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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Rebecca Lynn Howard( 雷貝嘉·林恩·霍華德 )
Rebecca Lynn Howard( 雷貝嘉·林恩·霍華德 )【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 49 首歌 】
麗貝卡林恩霍華德(1979年4月24日出生)是美國鄉村音樂藝術家。 她在Billboard Hot Country Songs排行榜上製作了七張單曲,並發行了三張錄音室專輯。 她最高的單曲'Forgive'在2002年的鄉村音樂排行榜上位居第12位。她是鄉村搖滾樂隊Loving Mary的創始成員之一。
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No Rules 英文
1.Shakey Ground
2.New Twist On An Old Groove
3.Do Right Woman Do Right Man
4.Soul Sisters
5.What Dying Feels Like
6.Better Someday
7.Just Let It Burn
8.As One As Two Can Be
9.Sing Cause I Love To
10.Real Love
11.I'm Over You
12.The Life Of A Dollar
13.We're In This Love Together
14.Throw It Down
Rebecca Lynn Howard 英文
1.Tennesse In My Windshield
2.Jesus, Daddy And You
3.When My Dreams Come True
4.Believe It Or Not
5.You're Not Memory Yet
6.Move Me
7.Was It Hard To Be Together
8.You're Real
9.Melancholy Blue
10.Out Here In The Water
11.I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners
暫存 英文
2.Beautiful to You
3.Dancin' in God's Country
4.It Didn't Look Like Alcohol
5.Life Had Other Plans
6.It's My Job to Fall
7.Jesus and Bartenders
8.This Love
9.When Did You Ever Listen to Me
11.Pink Flamingo Kind of Love
12.Softly and Tenderly
13.You're Not a Memory Yet
14.Didn't Look Like Alcohol
15.No One'll Ever Love Me
16.What a Shame
17.I Need a Vacation
18.Do Right Woman/Do Right Man
19.Was It As Hard to Be Together
20.God Is In The House
21.Am I Missing Something Here
22.Wrong Mr. Right Again
23.Tennessee in My Windshield

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