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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Masters Of Reality
Masters Of Reality【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 89 首歌 】
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Pine/Cross Dover 英文
1.King Richard TLH
2.Absinthe Jim And Me
3.Worm In The Silk
5.Johnny's Dream (提供)
6.Up In It
7.Dreamtime Stomp
8.Rosie's Presence
9.The Whore Of New Orleans
10.Testify To Love
11.Alfalfa (提供)
Welcome To The Western Lodge 英文
1.Calling Dr. Carrion
2.Why The Fly?
3.It's Shit
5.The Great Spelunker
6.Time To Burn
7.Take A Shot At The Clown
8.Baby Mae
9.Ember Day (提供)
10.Annihilation Of The Spirit
11.Boymilk Waltz
12.Lover's Sky
13.Also Ran Song
How High The Moon 英文
1.100 Years(Of Tears In The Wind)
2.Alder Smoke Blues
3.Ants In The Kitchen
4.Doraldina's Prophecies
5.How High The Moon (提供)
6.Jindalee Jindalie
7.John Brown
8.She Got Me
9.Swingeroo Joe
10.The Blue Garden
Sunrise On The Sufferbus 英文
1.She Got Me
2.J.b. Witchdance
3.Jody Sings
4.Rolling Green
5.Ants In The Kitchen
7.Bicycle (提供)
8.100 Years(Of Tears In The Wind)
11.Rabbit One
12.Madonna (提供)
13.Gimme Water
14.The Moon In Your Pocket
Masters Of Reality 英文
1.The Candy Song
2.Doraldina's Prophecies
3.John Brown
4.Gettin' High
5.Magical Spell
6.Theme For The Scientist Of The Invisible (提供)
8.The Blue Garden
9.The Eyes Of Texas
10.Lookin' To Get Rite
11.Kill The King
12.Sleep Walkin'
Flak 'n' Flight (Live) 英文
1.Deep In the Hole (Live)
2.The Blue Garden
3.She Got Me (Live)
4.High Noon Amsterdam (Live)
5.John Brown (Live)
6.Also Ran Song (Live)
7.Rabbit One (Live)
8.Time to Burn (Live)
9.Third Man On the Moon (Live)
10.John Brown
暫存 英文
1.She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)
2.Tilt-A-Whirl / Swingeroo Joe
3.Ants In The Kitchen / Goin Down
4.100 Years (Of Tears On The Wind)
5.Candy Song
6.Whore Of New Orleans
7.Third Man On The Moon
8.Corpus Scorpios Electrified
9.Shotgun Son
10.Deep In The Hole
11.A Wish for a Fish
12.Roof Of The Shed
13.Counting Horses
15.High Noon Amsterdam
16.Major Lance
17.Cretin Hop (live)
18.It's So Hard

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