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David Byrne【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 255 首歌 】
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Brass Tactics 英文
1.Cissus (提供)
2.I Should Watch TV (M. Stine remix) (提供)
3.Lightning (Kent Rockafeller remix) (提供)
4.Marrow (Live) (提供)
5.Road to Nowhere (Live) (提供)
Love This Giant 英文
2.Weekend in the Dust
3.Dinner For Two
4.Ice Age
5.I Am An Ape
6.The Forest Awakes
7.I Should Watch TV
11.The One Who Broke Your Heart
12.Outside of Space & Time
Grown Backwards 英文
1.Glass, Concrete and Stone
2.The Man who Loved Beer
3.Au Fond du Temple Saint
5.Tiny Apocalypse
6.She Only Sleeps
7.Dialog Box
8.The other Side of this Life
11.Walk On Water
14.Un de Felice, Eterea
Lead Us Not Into Temptation. Music From The Film 'Young Adam' 英文
1.The Great Western Road
Look Into The Eyeball 英文
1.Ub Jesus
2.The Revolution
3.The Great Intoxication
4.Like Humans Do
5.Broken Things
6.The Accident
7.Desconocido Soy
10.The Moment Of Conception
11.Walk On Water
12.Everyone's In Love With You
Feelings 英文
Warner Bros.
1.Fuzzy Freaky
2.Miss America
3.A Soft Seduction
4.Dance On Vaseline
5.The Gates Of Paradise
7.You Don't Know Me
8.Daddy Go Down
10.Wicked Little Doll
11.Burnt By The Sun
12.The Civil Wars
13.Untitled Track (提供)
14.They Are In Love
David Byrne 英文
Warner Bros.
1.A Long Time Ago
4.A Self Made Man
5.Back In The Box
6.Sad Song
7.Nothing At All
8.My Love Is You
9.Lilies Of The Valley
10.You And Eye
11.Strange Ritual
12.Buck Naked
Uh-Oh 英文
Warner Bros.
1.Now I'm Your Mom
2.Girls On My Mind
3.Something Ain't Right
4.She's Mad
5.Hanging Upside Down
6.A Walk In The Dark
7.Twistin' In The Wind
8.The Cowboy Mambo(Hey Lookit Me Now)
9.Monkey Man
10.A Million Miles Away
11.Tiny Town
The Forest 英文
1.Asuka (提供)
2.Ur (提供)
3.Kish (提供)
4.Dura Europus (提供)
5.Samara (提供)
6.Nineveh (提供)
7.Ava (提供)
8.Machu Picchu (提供)
9.Tula (提供)
10.Teotihuacan (提供)
Rei Momo 英文
Warner Bros.
1.Independence Day(Cumba)
2.Make Believe Mambo(Orisa)
3.The Call Of The Wild(Merengue)
4.Dirty Old Town(Mapeye)
5.The Rose Tattoo(Bomba Mozambique)
6.Loco De Amor(Salsa Reggae)
7.The Dream Police(Cha Cha Cha)
8.Don't Want To Be Part Of Your World(Samba)
9.Marching Through The Wilderness(Charanga)
10.Good And Evil(Rumba Llesa)
11.Lie To Me(Merengue)
12.Office Cowboy(Pagode)
13.Women Vs. Men(Bolero)
14.Carnival Eyes(Mapeye)
15.I Know Sometimes A Man Is Wrong
Music For The Knee Plays 英文
1.In The Future
2.I've Tried (Things To Do)
3.Tree (Today Is an Important Occasion)
My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts 英文
1.The Jezebel Spirit
2.America Is Waiting
3.Moonlight in Glory
Catherine Wheel 英文
1.Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
2.Big Business
3.Eggs In A Briar Patch
4.His Wife Refused
5.My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)
7.What a Day That Was
8.Light Bath (提供)
9.Ade (提供)
10.Walking (提供)
11.Under the Mountain (提供)
12.Dinosaur (提供)
13.The Red House
14.Wheezing (提供)
15.Cloud Chamber (提供)
16.Black Flag (提供)
17.Combat (提供)
18.Leg Bells (提供)
19.The Blue Flame (提供)
20.Dense Beasts (提供)
21.Five Golden Sections (提供)
Here Lies Love 英文
1.Here Lies Love
2.Every Drop Of Rain
3.You'll Be Taken Care Of
4.The Rose Of Tacloban
5.How Are You?
6.A Perfect Hand
7.Eleven Days
8.Walk Like A Woman
9.Don't You Agree?
10.Ladies In Blue
11.When She Passed By
12.A Pretty Face
13.A Whole Man
14.American Troglodyte
15.Dancing Together
16.Men Will Do Anything
17.Never So Big
18.Please Don't
19.Solano Avenue
20.Seven Years
21.Order 1081
22.Why Don't You Love Me?
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today 英文
2.My Big Nurse
3.I Feel My Stuff
4.Everything That Happens
5.Life Is Long
6.The River
7.Strange Overtones
8.Wanted For Life
9.One Fine Day
10.Poor Boy
11.The Lighthouse
Big Love Hymnal 英文
1.Art Thou Greater Than He? (提供)
2.Exquisite Whiteness (提供)
3.A Hill In Ontario County (提供)
4.Written On Gold Plates (提供)
5.Deep Water (提供)
6.A Building In The Air (提供)
7.Great Desolations (提供)
8.A House On Sand (提供)
9.The Mouth Of Malachi (提供)
10.Cumorah (提供)
11.The Angel Moroni (提供)
12.Murmur Not (提供)
13.The Pearl Of Great Price (提供)
14.Language Confounded (提供)
15.Unclean Spirits (提供)
16.A Persecution Followed (提供)
17.The Breastplate Of Righteousness (提供)
18.A Conduit To Heaven (提供)
19.A Cloud Of Light (提供)
20.The Burden Of The Word (提供)
21.Blue Hawaii (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Don't Fence Me In (cole Porter)
2.In The Future [knee Play 12]
3.I've Tried [things To Do] [knee Play 9]
5.Ready For This World
6.Social Studies [knee Play 4]
7.the Gift Of Sound Where The Sun Never Goes Down. [knee Play 5]
8.The Sound Of Business [knee Play 3]
9.Tree (today Is An Important Occasion) [knee Play 1]
10.Under Heavy Manners (fripp/byrne)
12.Good And Evil (rumba/llesa)
13.Loco De Amor (salsa/reggae)
14.Don't Fence Me In
15.Women Vs Men (Bolero) 4:06
16.The Sound Of Business
17.Social Studies (The Gift Of Sound)
18.The Rose Tattoo (Bomba, Mozambique) 3:50
19.Don't Want To Be A Part Of Your World
20.Two Soldiers
21.The Rose Tattoo (Bomba/Mozambique)
23.The Dream Police (Cha Cha Cha) 3:00
24.The Call Of The Wild (Merengue) 4:55
25.Where The Sun Never Goes Down
27.Un Di Felice, Eterea
28.Gates Of Paradise
30.Carnival Eyes
31.Don't Want To Be Part Of Your World
32.Marching Through The Wilderness
33.Office Cowboy
34.The Dream Police
35.The Rose Tattoo
36.Women Vs. Men
37.Independence Day
38.Loco De Amor
39.Good And Evil
40.Lie To Me
41.Make Believe Mambo
42.The Call Of The Wild
43.Dirty Old Town
44.Office Cowboy (Pagode) 3:40
45.Pretty Face
46.The Whole Man
47.Lillies Of The Valley
48.Carnival Eyes (Mapeye) 4:04
49.Dirty Old Town (Mapeye) 4:12
50.Don't Want To Be Part Of Your World (Samba) 4:55
51.Good And Evil (Rumba, Llesa) 4:35
52.I Know Sometimes A Man Is Wrong 3:11
53.Independence Day (Cumba) 5:45
54.Lie To Me (Merengue) 3:40
55.Loco De Amor (Salsa, Reggae) 3:51
56.Make Believe Mambo (Orisa) 5:23
57.Marching Through The Wilderness (Charanga) 4:30
58.This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) - Live
59.I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Live)
60.This Must Be the Place
61.Like Humans
62.Like Humans Do (Los Amigos Invisibles Remix)
63.Everybody's Coming To My House
64.This Is That
65.Psycho Killer

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