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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Neil Sedaka( 尼爾·薩達卡 )
Neil Sedaka( 尼爾·薩達卡 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 236 首歌 】
尼爾·薩達卡(Neil Sedaka, 1939年3月13日-)又譯「尼爾·西達卡」、「尼爾·沙達卡」,是美國著名流行歌手、鋼琴家和詞曲作者。

在華語地區最為人熟悉的是他1959年演唱的'Oh! Carol'、'One Way Ticket'、1960年演唱的'Calendar Girl',以及1961年演唱的'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen'。



1959 Rock with Sedaka
1961 Circulate
1972 Emergence
1972 Solitaire
1975 Sedaka's Back
1975 The Hungry Years
1976 Sedaka Live in Australia at the South Sydney Junior Leagues Club
1976 Steppin' Out
1977 A Song
1977 Neil Sedaka and Songs
1980 In the Pocket
1981 Now
1983 Come See About Me
1995 Classically Sedaka
1997 Tales of Love and Other Passions
2000 Singer and His Songs
2006 The Miracle of Christmas
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Hits Around the World 英文
1.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
2.King of Clowns
3.Next Door to an Angel
4.A Felicidade
5.No Me Mientas Mu00e1s [Don't Lead Me On] (提供)
6.Es Difu00edcil Decil Adiu00f3s [Breaking Up Is Hard To Do] (提供)
7.Pasaje De Ida [One Way Ticket] (提供)
8.Chica De Calendario [Calendar Girl] (提供)
9.Recuerdos De Ipacarau00ed (提供)
10.Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
11.Calendar Girl
12.The Diary
14.I Go Ape
15.One-Way Ticket (To the Blues)
16.Stupid Cupid
17.Run Samson Run
18.Stairway to Heaven
19.Little Devil
20.Feliz Cumpleau00f1os, Dulces Diecisu00e9is [Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen] (提供)
Music Of My Life 英文
1.The Music Of My Life
2.I Keep Searching
4.Won't You Share This Dream Of Mine
5.How Can I Change Your Mind
6.Bringing Me Back To Life
7.Do You Remember?
8.A Fool In Love (提供)
9.Living In A Fantasy
10.Right Or Wrong
11.I Got To Believe In Me Again
Waking Up Is Hard To Do 英文
1.Waking Up Is Hard To Do
2.Dinosaur Pet
3.Where The Toys Are
4.Lunch Will Keep Us Together
5.Happy Birthday Number Three
6.Rubber Duckie
7.Is This The Way To Cross The Street?
8.I Go Ape
9.Baby's First Christmas Lullaby
10.Laughter In The Rain
11.Little Devil
The Definitive Collection 英文
1.What A Surprise
2.Junkie For Your Love (提供)
3.Been There Done That
4.Where The Boys Are
5.It Hurts To Be In Love
7.Love Will Keep Us Together
8.The Hungry Years
9.Rainy Day Bells
10.Going Nowhere
12.Stairway to Heaven
Master Hits 英文
1.Next Door To An Anger
2.Oh Carol
3.King Of Clowns
4.Stairway To Heaven
5.Run Samson Run
6.Calendar Girl
7.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
8.The Diary
9.Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
10.Little Devil
11.Sweet Little You
12.You Mean Everything To Me
The Very Best of Neil Sedaka (Remastered) 英文
1.You're Knockin' Me Out (Remastered)
2.All the Way (Remastered)
3.Everything Happens to Me (Remastered)
4.Smile (Remastered) (提供)
5.Sweet Little You (Remastered)
6.Bess, You Is My Woman Now (Remastered)
7.Another Sleepless Night (Remastered)
8.You Took Advantage of Me (Remastered)
9.I Waited Too Long (Remastered)
10.Forty Winks Away (Remastered)
11.Angel Eyes (Remastered)
12.One Way Ticket (To the Blues) (Remastered)
The Real... Neil Sedaka 英文
1.I'll Be Seeing You
2.Smile (提供)
3.All the Way
4.Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Remastered
5.Let's Go Steady Again - Remastered
6.One Way Ticket (To the Blues)
Oh Carol: The Complete Recordings 1956-1966 英文
1.Fly Don't Fly on Me
2.You Mean Everything to Me (Hebrew)
3.You're Knockin' Me Out
4.Snow Time
5.Don't Lead Me On
6.Wait 'til You See My Baby
7.I'll Be Seeing You
8.Smile (提供)
9.All the Way
10.Calendar Girl
11.Oh Carol
12.You Mean Everything to Me
13.One Way Ticket (To the Blues)
14.Feliz Cumpleanos, Dulces Dieciseis
15.Hallelujah I Love Her So
16.Blue Boy (提供)
17.Oh Carol (Mono)
18.No Vacancy
19.All I Need Is You
20.Moon of Gold
21.I Belong to You
22.You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm and Blues
23.Crying My Heart Out for You
24.I Waited Too Long
25.Bess, You Is My Woman Now
27.Angel Eyes
28.The Same Old Fool
29.Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Neil Sedaka: The Best Of 英文
1.King of Clowns (Remastered 1992)
2.Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (2001 Remastered)
3.Little Devil (Remastered 1992)
4.I Go Ape (2001 Remastered)
5.Stairway to Heaven (Remastered 1992)
6.The Diary (2001 Remastered)
7.You Mean Everything to Me
8.One Way Ticket (To the Blues)
9.Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
Miracle Of Christmas 英文
1.Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow
2.The First Noel
3.The Christmas Song
4.O Come All Ye Faithful
5.Silent Night
6.Winter Wonderland
7.O Holy Night (提供)
8.White Christmas
9.What Child Is This?
10.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Legends Gold Collection (Remastered) 英文
1.All the Way (Remastered)
2.Moon of Gold (Remastered)
3.The Same Old Fool (Remastered)
4.You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm and Blues (Remastered)
5.Calender Girl (Remastered)
6.Going Home to Mary Lou (Remastered)
7.The Girl for Me (Remastered)
8.Crying My Heart Out for You (Remastered)
9.I Found My World in You (Remastered)
10.Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Remastered)
11.Look to the Rainbow (Remastered)
12.I Belong to You (Remastered)
13.All I Need Is You (Remastered)
14.Smile (Remastered) (提供)
15.We Kiss in a Shadow (Remastered)
16.Stupid Cupid (Remastered)
17.I Must Be Dreaming (Remastered)
18.You're Knocking Me Out (Remastered)
19.Circulate (Remastered)
20.Everything Happens to Me (Remastered)
21.No Vacancy (Remastered)
22.While I Dream (Remastered)
23.One Way Ticket to the Blues (Remastered)
Collections: Neil Sedaka 英文
1.Next Door to an Angel (2001 Remastered)
2.Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen (2001 Remastered)
3.Stairway to Heaven (2001 Remastered)
4.Bad Girl
5.You Mean Everything to Me
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 英文
1.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
All Time Greatest Hits 英文
1.Calendar Girl
All Time Greatest Hits Ii 英文
1.The Diary
暫存 英文
1.Turning Back The Hands Of Time
2.Bad And Beautiful
3.Should've Never Let You Go
5.The World Through A Tear
6.Should Have Never Let You Go
7.Alice in Wonderland
8.A Little Lovin'
9.Bad Blood
10.Let's Go Steady Again
11.Love in the Shadows
12.My World Keeps Getting Smaller Every Day (Live)
13.The Immigrant
14.That's When the Music Takes Me
15.I Found My World In You
16.We Kiss in a Shadow
17.Another Sleepless Night
18.As Long As I Live (Remastered)
19.Time Marches On
20.Pray For Rain
21.Lunch Will Keep Up Together
22.Cardboard California
23.I Must Be Dreaming
24.The Other Side of Me
26.Because of You
27.Our Last Song Together
28.When You're Gone
29.The Queen of 1964
30.Steppin' Out
31.Standing on the Inside
32.Is Anyone Gonna Miss You
33.Tied To Each Other
34.One More Ride On The Merry Go Round
35.One Way Ticket
36.Calendar Girl - 1961
37.Laughter In Rain
39.Dimbo Man
40.Trying to Say Goodbye
41.Run Samson Run (Remastered 2001)
42.You Mean Everything to Me (Remastered 1992)
43.Proud Mary
44.The Inmigrant
45.Happy New Year Baby
46.Happy Birthday Sweet 16 (Live)
47.Calendar Girl (Remastered 1992)
48.Oh Carol (1959)
49.You Mean Everything to Me (1960)
50.Hey Little Devil
51.I'm a Song
52.Run Sampson Run
53.Breaking Up This Hard to Do
54.Come See About Me
55.Stagger Lee
56.Calendar Girls (Remastered)
57.O Carol
58.Laughter In The Rain (Live)
59.Beautiful You
60.Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
61.Betty Grable (Live)
62.Baby Blue
63.Goodman Goodbye
64.You Gotta Make Your Own Sunshine
65.#1 With a Heartache
66.Sad Eyes
67.You Never Done It Like That
68.Calender Girl
69.God Bless Joanna
70.Little Song
71.Is Anybody Gonna Miss You
72.Solitaire (Live)
73.Wish I Was a Carousel

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