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Floyd Elliot Wray (born August 22, 1960) is an American country music singer, known professionally as Collin Raye, and previously as Bubba Wray. Under the latter name, he recorded as a member of the band The Wrays between 1983 and 1987. He made his solo debut in 1991 as Collin Raye with the album All I Can Be, which produced his first Number One hit in 'Love, Me'. All I Can Be was the first of four consecutive albums released by Raye to achieve platinum certification in the United States for sales of one million copies each. Raye maintained several Top Ten hits throughout the rest of the decade and into 2000. 2001's Can't Back Down was his first album that did not produce a Top 40 country hit, and he was dropped by his record label soon afterward. He did not record another studio album until 2005's Twenty Years and Change, released on an independent label.

Between 1991 and 2007, Raye charted 30 singles on the U.S. country charts; he has also charted twice on the Adult Contemporary format as a duet partner on two Jim Brickman songs. Four of Raye's singles have reached Number One on the Billboard country music charts: 1992's 'Love, Me' and 'In This Life', 1994's 'My Kind of Girl', and 1998's 'I Can Still Feel You'. He has also recorded a total of eleven studio albums, counting a Christmas album and a compilation of lullabies, in addition to releasing a Greatest Hits compilation, a live album, and a live CD/DVD package. His most recent album, Never Going Back, was released via Saguaro Road Records on April 28, 2009.
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Never Going Back 英文
1.Never Going Back
2.Take Care Of You
3.Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love
4.Without You
5.Mid-Life Chrysler
6.You Get Me
7.Where It Leads (提供)
8.The Cross
9.Stuck In The Middle With You
10.The Only Jesus
11.I Love You This Much
12.She's With Me
16 Biggest Hits 英文
1.Love, Me
2.In This Life
3.Somebody Else's Moon
4.That Was A River
5.That's My Story
6.Little Rock
7.My Kind Of Girl
8.If I Were You
9.One Boy, One Girl
10.Not That Different
11.I Think About You
12.On The Verge
13.What The Heart Wants
14.I Can Still Feel You
15.Someone You Used To Know
16.Couldn't Last A Moment
Super Hits 英文
1.Little Rock
2.In This Life
3.My Kind Of Girl
4.That Was A River
5.Not That Different
6.I Can Still Feel You
7.One Boy, One Girl
8.Couldn't Last A Moment
9.If I Were You
10.Love, Me
Can't Back Down 英文
1.Gypsy Honeymoon
2.It Could Be That Easy
3.Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me
4.What I Need
5.Dancing With No Music Playing
6.You Always Get To Me
7.End Of The World
8.One Desire
9.Young As We're Ever Gonna Be
10.Dear Life
11.What I Did For Love
12.I Can Let Go Now
Love Songs 英文
1.Love, Me
2.In This Life
3.Let It Be Me
4.The Gift
5.I Volunteer
6.That Was A River
7.All My Roads
9.Dreaming My Dreams With You
10.And I Love You So
Tracks 英文
1.She's All That
2.I Want To Be There
4.Couldn't Last A Moment
5.You Will Always Be Mine
6.A Long Way To Go
7.Harder Cards
8.Landing In Love
9.Loving This Way
10.You Still Take Me There
11.Water And Bridges
12.She's Gonna Fly
Counting Sheep 英文
1.Counting Sheep
2.I'm Gonna Love You
4.A Mother And Father's Prayer
5.When You Wish Upon A Star
6.Cool Cat
7.Too La Loo Ra Loo Ral
8.Hearts Are For When You Want To Love Someone
9.The Dream Song
10.When You Say Your Prayers
11.Stay Awake
The Walls Came Down 英文
1.Anyone Else
2.I Wish I Could
3.Start Over Georgia
4.I Can Still Feel You
5.Someone You Used To Know
6.Corner Of The Heart
7.All My Roads
8.The Walls Came Down
9.April Fool
10.Make Sure You've Got It All
12.Dark Secrets (提供)
13.The Eleventh Commandment
Direct Hits 英文
1.Little Rock
2.I Think About You
3.Not That Different
4.That's My Story
5.If I Were You
6.One Boy, One Girl
7.In This Life
8.My Kind Of Girl
9.That Was A River
10.What The Heart Wants
11.The Gift
12.Open Arms
13.Little Red Rodeo
14.Love, Me
Greatest Hits 英文
1.What The Heart Wants
Best Of Collin Raye: Direct Hits 英文
1.Little Red Rodeo2.Open Arms
The Gift 英文
1.The Christmas Song(Chestnut Roasting On An Open Fire)
2.I'll Be Home For Christmas
3.It Could Happen Again
4.The First Noel
5.Away In a Manger
6.White Christmas
7.Winter Wonderland
8.Angels We Have Heard On High
9.Little Drummer Boy
10.Silent Night
11.The First Noel
12.O Holy Night
I Think About You 英文
1.I Think About You
2.Not That Different
3.On The Verge
4.One Boy, One Girl
5.Sweet Miss Behavin'
6.Heart Full Of Rain
7.What If Jesus Comes Back Like That
8.The Time Machine
9.I Love Being Wrong
10.I Volunteer
11.Love Remains
Extremes 英文
1.That's My Story
2.Man Of My Word
3.My Kind Of Girl
4.Little Rock
5.A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home
6.Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure
7.If I Were You
8.To The Border And Beyond
9.Angel Of No Mercy
10.Dreaming My Dreams With You
In This Life 英文
1.What They Don't Know
2.In This Life
3.Big River
4.Somebody Else's Moon
5.You Can't Take It With You
6.That Was A River
7.I Want You Bad(And That Ain't Good)
8.Latter Day Cowboy
9.Many A Mile
10.Let It Be Me
All I Can Be 英文
1.All I Can Be(Is A Sweet Memory)
2.Every Second
3.Faithful Old Flame
4.Scuse Moi, My Heart
5.Any Old Stretch of Blacktop
6.Love, Me
7.Blue Magic
8.It Could've Been So Good
9.Sadly Ever After
10.If I Were You
Twenty Years And Change 英文
Selected Hits 英文
1.A Soldier's Prayer
2.That's My Story (And I'm Stickin' to It) (Live)
3.Little Rock (Live)
4.I Think About You (Live)
5.Love Me (Live)
His Love Remains 英文
1.Give Me Jesus
2.Love Remains
3.Amazing Grace
4.Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
5.I Am the Bread of Life
6.Were You There?
7.I Get What I Need
8.Here I Am, Lord
9.How Great Thou Art
Greatest Hits Live 英文
1.Little Red Rodeo (Live)
2.Love Remains (Live)
3.The Gift (Live)
4.My Kind Of Girl (Live)
5.She's With Me (Live)
6.On The Verge (Live)
7.That's My Story (Live)
8.I Get What I Need (Live)
9.In This Life (Live)
10.I Can Still Feel You (Live)
11.Undefeated (Live)
Fearless 英文
Everlasting 英文
1.Say Hello to Heaven
2.Same Old Lang Syne
3.How Am I Supposed to Live Without You
4.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
5.She's Got a Way
6.We're All Alone
8.Everything I Do I Do It for You
9.Against All Odds
10.How Deep Is Your Love
11.Love Song for a Vampire
Christmas-the Gift 英文
1.Angels We Have Heard On High
2.Away In A Manger
3.I'll Be Home For Christmas
4.It Could Happen Again
5.Little Drummer Boy
6.O Holy Night
7.Silent Night
8.The Christmas Song (提供)
9.The First Noel
10.The First Noel (instrumental Reprise) (提供)
11.White Christmas
12.Winter Wonderland
暫存 英文
1.All I Can Be
2.Dark Secrets (instrumental) (提供)
3.Young As We
4.Hurricane Jane
5.Dreaming My Dreams
6.It's Only Make Believe
7.Let Your Love Flow
8.Sweet Memory
9.If You Get There Before I Do
10.Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral (An Irish Lullaby)
11.Without You (Duet With Susan Ashton)
12.We'll Be Alright
13.You Must Not Be Drinking Enough
14.I Know That's Right
15.Twenty Years And Change
17.Butterfly Kisses
18.Holes In The Floor Of Heaven
19.Somewhere In My Broken Heart
20.The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - Live
21.O Holy Night - Live
22.The First Noel - Live
23.White Christmas - Live
24.Winter Wonderland - Live

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