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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Marshall Crenshaw
Marshall Crenshaw【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 172 首歌 】
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Jaggedland 英文
1.Right On Time
2.Passing Through
3.Someone Told Me
4.Stormy River
5.Gasoline Baby (提供)
6.Never Coming Down
7.Long Hard Road
9.Sunday Blues
10.Just Snap Your Fingers
11.Eventually (提供)
12.Live And Learn
#447 英文
2.Dime A Dozen Guy
3.Television Light
4.Glad Goodbye
5.West Of Bald Knob (提供)
6.Tell Me All About It
7.Ready Right Now
8.Eydie's Tune (提供)
10.Right There In Front Of Me
11.You Said What?? (提供)
The 9 Volt Years 英文
1.Run Back To You
2.Someday Someway
3.Bad Luck
4.Stay Fabulous (提供)
5.Everyone's In Love With You
6.Bruce Is King (提供)
7.That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On
8.She's Not You
9....the Thrill Of The Fight (提供)
10.First Love
11.Something's Gonna Happen
12.I'm Sorry
13.Rockin' Around In Nyc
14.You're My Favorite Waste Of Time
15.Vague Memory
Miracle Of Science 英文
2.What Do You Dream Of?
3.Who Stole That Train
5.Twenty-five Forty-one
6.Starless Summer Sky
7.Only An Hour Ago
8.A Wondrous Place
9.The 'in' Crowd
10.Theme From 'flaregun' (提供)
11.Seven Miles An Hour
12.There And Back Again
Live:My Truck Is My Home 英文
1.Wanda And Duane
2.You're My Favorite Waste Of Time
3.Vague Memory
5.Twine Time (提供)
7.Have You Seen Her Face
8.Knowing Me, Knowing You
Life's Too Short 英文
1.Better Back Off
2.Don't Disappear Now
3.Fantastic Planet Of Love
5.Face Of Fashion
6.Stop Doing That
7.Walkin' Around
8.Starting Tomorrow
9.Everything's The Truth
10.Somewhere Down The Line
Good Evening 英文
1.You Should've Been There
3.She Hates To Go Home
4.Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me
5.Radio Girl
6.On The Run
7.Live It Up
8.Some Hearts
9.Whatever Way The Wind Blows
10.Let Her Dance
Mary Jean&9 Others 英文
1.This Is Easy
2.A Hundred Dollars
3.Calling Out For Love(At Crying Time)
4.Wild Abandon
5.This Street
6.Somebody Crying
7.Mary Jean
8.Steel Strings
9.'til That Moment
10.They Never Will Know
Downtown 英文
1.Little Wild One(No.5)
3.Blues Is King
4.Terrifying Love
5.Like A Vague Memory
6.The Distance Between
7.We're Gonna Shake Up Their Minds
8.I'm Sorry(But So Is Brenda Lee)
9.Right Now
10.Lesson Number One
Field Day 英文
1.Whenever You're On My Mind
2.Our Town
3.One More Reason
5.One Day With You
6.For Her Love
7.Monday Morning Rock
8.All I Know Right Now
9.What Time Is It?
10.Hold It
Marshall Crenshaw 英文
1.There She Goes Again
2.Someday, Someway
4.I'll Do Anything
5.Rockin' Around In N.y.c.
6.The Usual Thing
7.She Can't Dance
8.Cynical Girl
9.Mary Anne
10.Soldier Of Love
11.Not For Me
12.Brand New Lover
What's In the Bag? 英文
1.Take Me With U
2.From Now Until Then
3.Long and Complicated
4.Alone In a Room
5.Will We Ever?
6.Where Home Used To Be
7.A Few Thousand Days Ago
This Is Easy: The Best Of Marshall Crenshaw (US Release) 英文
1.Monday Morning Rock - Remastered
2.Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me - Remastered
3.You Should've Been There - Remastered
4.Somebody Crying - Remastered
5.This Is Easy - Remastered
6.Calling Out For Love (At Crying Time) - Remastered
7.Blues Is King - Remastered
8.Little Wild One (No. 5) - Remastered
9.I'm Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee) - Remastered
10.For Her Love - Remastered
11.Our Town - Remastered
12.Whenever You're On My Mind - Remastered
13.Mary Anne - Remastered
I've Suffered for My Art... Now it's Your Turn 英文
1.Television Light
2.Endless Sleep
3.Tell Me All About It
4.Little Wild One (#5)
5.Dime a Dozen Guy
7.Walk Away Renee
暫存 英文
1.Drive Me Crazy
2.We're Gonna Shake Up Their Minds
3.For Her Love (remix)
5.Cruel to Be Kind
6.Where Home Used to Be
7.Rave On (Live 1982)
8.Live & Learn
9.Crying, Waiting, Hoping (2006 Remastered LP Version)
10.There She Goes Again - Remastered
11.Not For Me - Remastered
12.She Can't Dance - Remastered
13.The Usual Thing - Remastered
14.Knowing Me, Knowing You (Live)
15.Have You Seen Her Face (Live)
16.Tonight (Live)
17.Vague Memory (Live)
18.You're My Favorite Waste of Time (Live)
19.Wanda and Duane (Live)
20.Rockin' Around N.Y.C.
21.Look at What I Almost Missed (live 1982)
22.Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.) (live 1982)
23.Somebody Like You
24.Whenever You're on My Mind (demo 1979)
25.Starlit Summer Sky (demo 1979)

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