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Rick Astley( 瑞克艾斯特利 )【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 109 首歌 】
瑞克·艾斯特利(英語:Rick Astley,/ˈrɪk ˈæstli/,1966年2月6日-)全名理察·保羅·艾斯特利[註 1],是英國著名流行情歌和舞曲男歌手。
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50 英文
1.Keep Singing
2.Pray With Me
3.Coming Home Tonight
4.Let It Be Tonight
5.Angels On My Side
6.Wish Away
7.This Old House
10.I Like The Sun
11.Somebody Loves Me
12.Let It Rain
Whenever You Need Somebody 英文
1.Never Gonna Give You Up
2.Whenever You Need Somebody
3.Together Forever
4.It Would Take A Strong Strong Man
5.The Love Has Gone
6.Don't Say Goodbye
7.Slipping Away
8.No More Looking For Love
9.You Move Me
10.When I Fall In Love
Keep It Turned On 英文
2.Wanna Believe You
3.What You See Is What You Don't Get
5.One Night Stand
6.Don't Ask
7.Keep It Turned On
8.Romeo Loves Juliet
9.Let's Go Out Tonight
10.Full Of You
Body&Soul 英文
1.The Ones You Love
2.Waiting For The Bell To Ring
4.A Dream For Us
6.Enough Love
7.Natures Gift
8.Remember The Days
10.When You Love Someone
Free 英文
1.In The Name Of Love
2.Cry For Help
3.Move Right Out
4.Be With You
5.Really Got A Problem
6.Is This Really Love?
7.This Must Be Heaven
8.Never Knew Love
9.The Bottom Line
10.Wonderful You
11.Behind The Smile
Hold Me In Your Arms 英文
1.She Wants To Dance With Me
2.Take Me To Your Heart
3.I Don't Wanna Lose Her
4.Giving Up On Love
5.Aint To Proud To Beg
6.Till Then(Time Stands Still)
7.Dial My Number
8.I'll Never Let You Down
9.I Don't Want To Be Your Lover
10.Hold Me In Your Arms
暫存 英文
2.Make It Easy On Yourself
3.My Arms Keep Missing You
4.Hopelessly (Album Version)
5.I Don't Want To Lose Her
6.Ain't Too Proud to Beg
7.What the World Needs Now
8.Till Then
9.I'll Never Set You Free
10.And I Love You So
11.Where Do I Begin?
12.Close To You
13.Cry Me A River
14.Body and Soul
15.Portrait of My Love
16.Just Good Friends
17.I'll Be Fine
18.When You Gonna
19.Some Kinda Love
20.I Can't Help Falling In Love (With You)
21.Never Gonna Give You Up - 2004 Remastered Version
22.Cry For Help - Live
23.Can't Help Falling In Love (With You)
25.Never Gonna Give You Up (Clean Version)
26.Never Gonna Give You Up (7' vocal mix)
27.Together Forever (7')
28.Whenever You Need Somebody (radio edit)
29.She Wants to Dance with Me - Watermix
30.Never Knew Love - Remix
32.Lights Out (Radio Edit)
33.Never Gonna Give You Up (Baby Diamonds remix)
34.4. Never Gonna Give You Up
35.Whenever You Need Somebody (Lonely Hearts Mix)
36.My Arms Keep Missing You (The 'Where's Harry?' Remix)
37.Move Right Out (7' Version)
38.Cry for Help (Single Edit)
39.Together Forever (Lover's Leap Extended mix)
40.Whenever You Need Somebody (Rick Sets It Off mix)
41.My Arms Keep Missing You (The No L mix)
42.Whenever U Need Somebody
43.Beautiful Life - Edit
44.Beautiful Life
45.God Says

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