2.All The Woman
3.Absolutely Nothing's Changed
4.Talk To My Heart
5.Twenty Four Seven
6.Don't Leave Me This Way
7.Without You
8.When The Heartache Is Over
9.I Will Be There
10.Go Ahead
Great 英文
1.Bet'cha Can't Kiss Me(Just One More Time) (提供)
2.Chicken Shack (提供)
3.Crazy 'bout You Baby (提供)
4.Fool In Love
5.Gonna Have Fun (提供)
6.Goodbye So Long (提供)
7.Hard Times (提供)
8.It's Gonna Work Out Fine
9.I Better Get Steppin' (提供)
10.I Idolize You
11.I Wish My Dreams Would Come True (提供)
12.Please Love Me (提供)
13.River Deep Mountain High
14.So Fine
What's Love Got To Do With It 英文
1.Darlin' You Know I Love You
2.Disco Inferno
3.Fool In Love
4.It's Gonna Work Out Fine
5.I Don't Wanna Fight
6.I Might Have Been Queen
7.Nutbush City Limits
8.Proud Mary
9.Rock Me Baby
10.Shake A Tail Feather
11.Stay Awhile
12.Tina's Wish
13.What's Love Got To Do With It
14.Why Must We Wait Until Tonight (提供)
Foreign Affair 英文
1.Ask Me How I Feel
2.Not Enough Romance
3.You Know Who(Is Doing You Know What)
4.I Don't Wanna Lose You
5.You Can't Stop Me Loving You
6.Look Me In The Heart
7.Falling Like Rain
8.Steamy Windows
9.The Best
10.Undercover Agent For The Blues
11.Foreign Affair
12.Be Tender With Me Baby
Live In Europe 英文
2.Addicted To Love
3.A Change Is Gonna Come
4.Back Where You Started
5.Better Be Good To Me
6.Break Every Rule
9.In The Midnight Hour
10.It's Only Love
11.I Can't Stand The Rain
12.Land Of 1000 Dances
13.Let's Dance
14.Let's Stay Together
15.Nutbush City Limits
16.Overnight Sensation
17.Paradise Is Here
18.Private Dancer
19.Proud Mary
20.River Deep Mountain High
21.Show Some Respect
22.Tearing Us Apart
24.Two People
25.Typical Male
26.We Don't Need Another Hero(Thunderdome)
27.What's Love Got To Do With It
28.What You Get Is What You See
暫存 英文
1.I Don't Wanna Loose You
2.Da Profundidade Do Rio, Da Altura Da Montanha
3.Whatever You Want (Me To Do)
4.A Fool In Love
5.I Ain't Missing You
6.Dust My Broom
7.I've Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now
8.Love Is A Beautiful Thing
9.Easy As Life
10.Under My Thumb
11.Bootsey Whitelaw
12.I Can't Stand the Rain (Extended Version)
13.Addicted to Love (Live)
14.Let's Pretend We're Married
15.Girls (Live) (Tina Turner)
16.Simply The Best
17.Finger Poppin'
18.On Silent Wings (Single Edit)
19.Johnny and Mary
20.Lay It Down
21.I Can't Stand The Rain (Live) (Tina Turner)
22.Let's Stay Together (Live) (Tina Turner)
23.I've Been Loving You Too Long
24.Break Through The Barrier
25.When I Was Young
26.Better Be Good To Me (short version)
27.When I Was Young (Bonus Track)
28.The Bitch Is Back
29.What's Love Got To With It
30.Honky Tonk Woman
31.Open Arms (Urban Remix)
32.We Had It All
33.Stand By Your Man
35.Rock N Roll Widow (Bonus Track)
36.If This Is Our Last Time
37.What's Love Got to Do With It (Extended Version)
38.Private Dancer (Live) (Tina Turner)
39.Better Be Good To Me (Live) (Tina Turner)
40.He Lives In You
41.Two People (Live) (Tina Turner)
42.Break Every Rule (Live) (Tina Turner)
43.Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)
44.Don't Turn Around
45.Addicted To Love (Live) (Tina Turner)
46.Honky Tonk Women
47.Don't Rush the Good Things
48.Typical Male (Live) (Tina Turner)
49.Poor Fool
50.Why Must We Wait Until Tonight (7'' Edit)
51.You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
52.Bet'cha Can't Kiss Me
53.Reconsider Baby
54.Bold Soul Sister
55.Why I Sing The Blues
56.I Know
57.The Hunter
58.I Can See For Miles
59.Back Where You Started (Live) (Tina Turner)
60.Just A Little Lovin'
61.Sometimes When We Touch
62.Let's Spend The Night Together
63.Early In The Morning
64.Whole Lotta Love

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