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Geto Boys【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 130 首歌 】
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We Can't Be Stopped 英文
1.Rebel Rap Family (提供)
2.We Can't Be Stopped
3.Homie Don't Play That
4.Another Nigger In The Morgue
6.Mind Playin Tricks On Me
7.I'm Not A Gentleman
8.Gota Let Your Nuts Hang (提供)
9.Fuck A War
10.Ain't With Being Broke
12.Punk-Bitch Game (提供)
13.The Other Level
The Resurrection 英文
1.Ghetto Prisoner (提供)
3.The World Is A Ghetto
4.Open Minded
5.Killer For Scratch (提供)
6.Hold It Down
7.Bling Leading The Blind
8.First Light Of The Day
9.Time Taker
10.Geto Boys And Girls
11.Geto Fantasy
12.I Just Wanna Die
13.Niggas And Flies (提供)
14.A Visit With Larry Hoover (提供)
15.Point Of No Return
Da Good Da Bad&Da Ugly 英文
1.Intro(Da Good Da Bad&Da Ugly) (提供)
2.Dawn 2 Dusk
3.Livin' 4 The Moment
4.Niggas Ain't Doin' Shit (提供)
5.Eye 4 An Eye
6.Bitches & Ho's
7.Why U Playin
8.Like Some Ho's (提供)
9.I Don't Fuck With You
10.Do Yo Time (提供)
12.Thugg Niggaz
13.They Bitches
14.Big Faces (提供)
15.Gangsta(Put Me Down)
16.Street Game (提供)
18.Gun In My Mouth (提供)
Till Death Do Us Part 英文
1.Intro (提供)
3.It Ain't Shit
4.Crooked Officer
5.No Nuts No Glory
6.6 Feet Deep
7.Murder After Midnight
8.Raise Up Bitch
9.Murder Avenue
10.Straight Gangstaism
11.Cereal Killer
12.This 's For You
13.Street Life
14.Bring It On
15.Outro (提供)
Makin' Trouble 英文
1.Making Trouble
3.Bails And My Word (提供)
5.Why Do We Live This Way
6.I Run This
7.No Curfew
8.One Time Freestyle
9.Geto Boys Will Rock You
Grip It On That Other Level 英文
1.Do It Like A G.o.
2.Gangster Of Love
3.Talkin' Loud Ain't Saying Nothin'
4.Read These Nikes
5.Size Ain't Shit
6.Seek And Destroy (提供)
7.No Sellout (提供)
8.Let A Ho Be A Ho
10.Life In The Fast Lane (提供)
11.Trigga Happy Aggin
12.Mind Of A Lunatic
Making Trouble 英文
1.Making Trouble
3.Balls and My Word
5.Why Do We Live This Way
6.I Run This
7.No Curfew
8.One Time Freestyle
9.Geto Boys Will Rock You
10.You Ain't Nothin'
11.The Problem
Uncut Dope Geto Boys Best 英文
1.And My Word
The Foundation 英文
Best of Geto Boys & Scarface 英文
1.Sex Faces
2.Damn It Feel Good to Be a Gangsta
3.Money and the Power
4.Crooked Officer
6.Never Seen a Man Die
7.Mary Jane
8.6 Ft. Deep
暫存 英文
1.This Dick's For You
2.My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
3.Raise Up
4.Action Speaks Louder than Words
5.Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta
6.When It Get's Gangsta
7.The Secret
8.Leanin' On You
9.I Tried
10.Declaration of War
11.Nothin' to Show
12.Six Feet Deep
13.1, 2 the 3
14.Mind Playing Tricks On Me
15.Fuck 'Em
16.F**k Em - Mixtape Version
17.G Code
18.Balls & My Word
19.Stright Gangstaism
20.I Don't F* with You
21.Like Some H's
22.Thugg N**gaz
23.Trigga Happy Nigga
24.Leaning On You
25.My Malt's Playin' Tricks on Me
26.Real Nigga Shit

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