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Brooks & Dunn【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 228 首歌 】
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Number 1's... And Then Some 英文
1.Cowgirls Don't Cry
2.Honky Tonk Stomp
3.If You See Him/If You See Her
4.Indian Summer
5.The Long Goodbye
Red Dirt Road 英文
1.You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl
3.When We Were Kings
4.That's What She Gets For Loving Me
5.Red Dirt Road
6.Feels Good Don't It
7.I Used To Know This Song By Heart
9.Memory Town
10.She Was Born To Run
11.Till My Dyin' Day
12.My Baby's Everything I Love
13.Good Day To Be Me
14.Good Cowboy
15.Holy War
It Won't Be Christmas Without You 英文
1.Winter Wonderland
2.Hangin' 'Round the Mistletoe
3.Rockin' Little Christmas
4.Blue Christmas
5.The Christmas Song
6.Santa's Coming Over To Your House
7.I'll Be Home for Christmas
8.Who Says There Ain't No Santa
Steers And Stripes 英文
1.Only In America
2.The Last Thing I Do
3.The Long Good-bye
4.Go West
5.My Heart Is Lost To You
6.Good Girls Go To Heaven
7.When She's Gone, She's Gone
8.Ain't Nothing 'bout You
10.Deny, Deny, Deny
11.Lucky Me, Lonely You
12.I Fall
13.Every River
14.See Jane Dance
Tight Rope 英文
1.All Out Of Love
2.Beer Thirty
3.Can't Stop My Heart
4.Don't Look Back Now
5.Goin' Under Gettin' Over You
6.Hurt Train
7.Missing You
9.Texas And Norma Jean
10.The Trouble With Angels
11.Too Far This Time
12.You'll Always Be Loved By Me
Super Hits 英文
1.A Man This Lonely
2.Cool Drink Of Water
3.If That's The Way You Want It
4.I Can't Put Out This Fire
5.Neon Moon
6.Our Time Is Coming
7.Rock My World(Little Country Girl)
8.White Line Casanova
9.You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
If You See Her 英文
1.Born And Raised In Black And White
2.Brand New Whisky
3.How Long Gone
4.Husbands And Wives
5.If You See Him/if You Her(Brooks&Dunn&Reba)
6.I Can't Get Over You
7.South Of Santa Fe
8.Way Gone
9.When Love Dies
10.You're My Angel
11.Your Love Don't Take A Backseat To Nothing
Greatest Hits Collection 英文
1.Boot Scootin' Boogie
2.Brand New Man
3.Days Of Thunder
4.Hard Workin' Man
5.He's Got You
6.Honky Tonk Truth
7.Little Miss Honky Tonk
8.Lost And Found
9.Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing
10.My Maria
11.My Next Broken Heart
12.Neon Moon
13.Rock My World(Little Country Girl)
14.She's Not The Cheatin' Kind
15.She Used To Be Mine
16.That Ain't No Way To Go
17.We'll Burn That Bridge
18.Whiskey Under The Bridge
19.You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
Greatest Hits Collection 2 英文
1.It's Getting Better All the Time
Borderline 英文
1.A Man This Lonely
2.I Am That Man
3.Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing
4.More Than A Margarita
5.My Love Will Follow You
6.My Maria
7.One Heartache At A Time
8.Redneck Rhythm&Blues
9.Tequila Town
10.White Line Casanova
11.Why Would I Say Goodbye
Waitin' On Sundown 英文
1.A Few Good Rides Away
2.I'll Never Forgive My Heart
3.If That's The Way You Want It
4.Little Miss Honky Tonk
5.My Kind Of Crazy
6.She's Not The Cheatin' Kind
7.She's The Kind Of Trouble
8.Silver And Gold
9.Whiskey Under The Bridge
10.You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
Red Hot + Country 英文
1.Folsom Prison Blues
Mama's Hungry Eyes: A Tribute To Merle Haggard 英文
1.Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
8 Seconds 英文
1.Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em Low
Hard Workin' Man 英文
1.Boot Scootin' Boogie(Club Mix)
2.Hard Workin' Man
3.Heartbroke Out Of My Mind
4.I Can't Put Out This Fire
5.Mexican Minutes
6.Our Time Is Coming
7.Rock My World(Little Country Girl)
8.She Used To Be Mine
9.Texas Women(Don't Stay Lonely Long)
10.That Ain't No Way To Go
11.We'll Burn That Bridge
Brand New Man 英文
1.Boot Scootin' Boogie
2.Brand New Man
3.Cheating On The Blues
4.Cool Drink Of Water
5.I'm No Good
6.I've Got A Lot To Learn
7.Lost And Found
8.My Next Broken Heart
9.Neon Moon
10.Still In Love With You
Cowboy Town 英文
1.Cowboy Town
2.Proud Of The House We Built
3.Johnny Cash Junkie
4.Cowgirls Don't Cry
5.Put A Girl In It
6.The Ballad Of Jerry Jeff Walker
8.Drop In The Bucket
9.Drunk On Love
10.Chance Of A Lifetime
11.American Dreamer
12.God Must Be Busy
Playlist 英文
1.Best Of My Love
2.Against The Wind
3.I Ain't Living Long Like This
4.The Fightin Side Of Me (提供)
5.My Maria
6.Boot Scootin' Boogie
7.Lost and Found
8.Hard Workin' Man
9.That Ain't No Way to Go
10.You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
11.Ain't Nothing 'Bout You
12.My Heart Is Lost To You
13.Only In America
14.You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl
Hilbilly Deluxe 英文
暫存 英文
1.Ain't Nothin 'bout You
2.A Long Goodbye
3.I Love You More
4.Boot Scootin' Boggie
5.Brand New Whiskey
6.Borned And Raised In Black And White
7.It Won't Be Christmas Without You
8.Let's Go West
9.Straight Tequila Night
10.That's What It's All About
11.Play Something Country
12.Building Bridges
13.Hillbilly Deluxe
14.Proud Of The House We Built
15.Words Are Your Wheels
16.Put a Girl In It
17.If You See Him/If You See Her - With Reba
18.'When She's Gone, She's Gone'
19.'Lucky Me, Lonely You'
20.Little Country Girl
22.Corrina, Corrina
23.Rough Boy
24.The Long Goodbye / Go West
25.Over The Next Hill
26.She Likes To Get Out Of Town
27.If You See Her
28.South Of Sante Fe
29.'Deny, Deny, Deny'
30.Temptation No. 9
31.One More Roll Of The Dice
32.Whiskey Do My Talkin'
33.Ain Nothin Bout You
34.Her West Was Wilder
35.There Ain't Nothing About You
36.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
37.Just Another Neon Night
38.I May Never Get Over You
39.The Long Haul
40.Boot Scoot Boogie
41.White Christmas
42.Rock My World
43.My Heart's Not A Hotel
44.Hard Working Man
45.Independent Trucker
47.Texas Women
48.Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
49.She's About As Lonely As I'm Going To Let Her Get
50.Brooks & Dunn (09) Neon Moon.Mp3
51.She's Not The Cheating Kind
52.Cowgirls Don't Cry - Featuring Reba McEntire
53.Building Bridges (Guest Vocals By Sheryl Crow and Vince Gill)
54.Down by the River
55.The Last Thing I Do (Remix)
56.Every River (Remix)
57.Red Dirt Road (iTunes Originals Version)
58.Damn Right I'm Gonna Miss You (Bonus Track)
59.Red Dirt Road (Single Edit)
60.My Maria (extended remix)
61.Corine, Corina
62.Indian Summer (radio edit)

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