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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Jethro Tull( 傑叟羅圖樂團 )
Jethro Tull( 傑叟羅圖樂團 )【 共收藏 52 張專輯, 674 首歌 】
Jethro Tull是英國搖滾樂隊,於1967年在蘭開夏郡的布萊克浦(Blackpool)成立。最初以布魯斯搖滾樂為藍本,樂隊發展了它的音樂,融合了英國民間音樂和硬搖滾樂的元素,打造出一個前衛的搖滾簽名。樂隊由主唱/笛手兼吉他手伊恩·安德森(Ian Anderson)領銜,其中包括長期吉他手馬丁·巴雷(Martin Barre),鍵盤手約翰·埃文(John Evan),鼓手克萊夫·邦克(Clive Bunker),巴里摩羅·巴洛(Barriemore Barlow)和杜安·佩里(Doane Perry)格倫Cornick,杰弗裡Hammond和戴維Pegg。

1969年,樂隊首先取得了商業上的成功,民謠藍調專輯Stand Up在英國排名第一,並定期在英國和美國巡迴演出。他們的音樂風格隨著專輯“Aqualung”(1971),“厚實的磚”(1972)和“激情戲”(1973)的發展而向前進的搖滾樂方向發展,並再次轉移到與木頭歌曲混合的民謠搖滾)和重型馬(1978)。 Jethro Tull已經在全球銷售了約6000萬張專輯,其中包括11張黃金和5張白金專輯。 Rolling Stone將其描述為“商業上最成功和最偏心的先進搖滾樂隊之一”。

雖然安德森說Jethro Tull在2014年完成了,但他宣布2017年9月(沒有巴里或佩里)和一個新的為了紀念他們的第一個五十週年,這是(1968年)在2018年的工作室專輯。

Jethro Tull成員名單

伊恩·安德森(Ian Anderson) - 主唱,長笛,原聲吉他,其他樂器(1967-2012,2017至今)
John O'Hara - 鍵盤,手風琴,人聲(2007 - 2012年,2017年至今)
David Goodier - 低音(2007 - 2012年,2017年至今)
Florian Opahle - 電吉他(2017年至今)
斯科特哈蒙德 - 鼓(2017年至今)


Mick Abrahams - 吉他,主唱(1967-1968)
格倫Cornick - 低音吉他(1967-1970;死亡2014年)
克萊夫邦克 - 鼓,打擊樂(1967-1971)
托尼·伊莫米 - 吉他(1968)
約翰·埃文 - 鍵盤(1970-1980)
杰弗裡哈蒙德 - 貝司,主唱(1971-1975)
Barriemore Barlow - 鼓,打擊樂器(1971-1980)
John Glascock - 低音,主唱(1975-1979; 1979年去世)
Dee Palmer - 鍵盤樂隊(1977 - 1980年); 1967年至1976年期間還與樂隊合作,
Dave Pegg - 低音,曼陀林,vocals(1979-1995)
馬克·克雷尼 - 鼓(1980-1981; 2005年去世)
Peter-John Vettese - 鍵盤,聲碼器(1982-1986;工作室 - 1989)
格里·康威 - 鼓,打擊樂(1982;工作室 - 1987-1988)
Maartin Allcock - 鍵盤,吉他,曼陀林(1988-1991)
Andrew Giddings - 鍵盤,手風琴,低音(1991-2007)
Jonathan Noyce - 低音,打擊樂(1995-2007)
馬丁巴雷 - 電吉他,曼陀林,琵琶,長笛(1968-2012)
Doane Perry - 鼓,打擊樂,人聲(1984-2012)

1968年,樂隊成立於倫敦,成員包括 Ian Anderson(長笛兼主唱)、Clive Bunker(鼓手)、Mick Abrahams 和 Glenn Cornick(貝司手)。Jethro Tull 是流行音樂歷史上的一個特殊現象,他們混合了硬搖滾、民歌旋律、布魯斯、超現實主義、密集的歌詞以及歌詞的精神分析等等。但這些並沒有阻止歌迷給他們創造的 11 張金唱片和 5 張白金唱片的成績。


太老搖滾樂:太年輕了! (1976年)
J-Tull Dot Com(1999)
Jethro Tull聖誕專輯(2003)
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
專輯名稱 年份 歌曲列表    
Original Album Series 英文
1.Songs From The Wood
3.Cup Of Wonder
4.Hunting Girl
5.Ring Out, Solstice Bells
6.Velvet Green
7.The Whistler
8.Pibroch (cap In Hand)
9.Fire At Midnight
10.Acres Wild
11.No Lullaby
15.One Brown Mouse
16.Heavy Horses
18.North Sea Oil
Rupi's Dance 英文
1.Photo Shop
2.Eurology (提供)
3.Calliandra Shade (The Cappuccino Song) (提供)
4.Rupi's Dance (提供)
5.Lost In Crowds (提供)
6.A Raft Of Penguins (提供)
7.A Week Of Moments (提供)
8.A Hand Of Thumbs (提供)
9.Pigeon Flying Over Berlin Zoo (提供)
10.Griminelli's Lament (提供)
11.Not Ralitsa Vassileva (提供)
12.Birthday Card At Christmas
Ian Anderson[The Secret Language Of Birds] 英文
1.The Secret Language Of Birds
2.The Little Flower Girl
4.Postcard Day
5.The Water Carrier
7.A Better Moon
9.The Jasmine Corridor
10.The Habanero Reel
11.Panama Freighter
12.The Secret Language Of Birds, Pt. Ii
13.Boris Dancing (提供)
14.Circular Breathing
15.The Stormont Shuffle (提供)
Dot Com 英文
2.Dot Com
4.Wicked Windows
5.Hunt By Numbers
6.Hot Mango Flush
7.El Nino
8.Black Mamba
9.Mango Surprise (提供)
10.Bends Like A Willow
11.Far Alaska
12.The Dog-Ear Years
13.A Gift Of Roses
Roots To Branches 英文
1.Roots To Branches
2.Rare And Precious Chain
3.Out Of The Noise
4.This Free Will
6.Dangerous Veils
7.Beside Myself
8.Wounded, Old And Treacherous
9.At Last, Forever
10.Stuck In The August Rain
11.Another Harry's Bar
Nightcap:The Unreleased Masters 1973-1991 英文
1.First Post (提供)
2.Animelee (提供)
3.Tiger Toon (提供)
4.Look At The Animals
5.Law Of The Bungle
6.Law Of The Bungle Part Ii
7.Left Right
9.Critique Oblique
10.Post Last
13.No Rehearsal
15.Paradise Steakhouse
16.Sealion Ii
17.Piece Of Cake
18.Quartet (提供)
19.Silver River Turning
20.Crew Nights
21.The Curse
22.Rosa On The Factory Floor
23.A Small Cigar
24.Man Of Principle
25.Commons Brawl
26.No Step
27.Drive On The Young Side Of Life
28.I Don't Want To Be Me
29.Broadford Bazaar
30.Lights Out
31.Truck Stop Runner
32.Hard Liner
Catfish Rising 英文
1.This Is Not Love
2.Occasional Demons
3.Roll Yer Own
4.Rocks On The Road
5.Sparrow On The Schoolyard Wall
6.Thinking Round Corners
7.Still Loving You Tonight
8.Doctor To My Disease
9.Like A Tall Thin Girl
10.White Innocence
11.Sleeping With The Dog
12.Gold-tipped Boots, Black Jacket And Tie
13.When Jesus Came To Play
Rock Island 英文
1.Kissing Willie
2.The Rattlesnake Trail
3.Ears Of Tin
4.Undressed To Kill
5.Rock Island
6.Heavy Water
7.Another Christmas Song
8.The Whaler's Dues
9.Big Riff And Mando
10.Strange Avenues
Crest Of A Knave 英文
1.Steel Monkey
2.Farm On The Freeway
3.Jump Start
4.Said She Was A Dancer
5.Dogs In The Midwinter
7.Mountain Men
8.The Waking Edge
9.Raising Steam
Under Wraps 英文
1.Lap Of Luxury
2.Under Wraps
3.European Legacy
4.Later, That Same Evening
6.Radio Free Moscow
9.Nobody's Car
11.Under Wraps #2
14.Automotive Engineering
15.General Crossing
Walk Into Light[Ian Anderson] 英文
1.Fly By Night
2.Made In England
3.Walk Into Light
5.End Game
6.Black And White Television
7.Toad In The Hole
8.Looking For Eden
10.Different Germany
Broadsword And The Beast 英文
2.The Clasp
3.Fallen On Hard Times
4.Flying Colours
5.Slow Marching Band
7.Pussy Willow
8.Watching Me Watching You
9.Seal Driver
A 英文
2.Fylingdale Flyer
3.Working John, Working Joe
4.Black Sunday
5.Protect And Survive
6.Batteries Not Included
8.4.w.d.(Low Ratio)
9.The Pine Marten's Jig (提供)
10.And Further On
Stormwatch 英文
1.North Sea Oil
4.Dark Ages
5.Warm Sporran (提供)
6.Something's On The Move
7.Old Ghosts
8.Dun Ringill
9.Flying Dutchman
10.Elegy (提供)
Heavy Horses 英文
1....and The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
2.Acres Wild
3.No Lullaby
7.One Brown Mouse
8.Heavy Horses
Songs From The Wood 英文
1.Songs From The Wood
3.Cup Of Wonder
4.Hunting Girl
5.Ring Out, Solstice Bells
6.Velvet Green
7.The Whistler
8.Pibroch(Cap In Hand)
9.Fire At Midnight
Too Old To Rock N' Roll:Too Young To Die 英文
1.Quizz Kid
2.Crazed Institution
4.Taxi Grab
5.From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
6.Bad-eyed And Loveless
7.Big Dipper
8.Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die
9.Pied Piper
10.The Chequered Flag(Dead Or Alive)
Minstrel In The Gallery 英文
1.Minstrel In The Gallery
2.Cold Wind To Valhalla
3.Black Satin Dancer
5.One White Duck/0=nothing At All
6.Baker Street Muse
7.Grace (提供)
War Child 英文
2.Queen And Country
4.Back-Door Angels
6.Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
7.Bungle In The Jungle
8.Only Solitaire
9.The Third Hoorah
10.Two Fingers
A Passion Play 英文
1.A Passion Play
2.The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles
3.The End
Thick As A Brick 英文
1.Thick As A Brick
Living In The Past 英文
1.Love Story
2.Christmas Song
3.Living In The Past
4.Driving Song
5.Sweet Dream
6.Singing All Day
7.Witch's Promise
8.Alive And Well And Living In
9.Just Trying To Be
10.By Kind Permission Of
11.Wond'ring Again
12.Life Is A Long Song
13.Up The'Pool
15.For Later (提供)
17.Hymn 43
19.Bouree (提供)
20.Dharma For One
21.A Song For Jeffrey
Aqualung 英文
2.Cross-Eyed Mary
3.Cheap Day Return
4.Mother Goose
5.Wond'ring Aloud
6.Up To Me
7.My God
8.Hymn 43
10.Locomotive Breath
11.Wind Up
Benefit 英文
1.With You There To Help Me
2.Nothing To Say
5.For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me
6.To Cry You A Song
7.A Time For Everything
9.Play In Time
10.Sossity: You're A Woman
Stand Up 英文
1.A New Day Yesterday
2.Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
3.Bouree (提供)
4.Back To The Family
5.Look Into The Sun
6.Nothing Is Easy
7.Fat Man
8.We Used To Know
9.Reasons For Waiting
10.For A Thousand Mothers
This Was 英文
1.My Sunday Feeling
2.Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You
3.Beggar's Farm
4.Move On Alone
5.Serenade To A Cuckoo (提供)
6.Dharma For One
7.It's Breaking Me Up
8.Cat's Squirrel (提供)
9.A Song For Jeffrey
10.Round (提供)
Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll 英文
1.Quizz Kid - 2002 Remastered Version
2.A Small Cigar - 2002 Remastered Version
3.The Chequered Flag - Dead Or Alive; 2002 Remastered Version
4.Pied Piper - 2002 Remastered Version
5.Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll - 2002 Remastered Version
6.Big Dipper - 2002 Remastered Version
7.Bad-Eyed And Loveless - 2002 Remastered Version
8.From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser - 2002 Remastered Version
9.Taxi Grab - 2002 Remastered Version
10.Crazed Institution - 2002 Remastered Version
11.Strip Cartoon - 2002 Remastered Version
This Was [2001 Digital Remaster] (2001 Remastered Version) 英文
1.Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You - 2001 Remastered Version
2.Beggar's Farm - 2001 Remastered Version
3.Move On Alone - 2001 Remastered Version
4.Dharma For One - 2001 Remastered Version
5.It's Breaking Me Up - 2001 Remastered Version
6.Love Story - 2001 Remastered Version
7.Christmas Song - 2001 Remastered Version
The Very Best Of Jethro Tull 英文
1.The Whistler - 2001 Remastered Version
2.A New Day Yesterday
5.Thick As A Brick - Edit No 1; 2001 Remastered Version
6.Roots To Branches - 2001 Remastered Version
7.Broadsword - 2001 Remastered Version
8.Songs From The Wood - 2001 Remastered Version
9.Steel Monkey - 2001 Remastered Version
10.Bungle In The Jungle - 2001 Remastered Version
11.Living In the Past
The Best Of Acoustic Jethro Tull 英文
1.Cold Wind To Valhalla - Intro;2002 Remastered Version
2.Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow - 2007 Remastered Version
3.Broadford Bazaar - 2007 Remastered Version
4.One Brown Mouse - 2007 Remastered Version
5.One White Duck / 0^10 = Nothing at All
6.Cheap Day Return
7.Thick As A Brick - Edit No 1; 2001 Remastered Version
8.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You
9.Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of the New Day)
Stand Up (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Living In the Past (Mono Single Version)
2.For a Thousand Mothers
3.We Used to Know
4.A New Day Yesterday
5.Sossity, You're a Woman / Reasons for Waiting / Sossity, You're a Woman (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
6.Reason for Waiting
7.For a Thousand Mothers (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
8.We Used to Know (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
9.Dharma for One (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
10.To Cry You a Song (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
11.A Song for Jeffrey (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
12.With You There to Help Me / By Kind Permission Of (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
13.My God (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
14.Nothing Is Easy (Live At Carnegie Hall: 2010 Mix)
15.Fat Man (Top Gear BBC Radio Session)
16.Living In the Past
Nothing Is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 英文
1.My Sunday Feeling (Live)
2.With You There to Help Me (Live)
3.To Cry You a Song (Live)
4.Nothing Is Easy (Live)
Living With The Past 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.The Habanero Reel
3.In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff (提供)
4.A Christmas Song
5.Dot Com
Live At Montreux 2003 英文
1.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You (Live)
2.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You
5.Budapest (Live)
6.Beside Myself (Live)
7.Fat Man (Live)
8.Dot Com (Live)
9.Hunting Girl (Live)
10.Life Is a Long Song (Live)
11.Living In the Past
Live At Madison Square Garden 1978 英文
1.Sweet Dream - Live At Madison Square Garden
2.My God / Cross-Eyed Mary (Live)
3.Locomotive Breath (Including Dambusters March) [Live]
4.Songs from the Wood (Live)
5.No Lullaby (Including Flute Solo) [Live]
6.One Brown Mouse (Live)
7.Sweet Dream (Live)
8.Thick As a Brick (Live)
9.Heavy Horses (Live)
10.Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll (Live)
11.Thick As A Brick - Live At Madison Square Garden;2009 Remastered Version
Jethro Tull - The String Quartets 英文
1.Ring Out These Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)
2.Pass the Bottle (A Christmas Song)
3.Sossity Waiting (Sossity: You're a Woman / Reasons For Waiting)
4.We Used to Bach (We Used to Know / Bach Prelude C Major)
5.Only the Giving (Wond'ring Aloud)
J-Tull Dot Com 英文
1.El Nino
3.Far Alaska
Ian Anderson: The Secret Language Of Birds 英文
Bursting Out 英文
1.No Lullaby - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
2.A New Day Yesterday
4.Cross-Eyed Mary
5.Locomotive Breath - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
6.Aqualung - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
7.Cross Eyed Mary - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
8.Minstrel In The Gallery - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
9.Conundrum - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
10.Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
11.Hunting Girl - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
12.Thick As A Brick - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
13.Songs From The Wood - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
14.A New Day Yesterday - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
15.One Brown Mouse - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
16.Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of The New Day) - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
17.Sweet Dream - Live; 2004 Remastered Version
18.Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day
At the Hammersmith Odeon 1991 (Live) 英文
1.Minstrel In the Gallery / Cross-Eyed Mary (Live)
2.This Is Not Love (Live)
3.Tall Thin Girl (Live)
4.Still Loving You (Live)
5.A New Day Yesterday (Live)
Aqualung Live 英文
1.Cheap Day Return (Live)
2.Mother Goose (Live)
3.Cross-Eyed Mary (Live)
4.Wind-Up (Live)
5.Slipstream (Live)
6.Hymn 43 (Live)
7.My God (Live)
8.Up to Me (Live)
9.Wond'ring Aloud (Live)
10.Aqualung (Live)
Aqualung 40th Anniversary 英文
1.Dr Bogenbroom - 2011 Remastered Version
2.Nursie - 2011 Remastered Version
3.Wond'ring Aloud - 13th December 1970
4.Wond'ring Aloud, Again - Full Morgan Version
Aqualung (Steven Wilson Mix and Master) 英文
1.Aqualung (Mixed and Mastered By Steven Wilson)
2.Cross-Eyed Mary (Mixed and Mastered By Steven Wilson)
3.Cheap Day Return (Mixed and Mastered By Steven Wilson)
4.My God (Mixed and Mastered By Steven Wilson)
5.Locomotive Breath (Mixed and Mastered By Steven Wilson)
6.Wind-Up (Mixed and Mastered By Steven Wilson)
All the Best 英文
1.Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of The New Day)
2.Pussy Willow (2005 Remastered Version)
3.Broadsword (2005 Remastered Version)
4.Crossfire (2004 Remastered Version)
5.Dun Ringill (2004 Remastered Version)
6.Heavy Horses (2001 Remastered Version)
7.The Whistler (2003 Remastered Version)
8.Songs From the Wood (2003 Remastered Version)
9.Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll (2001 Remastered Version)
10.Jump Start (2005 Remastered Version)
11.She Said She Was a Dancer (2005 Remastered Version)
12.A New Day Yesterday
14.Thick As A Brick - Edit No 1; 2001 Remastered Version
15.Witches Promise (2001 Remastered Version)
16.Roots To Branches (2006 Remastered Version)
17.This Is Not Love (2006 Remastered Version)
18.Kissing Willie (2006 Remastered Version)
19.Salamander (2002 Remastered Version)
20.Minstrel In the Gallery (2001 Remastered Version)
21.My Sunday Feeling (2001 Remastered Version)
22.Fat Man (2001 Remastered Version)
23.A Song For Jeffrey (2001 Remastered Version)
24.Sweet Dream (2001 Remastered Version)
25.Teacher (Original UK Mix; 2001 Remastered Version)
26.Under Wraps #2 (2005 Remastered Version)
27.Dharma For One (2008 Remastered Version - Mono)
28.Nothing Is Easy (2001 Remastered Version)
29.Bungle In the Jungle (2002 Remastered Version)
30.Nursie (2004 Remastered Version)
31.Life Is a Long Song (2001 Remastered Version)
32.Living In the (Slightly More Recent) Past (Live)
33.Aqualung (2001 Remastered Version)
34.To Cry You a Song (2001 Remastered Version)
35.With You There To Help Me (2001 Remastered Version)
A Passion Play: An Extended Performance 英文
1.The Foot of Our Stairs (5.1 mix)
3.Only Solitaire
4.Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day (5.1 mix)
5.Audition (5.1 mix)
6.Flight From Lucifer (5.1 mix)
7.The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles (5.1 mix)
8.Critique Oblique (5.1 mix)
9.Critique Oblique, Part I
10.Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day
A Passion Play / The Château d'Hérouville Sessions 英文
1.The Silver Cord / Re-Assuring Tune (Stereo Mix)
2.Audition (The Chateau D'Herouville Sessions) - Stereo Mix
3.10.08 To Paddington/Magus Perde/Epilogue - Stereo Mix
4.Forest Dance #1/The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles/Forest Dance #2 - Stereo Mix
5.Memory Bank/Best Friends - Stereo Mix
6.Critique Oblique, Pt. II (The Château d'Hérouville Sessions) [Stereo Mix]
7.Skating Away On the Thin Ice of the New Day (The Château d'Hérouville Sessions) [Stereo Mix]
8.Flight From Lucifer (Stereo Mix)
9.Overseer Overture (Stereo Mix)
10.The Foot of Our Stairs (Stereo Mix)
11.Critique Oblique (Stereo Mix)
A Little Light Music 英文
1.Living In The Past - Live;2006 - Remaster
2.A New Day Yesterday
3.Someday the Sun Won't Shine for You
4.Locomotive Breath - Live;2006 - Remaster
5.Pussy Willow - Live;2006 - Remaster
6.This Is Not Love - Live;2006 - Remaster
7.From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser - Live;2006 - Remaster
8.Christmas Song - Live;2006 - Remaster
9.Look Into The Sun - Live;2006 - Remaster
10.John Barleycorn - Live;2006 - Remaster
11.A New Day Yesterday - Live;2006 - Remaster
12.One White Duck - Live;2006 - Remaster
13.Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll - Live;2006 - Remaster
14.Nursie - Live;2006 - Remaster
15.Rocks On The Road - Live;2006 - Remaster
16.Under Wraps - Live;2006 - Remaster
17.Life Is A Long Song - Live;2006 - Remaster
18.Living in the Past
5 Album Set: Aqualung / A Passion Play / Minstrel In the Gallery / Too Old to Rock N Roll / Songs from the Wood (Remastered) 英文
1.Locomotive Breath (Remastered)
2.The Chequered Flag (Dead or Alive) (Remastered)
3.Pied Piper (Remastered)
4.Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll (Remastered)
5.Big Dipper (Remastered)
6.Bad-Eyed and Loveless (Remastered)
7.From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser (Remastered)
8.Taxi Grab (Remastered)
9.Salamander (Remastered)
10.A Small Cigar (Remastered)
11.Strip Cartoon (Remastered)
12.Beltane (Remastered)
13.Fire at Midnight (Remastered)
14.Pibroch (Cap in Hand) (Remastered)
15.The Whistler (Remastered)
16.Velvet Green (Remastered)
17.Hunting Girl (Remastered)
18.Cup of Wonder (Remastered)
19.Songs from the Wood (Remastered)
20.Crazed Institution (Remastered)
21.Quizz Kid (Remastered)
22.Cold Wind to Valhalla (Live) (Remastered)
23.Wind Up (Remastered)
24.Slipstream (Remastered)
25.Hymn 43 (Remastered)
26.My God (Remastered)
27.Up to Me (Remastered)
28.Wond'ring Aloud (Remastered)
29.Mother Goose (Remastered)
30.Cheap Day Return (Remastered)
31.Minstrel in the Gallery (Remastered)
32.March the Mad Scientist (Remastered)
33.Summerday Sands (Remastered)
34.Grace (Remastered)
35.Baker St Muse (Medley) (Remastered)
36.One White Duck / 010 = Nothing At All (Remastered)
37.Requiem (Remastered)
38.Black Satin Dancer (Remastered)
39.Cross Eyed Mary (Remastered)
1977-06-08: An Honest Measure: Vienna Stadthalle, Austria 英文
1.Wonderin Aloud
2.A New Day Yesterday / [flute solo] / God Rest Ye / Bouree' / Living in the Past / A New Day Finale
3.Wind-Up (reprise)
4.Cross Eyed Mary
10 Great Songs 英文
1.A Passion Play (Edit No 8)
2.Locomotive Breath (including Dambusters March) (Live at Madison Square Garden)
3.Aqualung (Live at Madison Square Garden)
4.Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll (Live at Madison Square Garden)
5.Living in the Past
暫存1 英文
2.Night In The Wilderness
3.Under Wraps #1
4.Crash-Barrier Waltzer
5.Mother England Reverie
6.One White Duck / 0^{10} = Nothing At All
7.Pig-Me And The Whore
8.Wond'ring Aloud (Live 13th December 1970)
9.Song For Jeffrey
10.Bourée (提供)
12.A Stitch In Time
16.Down At the End of Your Road
17.I'm Your Gun
19.Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow
21.Lick Your Fingers Clean
22.Living In These Hard Times
23.March The Mad Scientist
24.Mayhem, Maybe
27.Part Of The Machine
28.Passion Play
29.Rhythm In Gold
31.Stormy Monday Blues
32.Strip Cartoon
33.Summerday Sands
34.Sunshine Day
35.Thick As A Brick (Part One)
36.Thick As A Brick (Part Two)
37.Too Many Too
38.Thick As A Brick - Extract
40.A Passion Play Edit #8
41.Wind Up (Quad Version)
42.Love Story (bonus track)
43.Stitch In Time
44.Witches Promise
46.Dharma For One (Live)
47.Too Old To Rock And Roll
48.Flyingdale Flyer
49.Aqualung (New Stereo Mix)
50.Life's A Long Song
51.Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day
52.Stormy Monday Blues (Live)
53.First Snow On Brooklyn
54.Sweet Dreams
55.Rainbow Blues
56.Locomotive Breathe
57.The Witch's Promise
58.Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow
59.Glory Row
60.Last Man At The Party
61.A Song For Jeffrey [Live]
62.We Used To Know [Live]
63.For A Thousand Mothers [Live]
64.With You There To Help Me/By Kind Permission Of [Live]
65.Sossity, You're A Woman/Reasons For Waiting [Live]
66.John Barleycorn
67.She Said She Was A Dancer
68.Velvet Green (live)
69.And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
70.Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll, Too Young To Die
71.El Niño
72.Broadford Bazzar
73.Sossity; You're a Woman
75.John Barleycorn (Live) [2006 Remastered Version]
76.Living In The Past - 2001 Remastered Version
77.Thick As A Brick (Part 1) - 1997 Remastered Version
78.Thick As a Brick, Pt. 1 (1997 Remaster)
79.Thick As a Brick, Pt. 2 (1997 Remaster)
80.The Poet and the Painter
81.What Do You Do When the Old Man's Gone? / From the Upper Class
82.Tales of Your Life
83.Thick as a Brick, Part 1
84.Sossity You're a Woman (2013 Stereo Mix)
85.17 (2013 Stereo Mix)
86.A Time For Everything (2013 Stereo Mix)
87.For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me (2013 Stereo Mix)
88.Witch's Promise - Mono / 2013 Remastered Version
89.Inside - Mono / 2013 Remastered Version
90.Alive And Well And Living In - 2013 Remastered Version
91.Nothing To Say (2013 Stereo Mix)
92.Son (2013 Stereo Mix)
93.Aqualung - 2001 Digital Remaster
94.The Chateau d'Isaster Tapes
95.Thick as a Brick (edit No 1)
96.Choosing My Words With Care (Live)
97.Hummmmmm 43 (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Slipstream (New Stereo Mix)
2.Hymn 43 (New Stereo Mix)
3.My God (New Stereo Mix)
4.Up to Me (New Stereo Mix)
5.Mother Goose (New Stereo Mix)
6.Thick as a Brick (edit #1)
7.Beggar's Farm (Mono) [Remastered]
8.A Passion Play (Edit No. 9)
9.Legends and Believe in the Day
10.Sunshine Day (Remastered)
11.Intro / A Christmas Song
12.Ring Out Solstice Bells (2003 Remastered Version)
13.Fire At Midnight - Steven Wilson Stereo Remix [Unedited Master]
14.Intro (Live)
15.My Sunday Feeling (BBC Sessions)
16.A Song For Jeffrey - John Peel Top Gear Session

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