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Pretty Things【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 143 首歌 】
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Parachute: 40th Annivesary Edition 英文
1.Scene One (提供)
2.The Good Mr. Square
3.She Was Tall, She Was High
4.In The Square
5.The Letter
6.Rain (提供)
7.Miss Fay Regrets
8.Cries From The Midnight Circus
10.Sickle Clowns
11.She's A Lover
12.What's The Use
Philippe Debarge 英文
1.Hello, How Do You Do (提供)
2.You Might Even Say (提供)
4.Send You With Loving (提供)
5.You're Running You and Me (提供)
6.Peace (提供)
7.Eagles Son (提供)
8.Graves of Grey (提供)
9.New Day (提供)
10.It'll Never Be Me
11.I'm Checking Out (提供)
12.All Gone Now (提供)
13.Monsieur Rock (Ballad of Philippe) (提供)
Balboa Island 英文
1.The Beat Goes On (提供)
2.Livin In My Skin (提供)
3.Buried Alive (提供)
4.Blues For Robert Johnson (提供)
5.Mimi (提供)
6.Pretty Beat (提供)
7.The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
8.In The Beginning (提供)
9.Feel Like Goin Home (提供)
10.Freedom Song (提供)
11.Dearly Beloved (提供)
12.All Light Up
13.Balboa Island (提供)
Sf Sorrow: Resurrection 英文
1.S. F. Sorrow Is Born
2.Bracelets Of Fingers
3.She Says Good Morning
4.Private Sorrow
5.Balloon Burning
7.Baron Saturday
8.The Journey
9.I See You
10.Well Of Destiny (提供)
12.Old Man Going
13.Loneliest Person
Cross Talk 英文
1.I'm Calling
2.Edge Of The Night
3.Sea Of Blue
4.Lost That Girl
5.Bitter End
6.Office Love
7.Falling Again
8.It's So Hard
9.She Don't
10.No Future
Savage Eye 英文
1.Under The Volcano
2.My Song
3.Sad Eye
4.Remember That Boy
5.It Isn't Rock 'n' Roll
6.I'm Keeping
7.It's Been So Long
8.Drowned Man
Silk Torpedo 英文
2.Maybe You Tried
4.Is It Only Love
5.Come Home Momma
6.Bridge Of God
7.Singapore Silk Torpedo
8.Belfast Cowboys
9.Bruise In The Sky
Freeway Madness 英文
1.Love Is Good
2.Havana Bound
4.Rip Off Train
5.Over The Moon
6.Religions Dead
7.Country Road
8.Allnight Sailor
9.Onion Soup
10.Another Bowl? (提供)
The Pretty Things 英文
1.Road Runner
2.Big Boss Man
3.Big City
5.Pretty Thing
6.Don't Lie to Me (提供)
7.Honey, I Need
8.Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
9.Judgement Day
10.Don't Bring Me Down
The Pretty Things 1967-1971 英文
1.Talkin' About the Good Times
2.October 26
3.Balloon Burning
4.Cold Stone
Get the Picture? 英文
1.Rainin' in My Heart
2.We'll Play House (提供)
3.You'll Never Do It Baby
4.Midnight to Six Man
6.Cry to Me
7.Come See Me
Emotions 英文
1.The Sun
2.Bright Lights of the City
3.A House in the Country (single version)
暫存 英文
1.Defecting Grey
2.It Isn't Rock 'N' Roll - Remastered
3.Sad Eye (Edited Album Version) [Bonus Track] (Remastered)
4.Love Is Good - Remastered
5.Havana Bound (Single Edit) [Bonus Track] - Remastered
6.Religion's Dead (live 73)
7.Over the Moon (Single Edit) [Bonus Track] - Remastered
8.Rip off Train - Remastered
9.Religion's Dead - Remastered
10.Allnight Sailor - Remastered
11.Come See Me (Live at Crossroads Blues & More Harmonie, Bonn, Germany 8th October, 2004) - Remastered
12.Old Man Going (Live at Crossroads Blues & More Harmonie, Bonn, Germany 8th October, 2004) - Remastered
13.Don't Bring Me Down (Live at Rockpalast - Crossroads Harmonie, Bonn, Germany 19th October, 2007) - Remastered
14.Private Sorrow (Live at Rockpalast Christmas Special Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany 19th December, 1998) - Remastered
15.Loneliest Person (Live at Rockpalast Christmas Special Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany 19th December, 1998) - Remastered
16.Maybe You Tried (Remastered)
17.Singapore Silk Torpedo (live)
18.Come Home Momma (Remastered)
19.Bruise in the Sky (Remastered)
20.She Says Good Morning (live 1969)
22.Eve of Destruction
23.S.F. Sorrow Is Born (Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam)
24.Big Boss Man (Mono Version) [Live at the BBC - Pretty Things Sessions - Saturday Club, 10/1964] (Remastered)
25.Religion's Dead (Live at the BBC - BBC in Concert, 15/02/1973) (Remastered)
26.Cold Stone (Mono Version) [Live at the BBC - Radio Flashes with Vivian Stanshall, 14/08/1971] (Remastered)
27.Walking Through My Dreams (Mono Version) [Live at the BBC - Pretty Things Sessions - Top Gear, 03/12/1967] (Remastered)
28.The Ballad of Hollis Brown (Remastered)
29.Trust (Live)
30.Death (Live)

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