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Michael Card( 邁克爾卡爾 )【 共收藏 25 張專輯, 275 首歌 】
邁克爾卡爾(生於1957年4月11日)是美國基督教創作歌手,音樂家,作家,以及田納西州富蘭克林的無線電主持人。 他以對當代基督教音樂的貢獻而聞名,這些音樂將民間風格的旋律和樂器與來自深入研究聖經的歌詞結合在一起。 自1981年首次亮相以來,他已經賣出了超過400萬張專輯,並且寫了19首單曲。 他還撰寫了多本書籍,其中包括金獎書籍獎得主A神聖悲傷。
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Icon 英文
1.El Shaddai
2.Come to the Table
3.Sleep Sound in Jesus (提供)
4.God's Own Fool
5.Known By The Scars
8.Celebrate the Child
9.Crown Him
10.How Long? (提供)
11.Joy in the Journey
Sleep Sound In Jesus 英文
1.Jesus Let Us Come to Know You
2.Shut Your Lamps (提供)
3.Sleep Sound In Jesus (提供)
4.He'll Wipe Away Your Tears (提供)
5.Even The Darkness Is Light To Him (提供)
6.Sweet Sleep Descends (提供)
7.Dreaming Jacob's Dream
8.Song of Jesus (提供)
9.Unseen Warriors
10.Wordless Ones (提供)
11.He Grants Sleep To Those He Loves (提供)
12.All You Are (提供)
13.Lullaby For The Unborn (提供)
14.Sleepy Eyes (提供)
15.Hold Me Gently (提供)
16.Barocha (提供)
17.What Is A Tear
The Life 英文
1.Carmen Christi
2.Celebrate The Child
3.Come To The Table
4.Cross Of Glory
5.Crown Him
6.Forgiving Eyes
7.God's Own Fool
8.He Was Heard
10.In The Garden
11.Joseph's Song
12.Known By The Scars
13.Meditation, Baptism
14.Overture Of The Trilogy
15.Ride On To Die
17.The Final Word
18.The Gentle Healer
19.The Lamb Is Lion
20.The Nazarene
21.The Promise
22.The Wedding
23.To The Mystery
24.Traitor's Look
25.What Will It Take
27.Jesus Let Us Come To Know You
28.Joy In The Journey
29.Spirit Of The Age
Unveiled Hope 英文
1.The Unveiling
2.To the Overcomers
3.Holy, Holy, Holy
4.You Are Worthy
6.The Song of the Lamb
7.The City of Doom
9.New Jerusalem
The Promise: A Celebration of Christ's Birth 英文
1.The Promise
2.Unto Us a Son is Given (提供)
3.What Her Heart Remembered
4.Joseph's Song
5.Vicit Agnus Noster
7.Shepherd's Watch
The Hidden Face of God 英文
1.Come Lift Up Your Sorrows
2.Older Than the Rain
3.Walk With Me, Lord
4.To a Broken God
5.I Will Not Walk Away
The Beginning 英文
1.The Beginning (Genesis)
2.Jubilee (Leviticus)
3.God Will Provide A Lamb (Abraham)
4.They Called Him Laughter (Isaac) (提供)
5.Asleep on Holy Ground (Israel) (提供)
Starkindler 英文
1.Be Thou My Vision
2.I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say / Blarney Pilgrim
3.Be Thou My Vision (reprise)
4.Holy God, We Priase Thy Name
5.Jesus, Lover of My Soul
6.The King of Love My Shepherd Is
7.Let All Things Now Living
8.I will Arise and Go to Jesus / Musical Priest
10.Holy God We Praise Thy Name
Soul Anchor 英文
1.A Violent Grace
2.A New and Living Way
3.He Was Heard
4.By Faith
5.Never Will I Leave You
6.Pilgrims to the City of God
7.Fellow Prisoners
8.Seventh Sunrise
Songs from the Book 英文
1.The Book (LP Version)
2.El Shaddai (LP Version)
3.The Book
Scribbling in the Sand 英文
1.Immanuel (feat. Steve Green) (提供)
2.Scribbling in the Sand
3.Grace be with you all
4.Sunrise of Your Smile
5.Love Crucified Arose
6.Things We Leave Behind
7.God's Own Fool
9.The Poem of Your Life (提供)
10.Know You in the Now
11.Soul Anchor
13.Joy in the Journey
Present Reality 英文
1.Could It Be
2.In Stillness And Simplicity
3.Know You In The Now
4.Live This Mystery
6.That's What Faith Must Be
Poiema 英文
1.The Basin And The Towel - Poiema Album Version
2.Bearers of the Light (提供)
3.Hope (提供)
4.The Edge (提供)
5.The Poem of Your Life (Reprise) (提供)
6.Lowden's Prayer (提供)
8.Earthly Perfect Harmony
9.The Basin and the Towel
10.Sunrise Of Your Smile - Poiema Album Version
11.Edge, The - Poiema Album Version
12.The Greening of Belfast (提供)
Matthew: The Penultimate Question 英文
1.This Is Who You Are
2.And Dreams
3.A Simple House in Galilee
4.His Humanity
5.The Gift to Believe
6.When Did We See You?
7.Go Find Out What This Means
8.Till We're All Free
Mark - the Beginning of the Gospel 英文
1.The Beginning of the Gospel
2.The Service of the sOD
3.The Stranger
4.At His Feet
5.You Walk in Lonely Places
6.In His Arms
7.The Paradigm
8.In Memory of Her Love
9.Is It All Over Now
Luke: A World Turned Upside Down 英文
1.A King In a Cattle Trough
2.Simeon's Song
4.Seven Endless Miles
Legacy 英文
1.Abba Father
3.El Shaddai
4.God Will Provide A Lamb
5.Livin' We Die
6.Love Crucified Arose
7.Now That I've Held Him In My Arms
8.Tell The World That Jesus Loves You
9.The Voice Of The Child
10.This Must Be The Lamb
John: The Misunderstood Messiah 英文
1.The Bread, The Light, The Life
2.Come and See
3.The One Who Was Sent
4.How Can These Things Be
5.All I've Ever Done
6.Come to Me and Drink
7.Jesus Wept
8.One Long Final Walk
Hymns 英文
1.Come, Thou Fount
2.Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
3.How Firm a Foundation
4.O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
5.Softly and Tenderly
6.On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand
7.Look, Ye Saints!
8.Praise to the Lord
First Light 英文
1.By Your Name
2.Don't You Know
3.Face The Light
4.Fan The Flame
5.Hound Of Heaven
6.I Have Decided
7.Jesus Loves Me(This I Know)
8.Light Of The World
9.No Rusty Swords
10.Stranger On The Shore
Close Your Eyes So You Can See 英文
1.When Jesus Was A Boy
2.Close Your Eyes
3.Talitha Koumi
4.Let The Children Come
5.Girl At The Gate
Brother to Brother 英文
1.One Faith (提供)
2.Live This Mystery
3.Healer of My Soul
4.The Mystery
6.The Final Word
7.The Word
8.Advent Suite
9.Immanuel / Behold Now the Kingdom
10.Glory to Thee (O God of Life)
11.Come Worship the Lord (Psalm 95)
12.Come to the Table
An Invitation To Awe 英文
1.They Called Him Laughter
2.The Way of Wisdom (Proverbs)
3.In the Wilderness
5.I Will Bring You Home
6.God Will Provide a Lamb
7.In The Beginning (提供)
8.Lift Up The Suffering Symbol
9.Meditation #3 Shema (提供)
10.Under The Sun
11.Job Suite
12.Arise My Love
13.My Shepherd
14.Search Me And Know Me
15.Meditation #4 Selah (提供)
16.The Prophet
17.Then They Will Know
18.Recapture Me
19.Song Of Gomer
20.Who Can Abide?
21.Valley Of Dry Bones
22.Why Will You Not Listen
23.The Kingdom
24.Malachi (提供)
A Fragile Stone 英文
1.A Fragile Stone
2.Sea of Souls
3.Living Stones
4.I Left Everything to Follow You
5.I Am Not Supposed to Be Here
6.Not That Kind of King
7.His Gaze
8.Walking on the Water
9.Mourning the Death of a Dream
暫存 英文
1.The Dragon
2.Known by the Scars
3.To The Mystery
4.Joy In the Journey
5.Morning Has Broken
6.Flesh Of His Flesh
7.Heal Our Land (Song for the National Day of Prayer)
8.The Beginning (The Beginning Album Version)
9.God's Own Fool (Scandalon Album Version)
10.Jacob's Star
11.Come to the Table (Joy In the Journey Version)
12.Search Me & Know Me
13.Distressing Disguise
14.Spirit Of The Age (The Final Word Album Version)
15.The Way Of Wisdom
16.The Nazarene (Scandalon Album Version)
17.Final Word
18.El Shaddai (Joy In the Journey Version)
19.Ride On to Die
20.Meditation / Baptism
21.My Help (Psalm 121)
22.What Child Is This
23.In the Garden
24.Cross of Glory
25.Will You Not Listen?
26.Crown Him (reprise)
27.Asleep in the Light
28.Arise, My Love (Song of Solomon)
29.El Shaddai - Joy In The Journey Album Version
30.So Many Books...
31.Jesus Loves Me (提供)
32.Tell the World That Jesus Loves You (reprise)
33.Joy In The Journey - The Final Word Album Version

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