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K-Ci & JoJo( K-Ci & Jo Jo )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 114 首歌 】
K-Ci&JoJo是美國R&B二人組合,由Cedric'K-Ci'Hailey兄弟(1969年9月2日出生)和Joel'JoJo'Hailey兄弟(1972年6月10日出生)組成。 北卡羅萊納州Monroe的當地人,他們也是德圖萊特兄弟Donald(更為人稱之為DeVante Swing)和達爾文(Danvin)的R&B組合Jodeci的主唱。

90年代叱吒R&B界當紅樂團Jodeci(喬戴西),在91-95年間以「Forever My Lady」、「Diary Of A Mad Band」、「The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel」三張縱橫流行專輯榜Top 10與節奏藍調Hip-Hop專輯榜冠軍的作品,及Stay、Lately、Cry For You 等數首排行冠軍單曲與另一支黑人美聲樂團Boyz II Men(大人小孩雙拍檔)分庭抗禮。

之後,其中雙胞胎兄弟檔團員K-Ci & Jojo(凱西與巧巧)單飛發行專輯,並創下兩張白金專輯及All My Life冠軍曲。接著另兩位兄弟檔Dalvin & DeVante DeGrate也推出專輯;讓喜愛Jodeci的樂迷重溫其音樂精神。

出身自Jodeci(喬戴西合唱團),步入樂壇已十年的K-Ci & JoJo(凱西與巧巧二重唱)1997年曾以一首All My Life拿下美國Billboard單曲榜冠軍、亞軍曲Tell Me It's Real也深獲肯定,儘管脫胎於Hip-Hop世代,K-Ci的歌聲與音樂喜好卻都深受傳統靈魂樂的啟蒙。K-Ci & JoJo(凱西與巧巧)為賣座電影「留住最後一支舞」原聲帶作的單曲Crazy,也寫下Billboard流行單曲榜第十一名的佳績。
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My Brother's Keeper 英文
1.Back Again (提供)
2.Knock It Off
3.Middle Of The Night
4.My Brothers Keeper
5.Say Hello To Goodbye
6.Somebody Please
7.What Goes Around
8.Show & Prove (提供)
9.Don't Ask, Don't Tell
10.Happily Ever After
11.Lay You Down
12.Now That It's Over (提供)
Love 英文
1.I Just Wanna Be With You
2.Tsubomi (提供)
3.I Believe (提供)
4.Every Time I Close My Eyes (提供)
5.Winter Song
6.Hitori (提供)
8.Keep Holding U (提供)
9.What I Wanted The Most (提供)
10.Snow Flowers (提供)
11.Take A Chance On Love (提供)
12.Baby I (提供)
13.I Just Wanna Be With You (Acoustic Version)
14.Winter Song (Acoustic Version) (提供)
X 英文
1.All The Things I Should've Known
2.If It's Going To Work
3.One Last Time
4.Thug in Me, Thug in You
5.Honest Lover
7.Wanna Do You Right
9.Slip And Fall
10.Ooh Yeah
11.I Can't Find The Words
12.Game Face
13.Get Back
14.Something Inside Of Me
It's Real 英文
2.Fee Fie Foe Fum
3.I Wanna Make Love To You
4.I Wanna Get To Know You
5.Hello Darlin'
6.How Long Must I Cry
7.Makin Me Say Goodbye
8.Tell Me It's Real
11.What Am I Gonna Do
12.Here He Comes Again
13.Momma's Song
Love Always 英文
2.Last Night's Letter
3.Baby Come Back
4.Just For Your Love
5.Now and Forever
6.Don't Rush(Take Love Slowly)
7.You Bring Me Up
8.Still Waiting
9.Love Ballad
10.How Many Times(Will You Let Him Break Your Heart)
11.All My Life
12.How Could You
How Could You 英文
1.How Could You (International edit)
2.Last Night's Letter (So So Def remix)
3.You Bring Me Up (Midnight mix)
4.All My Life (Wedding remix)
Emotional 英文
1.Down For Life
暫存 英文
1.Never Say Never Again
3.It's Me
4.What I Am Gonna Do
5.Thug N U Thug N Me'(feat. Tupac)
6.This Very Moment
7.Angel From Above
8.I Don't Mind
9.I Don't Want
10.All the Things I Should Have Known
11.I Just Can't Find The Words
12.Wanna Do Right
13.I Care About You
16.Thug N Me Thug N You
17.Love Me Carefully
18.All My Love
19.If You Think You're Lonely Now
20.How Can I Trust You?
22.So Emotional
23.How Long
24.Through Heaven's Eyes
25.In Love At Christmas
26.Down for Life
27.Thug n U Thug n Me
29.How Many Times
30.Say Yes
31.All My Life (Re-Recorded)
32.Crazy (Re-Recorded)
33.All My Life (Radio Edit)
34.Tell Me It's Real (club Asylum mix)
35.I Wanna Do You Right
36.Tell Me That It's Real
37.Go the Distance
38.If You Think You're Lonely Now (Bobby Womack)
39.Wife 4 Life
40.Beautiful (feat. The Hailey Brothers)
41.Tell Me It's Real (Club Asylum Stepper's Edit)
42.You Bring Me Up (Live)
43.Crazy (International radio edit)
44.All My Life (album version)

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