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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Chris Rea
Chris Rea【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 249 首歌 】
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Santo Spirito Blues 英文
1.Never Tie Me Down
2.The Last Open Road
3.Electric Guitar
4.The Way She Moves (提供)
5.Dance With Me All Night Long
6.Think Like A Woman (提供)
7.You Got Lucky (提供)
8.Rock And Roll Tonight
9.Dancing My Blues Away
10.The Chance Of Love
11.Money (提供)
12.Lose My Heart In You
13.I Will Go On
Fool If You Think Its Over 英文
1.Fool(If You Think It's Over)
Blue Guitars 英文
1.Got To Be Moving
King of the Beach 英文
1.The Memory Of A Good Friend
2.Waiting For A Blue Sky
3.God Gave Me An Angel
4.The Bones Of Angels
The Blue Cafe 英文
1.As Long As I Have Your Love
2.Anyone Quite Like You
3.Stick By You
4.Where Do We Go From Here?
Espresso Logic 英文
1.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
2.Espresso Logic
3.God's Great Banana Skin
4.If You Were Me(Duet With Elton John)
5.Johnny Needs A Fast Car
7.Miles Is A Cigarette
9.She Closed Her Eyes
10.Soup Of The Day
11.Summer Love
God's Great Banana Skin 英文
1.90's Blues
2.Black Dog
3.Boom Boom
4.God's Great Banana Skin
5.I Ain't The Fool
6.I'm Ready
7.Miles Is A Cigarette
8.Nothing To Fear
9.Soft Top, Hard Shoulder
10.There She Goes
11.Too Much Pride
Auberge 英文
1.And You My Love
3.Every Second Counts
4.Gone Fishing
6.Looking For The Summer
7.Red Shoes
8.Set Me Free
9.Sing A Song Of Love To Me
10.The Mention Of Your Name
11.You're Not A Number
Road To Hell 英文
2.I Just Wanna Be With You
3.Looking For A Rainbow
4.Tell Me There's A Heaven
6.That's What They Always Say
7.The Road To Hell(Part 1)
8.The Road To Hell(Part 2)
9.You Must Be Evil
10.Your Warm And Tender Love
Dancing Shoes 英文
1.Ace Of Hearts
2.Dancing Shoes
3.Hello Friend
4.I Can Hear Your Heartbeat(1988)
5.It's All Gone
6.Midnight Blue
7.One Golden Rule
8.Shamrock Diaries
9.Steel River
Dancing With Strangers 英文
1.Curse Of The Traveller
2.Donahue's Broken Wheel (提供)
3.Gonna Buy A Hat
4.I Can't Dance To That
5.I Don't Care Anymore
6.Josie's Tune (提供)
7.Joys Of Christmas
8.Let's Dance
9.Loving You Again
10.Que Sera
11.September Blue(1987)
12.That Girl Of Mine
13.Windy Town
On The Beach 英文
1.Auf Immer Und Ewig
2.Bless Them All (提供)
3.Crack That Mould
6.Hello Friend
7.It's All Gone
8.Just Passing Through
9.Light Of Hope
10.Little Blonde Plaits
11.Lucky Day
12.On The Beach
13.Two Roads
Water Sign 英文
2.Deep Water
3.Hey You
4.I Can Hear Your Heartbeat(1983)
5.Let It Loose
6.Love's Strange Ways
7.Midnight Blue
8.Nothing's Happening By The Sea
9.Out Of The Darkness
Chris Rea 英文
1.Do It For Your Love
2.Do You Still Dream?
3.Every Beat Of My Heart
4.Goodbye Little Columbus
5.Guitar Street
6.I Just Wanna Be With You
7.If You Choose To Go
8.Loving You
9.One Sweet Tender Touch
11.When You Know Your Love Has Died
Tennis 英文
1.Dancing Girls
2.Distant Summers
3.Every Time I See You Smile
4.For Ever And Ever
5.Friends Across The Water (提供)
6.Good News
7.No Work Today (提供)
8.Only With You
9.Since I Don't See You Anymore
10.Stick It
11.Sweet Kiss
Deltics 英文
1.Dance! (Don't Think)2.Cenotaph/Letter from Amsterdam
Whatever Happened To Benny Santini 英文
1.Because Of You
2.Bows And Bangles
3.Dancing With Charlie
4.Fires Of Spring
5.Fool(If You Think It's Over)
6.Just One Of Those Days
7.Standing In Your Doorway
8.The Closer You Get
9.Three Angels
10.Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?
The Road To Hell: Part 2 英文
Dancing Down The Stony Road 英文
2.Ride On
3.So Lonely (提供)
4.Stony Road
5.Sun Is Rising
Blue Street (Five Guitars) 英文
1.Funk 48 (提供)2.Piano Break (提供)
暫存 英文
2.The Road To Hell (Part I)
3.The Road To Hell (Part Ii)
4.1975 (提供)
5.All Summer Long
6.And When She Smiles (提供)
8.Chisel Hill
9.Damielle's Breakfast (提供)
10.Danielle's Breakfast (提供)
11.Deltics (提供)
13.Don't Want Your Best Friend
14.Driving Home
15.Driving Home For Christmas
16.Footprints In The Snow
17.Footsteps In The Snow (提供)
18.From Love To Love
19.He Should Know Better
20.Hired Gun
21.Holding Out
22.I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It
23.If Anybody Asks You (提供)
24.I'm Taking The Day Out
25.I Saw You Coming
26.I Thought I Was Going To Lose You (提供)
27.Jordan 191 (提供)
29.Just Want To Be With You
30.Love Turns To Lies
31.Melancholy (提供)
32.New Way
33.No Qualifications
34.One Fine Day
35.Raincoat And A Rose
37.Ruby Blue
39.September Blue (1985)
40.Se Sequi (提供)
41.She Gave It Away
42.She's Gonna Change Everything
43.Shine, Shine, Shine
44.Sierra, Sierra
45.Six Up (提供)
47.Stainsby Girls
50.Teach Me To Dance
51.That's The Way It Goes
52.Theme From The Pantile Journals (提供)
53.The Things Lovers Should Do
54.The Van Stomp/glasgow Horizon (提供)
55.Three Little Green Candles (提供)
56.Touche D'amour
57.True To You
58.Twisted Wheel
59.We Don't Have Problem
61.Winter Song
62.Wired To The Moon
63.Working On It
64.Yes I Do
65.You Can Go Your Own Way
66.Road To Hell II
67.The Road to Hell, Pt. 2
68.I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
69.Sweet Summer Day
70.You My Love, And
71.The Road to Hell
72.The Blue Cafe
73.September Blue
74.Last Open Road
75.Good Morning
76.Evil No. 2
77.Coming Off The Ropes
78.Shirley Do You Own A Ferrari?
79.Only To Fly
80.Still Beautiful
81.Joy Of Christmas
82.King Of The Beach
83.Sail Away
84.'Disco' La Passione
85.If You Were Me
86.Girl In A Sports Car
87.Keep On Dancing
88.When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue
89.New Times Square
90.You Must Follow
91.Who Do You Love
93.Easy Rider

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