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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Human League( 人類聯盟樂團 )
The Human League( 人類聯盟樂團 )【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 164 首歌 】
人類聯盟是1977年在謝菲爾德組建的英國合唱隊。在1979年簽約維珍記錄後,樂隊在1981年與他們的第三張專輯Dare達成廣泛的商業成功之前,發行了兩張專輯和一連串單曲。專輯包含四擊單曲,包括英國/美國排名第一的“不要你想要我”。 1982年,樂隊獲得英國“最佳英國突破案”獎。進一步的追擊在1980年代和90年代,包括“被煮沸”,“鏡子”,“魅力”,“黎巴嫩”,“人類”美國第1號)和“告訴我什麼時候”。

樂隊開始是一個前衛的全男合成器組。自1977年以來,唯一不變的樂隊成員是主唱和歌曲作者Philip Oakey。鍵盤玩家Martyn Ware和Ian Craig Marsh於1980年離開了樂隊,形成了天堂17.在Oakey的領導下,人類聯盟隨後演變成了一個商業上成功的新流行樂隊,新的陣容包括女聲歌手Joanne Catherall和Susan Ann Sulley 。自20世紀90年代中期以來,樂隊本質上是一個三重奏的奧基,凱瑟爾和蘇利與各種各樣的西班牙人。



Philip Oakey - 人聲,鍵盤(1977年至今)
Joanne Catherall - 人聲(1980年至今)
蘇珊安·蘇利(Susan Ann Sulley) - 人聲(1980年至今)


Ian Craig Marsh - 鍵盤(1977-1980)
Martyn Ware - 鍵盤(1977-1980)
Philip Adrian Wright - 視覺(1978-1980),鍵盤(1980-1986)
伊恩·布頓 - 鍵盤,低音(1980-1987)
Jo Callis - 鍵盤,吉他(1981-1985)
吉姆羅素 - 鼓,吉他,節目(1983-1987)


Neil Sutton - 鍵盤(1986-2017)
David Beevers - 舞台工程(1988年至今)
電子打擊樂Rob Barton(2003年至今)
喬治·卡納(Josh Cana) - 多樂器演奏家(2016年至今)


羅素丹尼特 - 鍵盤(1990-1994)
Errol Rollins - 電子打擊樂(2001-2004)
Nic Burke - 多樂器演奏家(2001-2015)
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Dare 英文
1.The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
2.Open Your Heart
3.The Sound Of The Crowd
5.Do Or Die
6.Get Carter (提供)
7.I Am The Law
9.Love Action(I Believe In Love)
10.Dont You Want Me
Credo 英文
1.Breaking The Chains
2.Never Let Me Go
3.Night People
5.When The Stars Start To Shine
7.Into The Night (提供)
8.Egomaniac (提供)
9.Single Minded
10.Electric Shock
11.Get Together
Hysteria 英文
1.I'm Coming Back
2.Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again(Six Times)
4.The Lebanon
6.The Sign
7.So Hurt
8.Life On Your Own
9.Dont You Know I Want You
10.I Love You Too Much
Travelogue 英文
1.The Black Hit Of Space
2.Only After Dark
3.Life Kills
4.Dreams Of Leaving
5.Toyota City (提供)
6.Crow And A Baby
7.The Touchables
8.Gordon's Gin (提供)
9.Being Boiled
10.Wxjl Tonight
12.Dancevision (提供)
13.Rock'n'roll / Nightclubbing
14.Tom Baker (提供)
15.Boys And Girls
16.I Don't Depend On You
17.Cruel (提供)
Very Best Of The Human League 英文
1.Keep Feeling Fascination
2.Being Boiled
3.Dont You Want Me
4.Heart Like A Wheel
6.Love Action(I Believe In Love)
7.Mirror Man
8.One Man In My Heart
9.Stay With Me Tonight
10.Tell Me When
11.The Lebanon
12.The World Tonight
13.Together In Electric Dreams
Octopus 英文
1.Tell Me When
2.These Are The Days
3.One Man In My Heart
5.Filling Up With Heaven
6.Houseful Of Nothing
7.Never Again
8.Cruel Young Lover
Romantic? 英文
1.Kiss The Future
2.A Doorway
3.Heart Like A Wheel
4.Men Are Dreamers
5.Mister Moon And Mister Sun
6.Soundtrack To A Generation
8.The Stars Are Going Out
9.Lets Get Together Again
10.Get It Right This Time
Crash 英文
5.Are You Ever Coming Back
6.I Need Your Loving
8.Love On The Run
9.The Real Thing
10.Love Is All That Matters
Fascination 英文
1.Keep Feeling Fascination
2.Mirror Man
3.Hard Times (提供)
4.I Love You Too Much
5.You Remind Me Of Gold
6.Keep Feeling Fascination - Improvisation
Reproduction 英文
1.Almost Medieval
2.Circus Of Death
3.The Path Of Least Resistance
4.Blind Youth
5.The Word Before Last
6.Empire State Human've Lost That Loving Feeling
8.Austerity/girl One(Medley)
9.Zero As A Limit
10.The Dignity Of Labour (提供)
11.Flexidisc (提供)
12.Being Boiled(Fast Version)
13.Circus Of Death(Fast Version)
The Very Best of the Human League (Remastered) 英文
1.Empire State Human (Remastered)
2.Human (Remastered)
3.Being Boiled (Fast Version) [Remastered]
4.One Man In My Heart (Remastered)
5.Tell Me When (Remastered)
6.Heart Like a Wheel (Remastered)
7.Louise (Remastered)
8.Life On Your Own (Remastered)
9.The Lebanon (Remastered)
10.Keep Feeling Fascination [Remastered]
11.Mirror Man (Remastered)
12.The Sound of the Crowd (Remastered)
13.Open Your Heart (Remastered)
14.Don't You Want Me (Remastered)
All the Best 英文
1.Mirror Man - 2012 - Remaster
3.Human - 2003 - Remaster
4.Do or Die - 2012 - Remaster
5.I Am the Law - 2012 - Remaster
6.Heart Like A Wheel - 2003 - Remaster
7.I Love You Too Much - 2012 - Remaster
8.The Lebanon - 2003 - Remaster
9.You Remind Me of Gold - 2012 - Remaster
10.The Sound of the Crowd - 2012 - Remaster
11.Open Your Heart - 2012 - Remaster
12.Darkness - 2012 - Remaster
13.The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - 2012 - Remaster
14.Don't You Want Me - 2002 - Remaster
暫存 英文
1.Human (Extended Version)
2.Don't You Want Me (Remastered 2001)
3.The Black Hit Of Space - 2003 Digital Remaster
4.Crow and a Baby (2003 Digital Remaster)
5.Marianne - 2003 - Remaster
6.Only After Dark - 2003 - Remaster
7.Cruel (Instrumental)
8.Don't You Want Me (Special extended dance mix)
9.The Lebanon (12'' Extended Version)
10.Mirror Man - 2003 - Remaster
11.Keep Feeling Fascination [Groove Collision T.M.C. Mix]
12.The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - Jimmy19 The A509 PWC Remix
13.Open Your Heart - 2002 Digital Remaster
14.Don't You Want Me (Remix)
15.Don't You Want Me (alternative version)
16.Don't You Want Me (Remastered 2012)
17.Circus of Death (2003 Digital Remaster)
18.Morale.../ You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - 2003 Digital Remaster
19.The Word Before Last - 2003 Digital Remaster
20.Tell Me When (Edit)
21.Don't You Want Me (2012 remaster)
22.Together In Electric Dreams (2003 Remaster)
23.10. Don't You Want Me (Original Version)
24.Marianne (Remastered)
25.Keep Feeling Fascination (extended version)
26.Sin City
27.Don't You Want Me (original version)
28.Don't you want me (Edit)

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