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Lil' Kim( 莉兒金 )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 184 首歌 】
Kimberly Denise Jones(1974年7月11日 - )是一位說唱歌手,作曲家,音樂製作人,模特兒製作人,美國女演員,以Lil'Kim的藝術名稱而聞名。在紐約市的布魯克林區出生長大,被驅趕出屋後,我在街上的大街上度過了很多生命。在她的少年中,她的自由式說唱受到女演員,歌手戴安娜·羅斯,嘻哈藝術家MC Light(英文版)和憤怒之女的影響。參加了由臭名昭著的B.I.G.組建的初級黑手黨,並於1995年發行了他的首張專輯“陰謀(英文版)”。我們創造了兩個單打,這將是Billboard Hot 100的前20名。
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If You Love Me (Single) 英文
1.If You Love Me
I Am Not The One (Single) 英文
1.I Am Not The One
La Bella Mafia(黑寡婦) 英文
1.Can't Fuck With Queen Bee
2.This Is Who I Am
3.The Jump Off
4.This Is A Warning
5.Can You Hear Me Now?
6.Magic Stick
7.Get In Touch With Us
8.Tha Beehive
9.Came Back For You
The Notorious Kim 英文
1.Lil's Drummer Boy
2.Custom Made(Give It To You)
3.Who's Number One? You Can't Win
4.Suck My Dick
5.Single Black Female
7.How Many Licks
8.Notorious K.I.M.
9.No Matter What They Say
10.She Don't Love You
11.Queen Bitch Pt. II
12.Don't Mess With Me
13.Do What You Like
14.Off the Wall
15.Do What You Like
16.Aunt Dot
17.Hold On
18.I'm Human
Hard Core 英文
Big Beat
1.Intro In A-Minor
2.Big Momma Thang
3.No Time
4.Spend a Little Doe
5.Take It!
6.Crush On You
9.Queen Bitch
11.M.A.F.I.A. Land
12.We Don't Need It
13.Not Tonight
14.Player Haters
15.Fuck You
No Matter What They Say 英文
1.No Matter What They Say(Radio Edit)
2.No Matter What They Say
3.No Matter What They Say(Instrumental)
4.No Matter What They Say(A Capella)
暫存1 英文
2.Back Stabbers
3.Big Momma Thang('Remix')
4.Call Me
5.Freaky Gurl (Remix)
6.Da Butta
8.Don't Stop What You're Doing
9.Float On(Bad Boy Remix)
11.Gangsta Shit
12.Get Money
13.Get Naked
14.Gettin Money(Get Money Remix)
15.Give It Up
16.Hit Em Wit Da Hee
17.Cha Cha Cha
18.I Can Love You
19.I Know What Girls Like
20.I Need You Tonight
21.It's All About The Benjamins(Remix)
22.Just Like Me
23.Kim Freestyle
24.Ladies Night(Not Tonight Remix)
25.Money Talks
26.Money, Power, Respect
27.No One Else(Puff Daddy Remix)
28.Nobody Do It Better Than Us
29.Not Tonight(Remix)
30.Play Around
31.Player's Anthem
32.Quiet Storm Remix
33.Real Niggas
34.The Only One
35.The Queen
36.Time To Shine
37.Will They Die 4 You?
38.You Get Dealt Wit
39.What's The Word
40.What's The Word Remix
41.In The Air Tonight
42.Lady Marmalade (featuring Christina Aguilera, Mya,
43.Warning (Pissin On 'Em)
44.I Know It Hurts (Aunt Dot)
45.Queen Bitch II
46.Doing It Way Big
47.Hold It Now
48.The Beehive
49.Can't F**k With Queen Bee
50.Crush On You (in album hardcore)
51.Gone Delirious
52.Heavenly Father
53.Hollyhood Skit
54.In The Air Tonite
55.Lady Marmalade
56.Shake Ya Body
57.Shake Ya Bum Bum
58.Thug Luv
59.Time To Rock 'n' Roll
60.Who's Number One? (You Can't Win)
61.Black Friday
62.Hold It Now'(feat. Havoc
63.Can't Fuck With Queen Bee'(feat. Governor & Shelene Thomas w/ Full Force
64.Shake Ya Bum Bum'(feat. Lil' Shanice)
65.This Is Who I Am'(feat. Swizz Beatz & Mashonda
66.Thug Luv'(feat. Twista
67.Magic Stick'(feat. 50 Cent
68.Get In Touch With Us'(feat. Styles P
69.Heavenly Father'(feat. 'Big Hill'
70.Tha Beehive'(feat. Reeks, Bunky S.A., Vee of The Advocates
71.The Jump Off (Remix)'(feat. Mobb Deep, Mr. Cheeks)
72.When Kim Say Can You Hear Me Now?
73.Queen Bitch, Pt. 2
75.Queen Bitch Pt. 2 (Featuring Puff Daddy)
76.Notorious Kim
77.Tha Beehive - Featuring Reeks, Bunky S.A., Vee & Saint From The Advakids
78.Shake Ya Bum
79.Magic Stick (Ft. 50 Cent)
80.We Dont Give A Fuck
81.Off The Wall (Featuring Lil' Cease)
82.Do What You Like (Featuring Junior M.A.F.I.A.)
83.Big Momma Thing (Featuring Jay-Z)
84.Thug Luv (featuringTwista)
85.Lil' Drummer Boy (Featuring Cee-Lo Of Goodie Mob & Redman)
86.All Good
89.Kitty Box
90.Don't Want Dick Tonight (Eat My Pussy Right)
91.Magic Stick (Featuring 50 Cent)
92.I Know You See Me
94.Crush On You (Remix)
95.**** You
96.I Came Back For You
97.Chillin' Tonite
98.Kimme More
暫存 英文
1.Spell Check
2.No Time For Fake Ones
4.Shut Up Chick
5.Who's Number One
6.Single Black Female (Featuring Mario Yellowman Winans)
7.Right Now (Featuring Carl Thomas)
8.Not Toinight
9.Can You Hear Me Now? (When Kim Say) - (Featuring Missy Elliot)
10.Revolution (Featuring Grace Jones)
11.Queen Bitch (Featuring Lil Kim)
12.'Suck My Dick' By Lil Kim
13.Get Yours
15.Lighters Up
16.Shut Up Bitch
17.How Many Licks (Featuring Sisqo)
18.Put Your Lighters Up
19.The Jump Off (Featuring Mr.Cheeks)
20.This Is Who I Am (Featuring Swizz Beatz/Mashonda)
22.Magic (提供)
23.Last Day
25.I Get It
26.Gimme That
27.Clap Clap
28.Queen Bitch 101
29.Lil' Drummer Boy
30.Right Now
31.You Can't Win
32.Aunt Dot (Featuring Lil' Shanice)
34.How Many Licks (Remix)
35.When Kim Say, Can You Hear Me Now?
36.Jump Off
38.Hold It Now (feat. Havoc) - w/radio interlude

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