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Ol' Dirty Bastard【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 116 首歌 】
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Message To The Other Side (Osirus Part 1) 英文
3.Live On The Air Part 1 (提供)
5.Child Seek Em
6.Wanna Bees (提供)
7.Black Mamba (提供)
8.One Shot, Two Shot (提供)
9.Got Love For You (提供)
10.Interlude (提供)
11.Say NO (提供)
12.Live On The Air Part (提供)
13.All Coast (提供)
15.Live On The Air Part 3 (提供)
16.Bam Bam (提供)
17.Osirus (提供)
18.Hot Sauce (提供)
19.Fort Green Projects (提供)
20.Destiny (提供)
Nigga Please 英文
1.All in Together Now
3.I Can't Wait
4.Rollin' Wit You
5.Dirt Dog
6.Cracker Jack(Bonus Track)
7.Good Morning Heartache
8.You Don't Want to Fuck With Me
9.Gettin' High
10.Nigga Please
11.Cold Blooded
12.I Want Pussy
13.Rollin Wit You
14.Got Your Money
Return To The 36 Chambers 英文
2.Proteck Ya Neck II in the Zoo
3.Harlem World
4.Don't You Know
5.Brooklyn Zoo II(Tiger Crane)
6.Raw Hide
7.Dirty Dancin'
9.Brooklyn Zoo
11.The Stomp
12.Baby C'mon
13.Drunk Game(Sweet Sugar Pie)
14.Cuttin' Headz
15.Hippa to da Hoppa
16.Goin' Down
17.Shimmy Shimmy Ya
18.Protect Ya Neck Ii The Zoo
19.Don't U Know
20.Dirty Dancin
21.Brooklyn Zoo Ii
The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story 英文
1.Brooklyn Zoo - Remastered
2.Shimmy Shimmy Ya
3.Rawhide - Remastered LP Version
4.I Can't Wait - Remastered LP Version
5.All In Together Now - Remastered LP Version
6.N***a Please - Remastered LP Version
7.Cold Blooded - Remastered LP Version
8.Rollin' Wit You - Remastered LP Version
9.Give It To Ya Raw - Remastered Single Version
10.Brooklyn Zoo - Remastered Amended Version
11.Proteck Ya Neck II the Zoo
12.Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Remastered LP Version)
Osirus - The Official Mixtape 英文
1.Pop Shots - produced by DJ Premier
2.High In The Clouds
3.If Y'all Want War
4.Pussy Keep Calling
5.Down South
6.Move Back
In Memory Of…Vol. 3 英文
1.Dirty Dirty
2.Dirty Run
3.Cracker Jack
4.Brooklyn Zoo (Remix)
5.Dirty the Moocher
A Son Unique 英文
1.Lift Ya Skirt
2.Pop Shots
4.Back in the Air
5.Work For Me
6.ODB, Don't Go Breaking My Heart
7.The Stomp
8.Trust In Me (提供)
10.Dirty & Grimey
11.Danger Zone
13.Don't Hurt Me
14.How Ya Feelin'
暫存 英文
1.Dirty & Stinkin'
2.Dirty The Moocher
3.Proteck Ya Neck 2 (The Zoo)
4.Caught Up
5.Dirty Dirty (featuring Rhymefest)
6.Got Your Money F Kelis
7.Don't Go Breaking My Heart
8.Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo
9.Ol Dirty's Back
10.Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)
11.Give It To Ya Raw
13.Got Your Money (Featuring Kelis)
14.Drug Free
15.Kiss Of The Black Widow
16.Proteck Ya Neck (Remastered)
17.Stand Up
18.You Don't Want to F**k With Me
19.Can't Wait
20.Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Version)
21.N***a Please
22.Last Call

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