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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Jill Scott
Jill Scott【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 241 首歌 】
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You Don't Know (Single) 英文
1.You Don't Know
Woman 英文
1.Wild Cookie
3.Coming To You
4.Back Together
5.Say Thank You
7.Pause (Interlude)
9.Willing (Interlude)
10.Fool's Gold
12.Can't Wait
13.Run Run Run
15.Beautiful Love
Golden Moments 英文
1.Jilltro (Remastered)
2.I Adore You
3.Comes To Light (Everything) (Remastered)
4.A Long Walk (Remastered)
5.The Fact Is (I Need You) (Remastered)
6.The Way (Remastered)
7.Cross My Mind (Remastered)
8.Whatever (Remastered)
9.Hate On Me (Remastered)
10.It's Love (Remastered)
11.My Love (Remastered)
12.Slowly Surely (Remastered)
13.Crown Royal (Remastered)
14.He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat) (Remastered)
15.Golden (Remastered)
16.Gettin' In The Way (Remastered)
The Light Of The Sun. 英文
Blues Babe Records
2.So In Love
4.All Cried Out Redux
5.Le Boom Vent Suite
6.So Gone (What My Mind Says)
7.Hear My Call
8.Some Other Time
10.Making You Wait
11.Until Then (I Imagine)
12.Missing You
13.When I Wake Up
15.Rolling Hills
So In Love (Single) 英文
1.So In Love (Single)
The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3 英文
1.Hate On Me
2.My Love
3.Let It Be
4.The Real Thing
5.Come See Me
6.Crown Royal
9.How It Make You Feel
10.Only You
11.Whenever You're Around
12.Celibacy Blues
13.All I
14.Wanna Be Loved
16.Imagination/Crown Royal Suite
Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2 英文
2.Nothing (Interlude)
3.Cross My Mind
4.Bedda At Home
5.Spring Summer Feeling
6.The Fact Is (I Need You)
7.I'm Not Afraid
8.Talk To Me
9.Family Reunion
11.Not Like Crazy
13.My Petition
14.Warm Up (提供)
15.Can't Explain (42nd Street Happenstance)
16.I Keep/Still Here
Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 英文
1.Gettin' in the Way
2.Do You Remember
4.A Long Walk
5.I Think It's Better
6.He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)
7.It's Love
8.The Way
9.The Roots (Interlude)
11.Slowly Surely
12.One Is the Magic #
13.Watching Me
14.Show Me
15.Honey Molasses
17.Love Rain
18.Try / Love Rain (Remix)
Who Is Jill Scott 英文
2.Do You Remember
4.Gettin' In The Way
5.A Long Walk
6.I Think It's Better
7.He Loves Me[Lyzel In E Flat]
8.It's Love
9.The Way
10.Honey Molasses
11.Love Rain
12.The Roots[Interlude]
13.Slowly Surely
14.One Is The Magic#
15.Watching Me
17.Show Me
The Original Jill Scott From the Vault, Volume 1 英文
1.I Don't Know (Gotta Have You)
2.Holding On
3.Running Away
4.Love to Love
5.Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry
6.Lovely Day
7.Wake Up Baby
8.The Light (piano mix)
9.Wondering Why? (You Don't Talk to Me)
10.I'm Prettier
11.Comes to Light (Everything)
Lovely Day (Radio Edit) 英文
1.Lovely Day (Radio Edit)2.Just Before Dawn (Tony Nuccio's Vault Mixtape) (提供)
Live At House of Blues, Sunset Strip 英文
1.Is It the Way (Live)
2.Whatever (Live)
3.Whenever You're Around (Live)
4.Hate On Me (Live)
5.He Loves Me (Live)
Just Before Dawn 英文
1.The Light
2.Wondering Why
3.Running Away
4.Love To Love
5.Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry
6.I Don't Know
7.Holdin' On
8.Wake Up Babay (提供)
9.Comes To The Light
10.I'm Prettier
Jill Scott Live In Paris 英文
1.The Way (Live In Paris)
2.Whatever (Live In Paris)
3.My Petition (Live In Paris)
4.Rasool (Live In Paris)
5.Bedda At Home (Live In Paris)
6.My Petition
7.He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)
8.The Way
Hidden Beach Presents: The Original Jill Scott - From the Vault, Vol. 1 英文
1.Running Away (Suite)
2.And I Heard... (Do You Understand) [Live]
3.I Don't Know (Gotta Have You)
4.The Light (Original Mix)
5.Lovely Day
Experience: Jill Scott 826+ 英文
1.A Long Walk (Groove) [Live]
2.Do You Remember
5.Free (Epilogue)
7.High Post Brotha
8.A Long Walk
9.It's Love
10.He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)
11.Slowly Surely
12.Love Rain (Suite)
13.Slowly Surely (Live)
14.Do You Remember (Live)
15.Fatback Taffy (Live)
16.Show Intro (Alright Man, It's Time for You to Move) (提供)
17.Gettin' In The Way
18.It's Love
Experience 英文
Crates: Remix Fundamentals, Volume 1 英文
1.Can't Explain (The Ca$e Boogie mix)
2.A Long Walk (The Jazzy Jeff Redux)
3.Brotha (The Inferno mix)
4.Golden (B-Sharp Afro Centric mix)
5.Slowly Surely (The Teddy Vee remix)
6.Come See Me (The B-Sharp Clubin mix)
7.Spring Summer Feeling (The Ron Trent remix)
8.Whatever (The Mr. Mig Powerful Love radio edit)
9.Talk to Me (The 314 mix)
10.Bedda at Home (The Rivera mix)
11.Love Rain (The Key West mix)
Collaborations 英文
1.Let Me2.The Rain
暫存 英文
1.He Loves Me
2.One Is The Magic Number
3.The Roots
4.The Light Of The Sun
5.Love Soul Bounce
6.I Love You
7.Love Rain (Remix)'(feat. Mos Def
8.Still Here
9.Beautiful Dreamer
10.Free (Deep House mix)
11.Be Ready
12.8 Minutes To Sunrise
13.Easy Conversation
14.Good Morning Heartache
15.One Time
16.Fatback Taffy
17.Kingdom Come
18.Sometime I Wonder
19.I Keep
20.Said Enough
21.Sweet Justice
22.One Is the Magic # (Redux)
24.Gotta Get Up (Another Day)
26.Funky For You
27.And I Heard
28.So Fine
30.God Bless The Child
31.Try [Bonus] / Love Rain Head Nod (Bonus Track)
32.The Fact Is (I Need You) (live in Paris)
33.One Is The Majic
34.A Long Walk Home
35.Love Rain (remix)
36.Love Rain (Head Nod Remix)
37.Rightness - feat. Mike Phillips
38.The Way - Live Album Version (Edited)
39.Talk 2 Me (The 314 Mix)
40.The Fact Is
41.I'm Not Afraid (Declaration of Wifedom)
42.Love Soul Bounce (Bonus Track)
43.The Light of the Sun (Bonus Track)
44.Love Rain (Coffee Shop mix feat. Mos Def)
45.Gettin' in the Way (MJ Cole mix)
46.Say Yes to This
47.One Is the Magic # (Redux) [Live]
48.He Loves Me - Lyzel in E Flat, Movements I, II & III
49.How's It Make You Feel
50.So In Love - feat. Anthony Hamilton
51.I Am Music

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