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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Montell Jordan
Montell Jordan【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 148 首歌 】
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Sweater Puppies 英文
1.Oh Boy
2.More Loudness
3.I'm Not Your Father, But You Can Call Me Daddy
4.Fly By Night
5.The Chosen One
7.Pain Don't Hurt (Terrified)
8.Open Wound
9.Meant to Bleed
Icon 英文
1.I Like (feat. Slick Rick)2.Let's Ride (feat. Silk 'The Shocker' Friend & Master P) (提供)
Best Of Montell Jordan 英文
1.Daddy's Home
2.What's On Tonight
3.Let's Ride
4.Do You Remember (Once Upon A Time)
Let It Rain 英文
1.Let It Rain (提供)
2.Left Alone (提供)
3.Can't Live Without You (提供)
4.Me And U
5.Stay With Me (提供)
6.I Need A Girl (提供)
7.Not No More
8.I Cried (提供)
9.Your Love (Crazy 4 You) (提供)
10.Comatose (Intro) (提供)
11.Comatose (提供)
12.This Is How We Roll (提供)
13.I Like (The Way)
14.I Like
Montell Jordan 英文
1.Mj V Intro
2.Mj's Anthem(Feat.Wc) (提供)
3.You're The Right One (提供)
4.You Must Have Been
5.Can't Take It No More (提供)
6.Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
7.Tasty (提供)
8.Mine, Mine, Mine
9.Top Or Bottom (提供)
10.Why Can't We
11.The Rain
12.Are You With Me (提供)
13.The You In Me
Get It On.Tonite 英文
1.Sydney Jordan(Intro)
2.Get It On Tonight
3.Come Home
4.Funk Flex(Interlude)
5.What's It Feel Like(Is It Good)
6.Everybody(Get Down)
7.Can't Get Enough
8.Why You Wanna Do That
9.Maybe She Will
10.Kevin Nash Interview(Skit)
11.Time To Say Goodbye
12.Lets Cuddle Up
13.Do You
14.One Last Time
15.Last Night
16.The Interview(Skit)
17.Once Upon A Time
18.Against All Odds
Let's Ride 英文
1.When You Get Home
2.Don't Call Me
3.I Can Do That
4.Midnight Rain(Interlude)
5.One Last Chance
6.Anything And Everything
7.Body Ah
9.Let's Ride
10.Can I?
11.Missing You
12.The Longest Night
13.I Say Yes [interlude]
14.4 You
15.I Say Yes
More To Tell 英文
1.Superlover Man
2.All I Need (提供)
3.Tricks On My Mind
5.What's On Tonight
6.I Say Yes(Interlude)
7.I Like
8.Let Me Be The One(Come Runnin')
9.Never Alone(Interlude) (提供)
10.Never Alone
11.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
12.Bounce 2 This
This Is How We Do It 英文
1.My Mommy Intro (提供)
2.Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz
3.This Is How We Do It
5.I'll Do Anything
6.Don't Keep Me Waiting
7.Comin' Home
8.Introducing Shaunta
9.It's Over
10.Midnight Interlude (提供)
11.I Wanna
12.Down On My Knees
13.Gotta Get My Roll On
14.Close The Door (提供)
15.Daddy's Home
Life After Def 英文
暫存 英文
1.Do You Remember?
2.Sydney Jordan
3.Funk Flex
4.What's It Feel Like? (Is It Good?)
5.Why You Wanna Do That? (Ooh Girl)
6.Kevin Nash Interview
7.Last Night (Can We Move On?)
8.The Interview
9.Once Upon A Time (Spanish Version - Habia Una Vez)
10.Habia Una Vez (Once Upon A Time - Spanish)
11.Can I
12.Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda'(feat. Case
13.Get It On Tonite
15.Supa Star
17.I Like - Featuring Slick Rick, LP Version
18.Down With You
19.I Like (Featuring Slick Rick)
20.Non-Believers (Interlude)
21.Bottom Line
22.Get It Tonite
23.Make Up Sex
27.The Big Man's Back
28.What If I Never
29.We Ride on Dem Thangs (Bonus Track)
30.One Last Time (Break Up Sex)
31.What's It Feel Like (Is It Good?)
32.Do You Remember? (Once Upon A Time Remix)
33.Get It On Tonight (Remix)
34.Habia Una Vez (Once Upon A Time Spanish version)
35.You Are (Radio Edit) [feat. Chris August]
37.Something 4 Da Honeyz (Human Rythm Remix) - Remastered
38.This Is How We Do It (Puff Daddy Mix) - Remastered
39.This Is How We Do It (Mayeda Twerk Remix)
40.This Is How We Do It (Instrumental Version)
41.If I Die Tonight
42.Get It On Tonight (dubstep remix)
43.This Is How We Do It (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]
44.Get It On Tonite (Dub Remix)
45.Anything & Everything

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