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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手At The Gates
At The Gates【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 83 首歌 】
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At War With Reality 英文
1.El Altar Del Dios Desconocido
2.Death And The Labyrinth
3.At War With Reality
4.The Circular Ruins
5.Heroes And Tombs
6.The Conspiracy Of The Blind
7.Order From Chaos
8.The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)
9.The Head Of The Hydra
10.City Of Mirrors (提供)
11.Eater Of Gods
12.Upon Pillars Of Dust
13.The Night Eternal
Terminal Spirit Disease 英文
1.All Life Ends (Live) (5:16) (提供)
2.And The World Returned (提供)
3.And The World Returned (3:06) (提供)
4.Forever Blind
5.Forever Blind (3:58)
6.Kingdom Gone (Live) (5:02)
7.Terminal Spirit Disease
8.Terminal Spirit Disease (3:38)
9.The Beautiful Wound
10.The Beautiful Wound (3:52)
11.The Burning Darkness (Live) (2:15) (提供)
12.The Fevered Circle
13.The Swarm
14.The Swarm (3:28)
To Drink From the Night Itself 英文
1.The Chasm
2.In Death They Shall Burn
3.Seas of Starvation
4.A Labyrinth of Tombs
5.The Colours of the Beast
6.In Nameless Sleep
7.Daggers of Black Haze
8.Palace of Lepers
9.A Stare Bound in Stone
10.To Drink from the Night Itself
11.The Mirror Black
With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness 英文
1.Beyond Good And Evil
2.Blood Of The Sunsets
3.Ever-Opening Flower
5.Primal Breath
6.Raped By The Light Of Christ
8.The Architects
9.The Break Of Autumn
10.Through The Red
The Red In The Sky Is Ours 英文
1.City of screaming statues
2.Claws of laughter dead
3.Kingdom gone
5.Night comes, blood-black
6.The red in the sky is ours / the season to come
7.The scar
8.Through the gardens of grief
Slaughter Of The Soul 英文
1.Blinded By Fear
3.Into The Dead Sky (提供)
6.Slaughter Of The Soul
7.Suicide Nation
8.The Flames Of The End (提供)
9.Under A Serpent Sun
10.Unto Others
11.World Of Lies
Gardens Of Grief 英文
1.All Life Ends
2.At The Gates
3.City Of Screaming Statues
4.Souls Of The Evil Departed
暫存 英文
1.Through Gardens Of Grief
2.The Burning Darkness
3.The Dying
4.Captor Of Sin
5.Unto Others ('95 Demo version)
6.The Architects (demo)
7.Suicide Nation ('95 Demo version)
8.World Of Lies
9.Captor of Sin (Slayer Cover)
10.Need (Live)

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