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Crazy Eyes 英文
1.Mother E
2.Nothing In My Hands
3.Pride Flag (提供)
4.The City Of Blinding Riots (提供)
5.Take Me To Heaven
6.Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck)
7.Head Of Fire (提供)
8.Tremors (提供)
9.Kid Blue From The Short Bus, Drunk Bunk
10.Your Bullets (提供)
11.Under The Tongue (提供)
12.Can't She See Head Of Fire, Part 2 (提供)
The Sun Comes Out Tonight 英文
1.We Hate It When You Get What You Want
2.What Do You Say
4.Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight
5.It's Got To Be Right Now
6.This Finger's For You
7.Self Inflicted
8.First You Break It
9.Burn It
10.Take That Knife Out Of My Back
11.It's My Time
12.It's Just You
Anthems For The Damned 英文
1.Can Stop This (提供)
2.Hatred Is Contagious
3.I Keep The Flowers Around
4.In Dreams
5.Kill The Day
6.Lie After Lie
7.Only You
8.Soldier Of Misfortune
9.The Take
10.The Wake
11.What's Next
12.Cold (Anthem For The Damned)
The Amalgamut 英文
2.God Damn Me
3.It Can Never Be the Same
4.My Long Walk To Jail
5.So I Quit
6.The 4th (提供)
7.The Missing
8.The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)
9.Where Do We Go From Here
10.World Today
11.You Walk Away
12.American Cliche
Title Of Record 英文
2.Captain Bligh
3.I'm Not The Only One
4.It's Gonna Kill Me
5.I Will Lead You
6.Miss Blue
7.Sand (提供)
9.Take A Picture
10.The Best Things
11.Welcome To The Fold
Short Bus 英文
1.Consider This
4.Hey Man Nice Shot
5.It's Over
6.So Cool
8.Stuck In Here
9.Take Another
11.White Like That
The Very Best Things [1995-2008] 英文
1.Hey Man Nice Shot (2009 Remastered Album Version)
2.Jurassitol (2009 Remastered Original Version)
3.Where Do We Go From Here [Single Edit]
4.The Only Way [Is The Wrong Way] (2009 Remastered Album Version)
The Trouble With Angels 英文
1.Drug Boy
2.The Inevitable Relapse
3.No Love
4.Down With Me
5.Catch A Falling Knife
6.The Trouble With Angels
8.No Re-Entry
9.Absentee Father
10.Fades Like A Photograph (Dead Angel)
Remixes for the Damned 英文
1.Cold (Desert Sky)
2.Only You (Stripped)
3.What's Next (Blood and Sand)
暫存 英文
1.Can't You Trip Like I Do
4.Thanks Bro
5.Take My Picture
6.The Only Wa
7.Hey Man
8.Where Do We Go
9.Never Be The Same
10.Trip Like I Do
11.Fades Like a Photograph
12.Take A Picture - Album Edit
13.Take a Picture - Radio Edit
14.Fades Like a Photograph (From the Motion Picture '2012')
15.Take a Picture (Remastered)
16.Take a Picture (Hybrid mix)
17.Hey Man Nice Shot (1995)
18.Surprise (Audrey Napoleon Remix)
19.Gimme All Your Lovin'
20.Happy Together
21.Take A Picture [Radio Edit] (2009 Remastered Version)
22.I'm Not The Only One (2009 Remastered Album Version)
23.Skinny (2009 Remastered Album Version)
24.One (2009 Remastered Album Version)
25.The Best Things (2009 Remastered Album Version)
26.Welcome To The Fold [Radio Edit] (2009 Remastered Version)
27.Where Do We Go From Here (Richard Morel's Pink Noise vocal mix)
28.Jurassitol (radio edit)
29.Welcome to the Fold (album version)
30.Hey Man, Nice Shot (Big Mac mix)
31.Jurrassitol (The Young Man Takes a Step Back, While the Old Man Walks by)

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