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David Cassidy( 大衛·卡西迪 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 95 首歌 】
大衛·布魯斯·卡西迪(David Bruce Cassidy,1950年4月12日-2017年11月21日)是一名美國演員、歌手作曲家和樂隊吉他手。在1970年代憑藉熱門影集「歡樂滿人間」(The Partridge Family)走紅影視歌壇,促使他成為一個流行文化的青少年偶像,他之後專注在演戲與音樂上的表現。
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Daydreamer 英文
1.Could It Be Forever2.She Knows All About Boys
Then and Now 英文
1.I Think I Love You2.Its One Of Those Nights
Didn't You Use To Be David Cassidy 英文
1.For All The Lonely
2.I'll Never Stop Loving You
3.It's Over
4.Like Father, Like Son
5.One True Love
7.Somebody To Love
8.Soul Kiss
9.Tell Me True
10.Treat Me Like You Used To
Rock Me Baby 英文
1.Two Time Loser
When I'm a Rock & Roll Star 英文
1.On Fire
3.Breakin' Down Again
4.Take This Heart
6.I Write the Songs
The Higher They Climb, the Harder They Fall 英文
2.I Write the Songs
3.Fix of Your Love
4.Common Thief
5.Love in Bloom
I Think I Love You 英文
1.I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (Live)
2.I Write The Songs
3.Cherish (Live)
4.Rock Me Baby (Live)
5.Lyin' To Myself (Live)
6.Ain't No Sunshine (Live)
7.Daydreamer (Live)
8.I Write The Songs (Live)
9.I Am A Clown (Live)
10.I'll Meet You Halfway (Live)
David Cassidy 英文
1.All Because Of You
2.Livin' Without You
3.Stranger In Your Heart
4.You Remember Me
Cherish 英文
1.We Could Never Be Friends (Cause We've Been Lovers Too Long)
2.I Am a Clown
3.Where Is the Morning
4.My First Night Alone Without You
5.I Lost My Chance
6.Blind Hope
7.I Just Wanna Make You Happy
8.Being Together
9.Ricky's Tune (提供)
A Touch of Blue 英文
2.Walk Away Renee
3.Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
4.A Song for You
5.I Didn't Care
6.I Write the Songs
暫存 英文
1.Get It Up for Love (Live)
2.You Don't Have To Tell Me
3.Madonna - Human Nature
4.I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
5.C'mon Get Happy
6.Do You Believe in Magic
7.I Am A Clown
8.You Are Always On My Mind
9.How Can I Be Sure
10.If I Didn't Care
11.Rock Me Baby
12.No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross
13.Lyin' to Myself
14.Lying To Myself
15.I Woke Up In Love This Morning
16.Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
17.Some Kind Of A Summer
19.Please Please Me
20.Walking In The Rain
21.Labor Of Love
22.Boulevard Of Broken Hearts
23.Hi-Heel Sneakers
24.Message To The World
25.I Think I Love You (Made Famous by The Partridge Family) (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
26.Could It Be Forever (Remastered)
27.Some Kind of a Summer (Live)
28.Show and Tell
29.I Think I Love You (Reprise)
30.Come on Get Happy
31.The Last Kiss
32.It's One of Those Nights (Yes Love)
34.Boulevard of broken dreams
35.Looking Through the Eyes of Love
36.The Puppy Song
37.You Are the First One
38.Junked Heart Blues

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