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Big Country( 大鄉野樂團 )【 共收藏 24 張專輯, 259 首歌 】

樂隊的受歡迎程度在20世紀80年代早期至中期,雖然它在很多年後仍然保持著崇拜。 樂隊的音樂最能體現蘇格蘭民謠和軍樂風格的聲音,以及演奏和設計他們的吉他驅動聲音,以喚起風笛,小提琴和其他傳統民間樂器的靈感。
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Five Classic Albums 英文
1.In A Big Country
2.East Of Eden
4.Where The Rose Is Sown
5.Come Back to Me
6.Tall Ships Go
7.Girls with Grey Eyes (提供)
8.Rain Dance
9.The Great Divide
10.Flame Of The West
14.1000 Stars
15.The Storm
16.Harvest Home
17.Lost Patrol
18.Close Action
19.Fields Of Fire
20.Just a Shadow
The Journey 英文
1.Last Ship Sails
2.Another Country
4.Winter Fire
5.Hail and Farewell (提供)
7.In a Broken Promise Land
8.The Journey
9.After the Flood
10.Home of the Brave
11.Angels and Promises (提供)
12.Strong (All Through This Land)
Under Cover 英文
1.Cracked Actor2.Tracks Of My Tears
Driving To Damascus 英文
1.Your Spirit To Me
2.John Wayne's Dreams
3.Driving To Damascus
5.See You
Restless Natives 英文
1.Restless Natives
2.Over The Border
3.Not Waving But Drowning
4.On The Shore (提供)
5.Dead On Arrival (提供)
6.Pass Me By
7.Promised Land
8.Return Of The Two Headed King
9.World On Fire
10.I'm Only Waiting
11.Flag Of Nations (提供)
12.Kiss The Girl Goodbye
13.Song Of The South
14.Blue On A Green Planet
16.God's Great Mistake
17.The Longest Day
Why The Long Face 英文
1.Sail Into Nothing
The Buffalo Skinners 英文
3.The One I Love
4.Seen Waves
5.What Are You Working For
6.Lone Way Home
7.The Selling of America
8.We're Not in Kansas
9.All Go Together
10.Winding Wind
11.Pink Marshmallow Moon
12.Chester's Farm
Buffalo Skinners 英文
1.Buffalo Skinners
No Place Like Home 英文
1.Beat The Devil
2.Comes A Time
3.We're Not In Kansas
Peace In Our Time 英文
1.Peace in Our Time
Broken Heart Thirteen Valleys 英文
1.Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
2.Soapy Soutar Strikes Back (提供)
3.Made In Heaven
4.When A Drum Beats
The Seer 英文
3.One Great Thing
4.The Teacher
5.Look Away
6.The Seer
7.I Walk the Hill
8.Hold the Heart
9.Remembrance Day
10.Red Fox
The Crossing 英文
1.1000 Stars
3.Close Action
4.Fields Of Fire
5.Harvest Home
6.In A Big Country
8.Lost Patrol
10.The Storm
忙錄的土著與珍奇異獸 英文

1.All Fall Together
2.Over The Border
3.Made In Heaven
4.Not Waving But Drowning
5.On The Shore (提供)
7.Dead On Arrival (提供)
8.Pass Me By
9.Promised Land
10.Return Of The Two Headed (提供)
11.When A Drum Beats
12.World On Fire
13.Winter Sky
14.I'm Only Waiting
15.Flag Of Nations (提供)
16.Kiss The Girl Goodbye
17.Song Of The South
18.Blue On A Green Planet
20.God's Greatest Mistake (提供)
21.Restless Natives
22.The Longest Day
Without the Aid of a Safety Net 英文
1.Harvest Home (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
2.Alone (Live)
3.Long Way Home (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
4.What Are You Working Fo (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
5.We're Not In Kansas (Live)
6.All Go Together (Live)
7.Winter Sky (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
8.The Storm (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
9.Peace In Our Time (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
10.In a Big Country (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
11.Wonderland (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
12.Ships (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
13.Just a Shadow (Live) [2005 Remastered Version]
14.Hey Hey My My Out of the Blue [Into the Black] [Live]
Steeltown 英文
1.Flame of the West (2014 Remaster)
2.Just a Shadow (Radio Edit)
3.Where the Rose Is Sown (Radio Edit)
4.The Great Divide (2014 Remaster)
5.Rain Dance (2014 Remaster)
6.Girl With Grey Eyes (2014 Remaster)
7.Tall Ships Go (2014 Remaster)
8.Come Back To Me (2014 Remaster)
9.Steeltown (2014 Remaster)
10.East of Eden (2014 Remaster)
Steeltown Bsides 英文
1.Belief In The Small Man
2.Prairie Rose
3.Winter Sky
Rarities V 英文
1.Leap of Faith
2.The Hostage Speaks
3.Beat the Devil
4.You, Me and the Truth
5.We're Not in Kansas
No Place Like Home (Re-Presents) 英文
1.Soul On Fire (Demo)
2.You, Me and the Truth
3.Beat the Devil
4.The Hostage Speaks
5.Save Me (Radio Edit)
6.Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
7.Leap of Faith
8.Keep On Dreaming
9.Troubled Man
10.Celtic Dreams (Demo)
11.Beautiful People (Demo)
12.We're Not In Kansas (Demo)
13.Keep On Dreaming (Ca Va Studios Version)
14.Freedom Song (Demo)
15.Gypsy Girl (Demo)
16.We're Not In Kansas
In a Big Country and Other Hits (Live) 英文
1.Look a Way (Live)
2.Thirteen Valleys (Live)
3.Ships (Live)
4.Republican Party Reptile (Live)
Fields of Fire: The Ultimate Collection 英文
1.You Dreamer (live)
2.In a Big Country (Radio Edit)
3.Dive Into Me
4.Driving to Damascus
5.Look Away
6.Fields of Fire
8.Porroh Man (Live)
Crossing Bsides 英文
1.All Fall Together
2.All Of Us
3.Angle Park
5.Heart And Soul
6.The Crossing
7.The Tracks Of My Tears (Live)
At The BBC 英文
1.Look Away
2.Look Away (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1989)
3.Peace In Our Time (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1989)
4.River of Hope (Live From Soviet Embassy / 1988)
5.King of Emotion (Live from Soviet Embassy, 1988)
6.Thousand Yard Stare (Live From Soviet Embassy / 1988)
7.Broken Heart (13 Valleys) (Live from Soviet Embassy, 1988)
8.Inwards (Live At Wembley Stadium / 1984)
9.Porrohman (Live At Wembley Stadium / 1984)
10.In a Big Country (Live at Wembley Stadium, 1984)
11.Lost Patrol (Live At Wembley Stadium / 1984)
12.Wonderland (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
13.In a Big Country
14.Fields of Fire
16.Fields of Fire (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1989)
17.Tracks of My Tears (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
18.Restless Natives (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
19.East of Eden (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
20.Come Back To Me (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
21.The Seer (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
22.Just a Shadow (Live At Hammersmith Odeon / 1989)
23.The Storm (Live At Reading Festival / 1983)
24.Close Action (Live At Reading Festival / 1983)
25.Angle Park (live)
26.Balcony (live)
27.A Thousand Stars (live)
28.Heart of the World (live)
29.Harvest Home (Live at Reading Festival, 1983)
30.The Teacher (live)
31.I Walk the Hill (live)
32.Remembrance Day (live)
暫存 英文
2.Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) By Big Country
3.East of Eden
5.I Could Be Happy Here
6.In This Place
7.I'm Eighteen
8.Thousand Yard Stare
9.Where the Rose Is Sown
10.Save Me
11.Heart of the World
12.King Of Emotion
13.Pink Marshmallow Moon (Live)
14.The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
15.All Fall Together (Giant Remix)
16.Fields of Fire (400 Miles)
17.Big Yellow Taxi
18.Eleanor Rigby
19.Ruby Tuesday
20.Where the Rose Is Sown (Live)
21.Chance (live)
22.The Tracks Of My Tears - Live From Locarno Tiffany's, Glasgow /1983
23.John Wayne's Dream
24.Starred & Crossed
25.Restless Natives (Extended Version)
26.Angle Park (David Jensen Session, 1982)
27.1000 Stars (alternate version)
28.Home Came the Angels
29.Never Take Your Place (2005 Remaster)
30.Eastworld (2005 Remaster)
31.In the Big Country
32.You Dreamer (Live at Rotterdam Rotown, 28/08/95)
33.Don't Fear the Reaper (Live at Stirling, 29/04/94)
34.Rockin' in the Free World (Live at Stirling, 29/04/94)
35.Everything I Need (Live at Stirling, 29/04/94)
36.Chester's Farm (Live at Minneapolis 1st Ave., 06/11/93)
37.Send You (Live at Glasgow Tower Records, 23/06/95)
38.One in a Million (Live at Glasgow Tower Records, 23/06/95)

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