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Bananarama( 香蕉女郎 )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 243 首歌 】
Bananarama是1981年由朋友Sara Dallin,Siobhan Fahey和Keren Woodward在倫敦成立的英國女性流行音樂團體。他們在流行和舞蹈榜上的成功使他們在吉尼斯世界紀錄中成為世界上排名最多的全女性組合。除了他們的成功之外,他們也以他們的聲樂風格而聞名,一般都是一致唱歌,而不像大多數聲樂組合那樣和諧。

(1982),“真正的說出什麼”(1982),“害羞的男孩”(1982),“殘酷的夏天”(1983),“羅伯特·德尼羅的等待......“(1984)和”第一度的愛“(1987)。 1986年,他們獲得了美國排名第一的冠軍,並且獲得了英國十大熱門單曲之一的“金星”封面。總共他們有11首單曲到達美國Billboard Hot 100(1983-88),包括前十名中的兩首,有1984年的“Cruel Summer”和1987年的“我聽說過一個流言”。他們與MTV驅動的第二次英國入侵美國有關。 1984年,Bananarama在樂隊援助單曲中出現,“他們知道這是聖誕節嗎?”。他們的第四張專輯哇! (1987年),於1988年6月榮登澳大利亞ARIA專輯榜。他們還獲得了英國最佳單曲獎“提名一等獎”和英國最佳音樂錄影帶的英國獎提名,他們為1988年的The Supremes單曲“Nathan Jones”打了熱門單曲。

Fahey於1988年離開了該組,並組建了莎士比亞姐妹,這位英國最著名的球員是“Stay”。她被Jacquie O'Sullivan所取代,後者在該集團待了三年。這個陣容獲得了英國十大熱門單曲“我要你回來”(1988)和“幫助!” (1989年)。在O'Sullivan 1991年離職後,Dallin和Woodward繼續擔任Bananarama二重奏,包括“Movin'On”(1992)和“More,More,More”(1993)等單曲,並首次重返英國40強在12年中以單曲“我的方向移動”(2005)。在1982年至2009年間,他們有28個單曲進入英國單曲榜前50名。

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Megarama 英文
1.I Want You Back [Extended European Mix] (提供)
2.Only Your Love [Original 12 Mix] (提供)
3.Tripping On Your…
4.Nathan Jones [Alternative 12 Mix] (提供)
5.Movin' On [Thumpin' MixAlt. 12 Mix] (提供)
6.Love In The First Degree [Eurobeat Style] (提供)
7.Shy Boy ['88 Remix] (提供)
8.Venus [Hellfire Mix]
9.I Heard A Rumour [Miami Mix] (提供)
10.Long Train Running [Pacha Mix] (提供)
11.Only Your Love [Youth & Thrash On The Mix] (提供)
12.A Trick Of The Night [Tricky Mix] (提供)
13.Ready Or Not [Jolley & Swain 12 Mix] (提供)
14.Nathan Jones [Psycho Mix] (提供)
15.Strike It Rich [Dub] (提供)
16.More, More, More [I Can't Techno More Mix] (提供)
17.Love, Truth & Honesty [Hot Power Mix] (提供)
18.I Heard A Rumour [Wacky Vocal Dub] (提供)
19.Love, Truth & Honesty [Dance Hall Version] (提供)
20.Nathan Jones [Extended Version]
21.Preacher Man [Shep's Club Mix] (提供)
22.Venus [The Greatest Remix] (提供)
23.Tripping On Your Love [The Sturm Mix] (提供)
24.Love In The First Degree [House Dub] (提供)
25.Movin' On [Snappin' Mix] (提供)
26.Help! [Extended Version] –
27.Megarama '89 [Dimitri's Full Length Version] (提供)
28.Nathan Jones [Dave Ford Mix] (提供)
29.Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him…)[Alternative 12 Mix] (提供)
30.Cruel Summer [Digital Mix] (提供)
31.Venus [Original 12 Mix] (提供)
32.More Than Physical [Original 12 Mix] (提供)
33.A Trick Of The Night [Tuesday Mix] (提供)
34.Love, Truth & Honesty [Balearacidic Mix] (提供)
Bananarama 英文
1.Through a Child's Eyes2.Link
Viva 英文
1.Love Comes
2.The Runner
4.Love Don't Live Here
7.Tell Me Tomorrow
9.Dum Dum Boy
10.S-S-S-Single Bed
11.We've Got The Night
12.The Sound Of Silence
13.Run To You
14.Voyage Voyage
15.Tokyo Joe
Pop Life 英文
1.I Can't Let You Go
2.Long Train Running
4.Tripping On Your Love
Please Yourself 英文
1.You're Never Satisfied
2.Movin' On (7' Mix)
3.Give It All Up for Love
4.Only Time Will Tell
5.Is She Good to You
6.I Could Be Persuaded
7.You'll Never Know What It Means
8.Let Me Love You One More Time
Really Saying Something 英文
1.Really Saying Something
2.Cut Above the Rest
3.Love, Truth And Honesty
4.Is Your Love Strong Enough
Drama 英文
1.Feel for You
2.Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)
5.Move in My Direction
6.Don't Step on My Groove
7.Middle of Nowhere
8.I Love the Way
10.Rules of Attraction
11.Your Love Is Like a Drug
12.Venus (Marc Almond's Hi-NRG Showgirls Mix)
13.Really Saying Something (Solasso Mix)
Wow! 英文
1.Love In the First Degree
2.Once In a Lifetime
3.Strike It Rich (12' Version)
4.Clean Cut Boy (Party Size) (提供)
True Confessions 英文
1.In a Perfect World
2.More Than Physical
3.Hooked On Love
4.Dance With a Stranger
5.Trick Of The Night
6.Riskin' A Romance
Deep Sea Skiving 英文
1.Shy Boy
2.Boy Trouble
3.He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'
4.Girl About Town
Exotica 英文
1.Cruel Summer
3.I Heard a Rumour
5.Careless Whisper
6.Robert De Niro's Waiting
9.What You Gonna Do
12.Got a Thing for You
Ultra Violet 英文
1.Maybe the Next Time
3.I Found Love
4.Every Shade Of Blue
5.Rhythm Of Life
6.Prove Your Love
7.Take Me To Your Heart
8.Take Me Away
9.Don't Stop Me Now
10.Give In To Me
11.Time Out
12.You've Really Got Something
自娛 英文

1.Movin' On
2.Last Thing On My Mind
3.Let Me Love You One
4.More More More
5.Is She Good To You
6.Only. (提供)
7.Give It All Up For Love
8.You'll Never Know What It Means
9.You're Never Satisfied
10.I Could Be Persuade
精選輯 英文

2.I Heard A Rumour
3.Love In The First Degree
4.I Can't Help It
6.Love Truth And Honesty
7.Nathan Jones
9.Really Saying Something
10.Shy Boy
11.Robert De Niro's Waiting
12.Cruel Summer
13.It Ain't What You Do
14.Na Na Hey Hey
15.Rough Justice
16.A Trick of the Night
17.Aie A Mwana(The Following Is A Phonetic Transcript Of The Orig)
19.Love In The First Degree
最Hito精選輯 英文

1.Love In The First Degree
2.Bad For Me
3.I Heard A Rumour
4.Ain't No Cure
5.I Can't Let You Go
6.Hooked On Love
7.Young At Heart
8.Robert De Niro's Waiting
9.Hot Line To Heaven
10.Dance With A Stranger
13.Rough Justice
14.Cheers Then
我發現愛 英文

1.I Found Love Roxi Mix (提供)
2.Every Shade Of Blue
3.Rhythm Of Life
4.Take Me To Your Heart
5.Prove You Love
6.Take Me Away
8.Maybe The Next Time
9.You've Really Got Something
10.Time Out
11.Dont Stop Me Now
12.Give In To Me
13.I Found Love Original Ver (提供)
The Greatest Hits Collection 英文
Is Harry On The Boat? OST 英文
1.Love, Leave, Forget
Bunch Of Hits 英文
暫存 英文
1.One In A Million
2.Don't Throw It All Away
3.Do They Know It's Christmas ?
4.Nothing Lasts Forever
5.Solid Gold Easy Action
6.The 'Funrama' Theme (提供)
7.Wake Up And Love Me
8.You Give Love A Bad Name
9.Your Love It Tastes So Sweet
10.Here Comes The Rain
12.Aie A Mwana
13.Come Back
14.Ecstasy (提供)
16.Wish You Were Here
17.Preacher Man (Ramabanana Alternative Mix)
18.King of the Jungle
19.Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
20.Wish You Were Hear
21.Hey Young London
22.What Colour R The Skies Where U Live
23.Last Thing On My Mind (7' Mix)
24.Doctor Love
25.State I'm In
26.Do Not Disturb
27.Ready or Not
29.Preacher Man (7' Mix)
30.Preacher Man
31.True Confessions
32.The Wild Life
33.I Heard A Rumor
34.Only Your Love
35.Dream Baby
36.Some Girls (12' Version)
37.Outta Sight
38.Promised Land
39.Rough Justice
40.Long Train Running [7-inch version]
41.Cruel Summer (Remastered Version)
42.Venus (Mix Version)
43.Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good)
44.Tempus Fugit Mix (Medley of 'Venus'/'I Heard a Rumour'/'Love In the First Degree')
45.More Than Physical (single version)
46.Look On the Floor
47.Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango) (Solasso remix)
48.Move In My Direction (Angel City Radio edit)
49.Robert De Niro's Waiting (special disco mix)
50.Baby It's Christmas
51.Love Comes (radio edit)
52.Look On the Floor (Hypnotic Tango) (Angel City Extended Mix)
53.I Heard a Rumour (Horoscope Mix) [So80s FormelEinsEdit]
54.Love Truth and Honesty (in the Style of Bananarama)
55.Venus (in the Style of Bananarama)
56.Take Me to Your Heart (Tony de Vit Radio Edit)
57.Maybe Next Time
58.Really Sayin' Something (with Fun Boy Three)
59.Love Is First Degree
60.Love In The First Degree (Razormaid!)
61.Venus (extended version)
62.White Train
63.Cruel Sommer
64.I Want You Back - Single Version
65.Mr Sleaze
66.Strike It Rich

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