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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Proclaimers
The Proclaimers【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 134 首歌 】
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Let’s Hear It For The Dogs 英文
1.You Built Me Up (提供)
2.Rainbows and Happy Regrets (提供)
3.Through Him (提供)
4.Ten Tiny Fingers (提供)
5.Forever Young (提供)
6.The Other Side (提供)
7.If I'm Still Around (提供)
8.What School (提供)
9.Then Again (提供)
10.Tuesday Afternoon (提供)
11.In My Home (提供)
12.Be With Me (提供)
13.Moral Compass (提供)
Like Comedy 英文
1.Simple Things
2.Whatever You've Got
3.Spinning Around In The Air
4.After You're Gone
5.Women And Wine
7.The Thought Of You
8.Like Comedy
9.Dance With Me
10.Wherever You Roam
11.I Think That's What I Believe
12.A Mix
13.Active Imagination (提供)
Sunshine On Leith 英文
1.I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles)
2.Cap In Hand
3.Then I Met You
4.My Old Friend The Blues
6.Sunshine On Leith
7.Come On Nature
8.I'm On My Way
9.What Do You Do?
10.It's Saturday Night
12.Oh Jean
Notes & Rhymes 英文
1.It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman)
2.Wages Of Sin
3.I Know (Reprise)
4.On Causewayside
5.Three More Days
6.Free Market
7.Like A Flame
8.Just Look Now
9.I Know
10.Love Can Move Mountains
11.Shadows Fall
12.Sing All Our Cares Away
13.Notes & Rhymes
This Is The Story 英文
1.Throw The 'r' Away
2.Over And Done With
3.Misty Blue
4.Trying To Get To The Part That Really Matters
5.I'm Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down
6.Letter From America
7.Sky Takes The Soul
8.It Broke My Heart
9.The First Attack
10.Make My Heart Fly
11.Beautiful Truth
12.The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues
Hit The Highway 英文
1.Let's Get Married
2.The More I Believe
3.What Makes You Cry?
4.Follow The Money
5.These Arms Of Mine
6.Shout Shout
7.The Light
8.Hit The Highway
9.A Long Long Long Time Ago
10.I Want To Be A Christian
11.Your Childhood
12.Don't Turn Out Like Your Mother
暫存 英文
1.King of the Road
2.What Do You Do
3.Letter from America (Band Version)
4.Letter From America - Acoustic Version
5.Throw the 'R' Away
6.The Part That Really Matters
7.I'm Gonna(Burn Your Playhouse Down)
8.Im Gonna Be
9.I'm Gonna Be
11.Sweet Little Girls
12.A Land Fit for Zeros
13.How Many Times
14.That's When He Told Her
15.Scotland's Story
16.When You're in Love
17.She Arouses Me So
18.Everybody's a Victim
19.Don't Give It to Me
20.Heaven Right Now
21.Act of Remembrance
22.There's a Touch
23.One Too Many
24.Harness Pain
25.In Recognition
26.Whole Wide World
28.The Lover's Face
29.New Religion
30.If There's A God
31.Calendar On The Wall
32.Blood Lying On Snow
33.The Long Haul
34.Life With You
35.No One Left To Blame
36.500 Miles
37.Get Ready
38.It Was Always So Easy
39.There's No Doubt
40.Everyday I Try
41.Hate My Love
42.Five O'clock World
43.Twenty Flight Rock
44.Long Black Veil
45.Better Days
46.They Really Do
48.Leaving Home
49.Restless Soul
50.Not Ever
51.I'm Gone
52.Turning Away
53.One More Down
54.When Love Struck You Down
56.Ghost Of Love
57.Lady Luck
58.Now And Then
59.She's Brighter

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