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Martina McBride( 瑪緹娜 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 258 首歌 】
Martina Mariea McBride(美國希芙,1966年7月29日出生)是美國鄉村音樂創作歌手兼唱片製作人。她以女高音歌唱的範圍和她的鄉村流行音樂而聞名。

McBride於1991年與RCA唱片公司簽約,並於次年作為新傳統主義鄉村歌手以單曲“The Time Has Come”登場。隨著時間的流逝,她開發了一種流行風格的交叉音效,與Shania Twain和Faith Hill的風格類似,在Billboard國家排行榜上有一串主要熱門單曲,偶爾也會在成人當代排行榜上出現。其中有五首單曲在1995年至2001年間進入國家排行榜第一名,2003年在成人當代排行榜上名列第一。她在被認定為“鄉村音樂”時被稱為“Celine Dion of Country Music”她的女高音唱歌範圍。

麥克布萊德錄製了13張錄音室專輯,兩張最佳錄製專輯,一張“現場”專輯,以及另外兩張合輯專輯。她的八張錄音室專輯和兩張她的合輯都獲得了RIAA金獎或更高的認證。在美國,她賣出了1400多萬張專輯。此外,麥克布萊德曾三次獲得鄉村音樂協會“年度女歌手”獎(與Reba McEntire並列第二名)和鄉村音樂學院的“頂級女歌手”獎三次。她也是14次格萊美獎提名人。
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Reckless 英文
2.It Ain't Pretty
3.Just Around the Corner
4.Everybody Wants to Be Loved
5.The Real Thing
6.That's the Thing About Love
7.Low All Afternoon
9.We'll Pick Up Where We Left Off
10.You and You Alone
Everlasting 英文
1.My Babe
2.To Know Him Is to Love Him
3.Wild Night
4.In the Basement
5.Come See About Me
6.What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
7.I've Been Loving You Too Long
8.Suspicious Minds
9.Little Bit of Rain (提供)
10.Bring It On Home to Me
11.Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
12.If You Don't Know Me by Now
Hits And More 英文
1.My Baby Loves Me
2.Independence Day
3.Wild Angels
4.A Broken Wing
5.Valentine(Featuring Jim Brickman) (提供)
6.Happy Girl
7.Whatever You Say
8.I Love You
9.Love's the Only House
11.Where Would You Be
12.Concrete Angel
13.This One's For The Girls
14.In My Daughter's Eyes
17.Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong
19.Straight To The Bone
20.Being Myself (提供)
Martina 英文
1.When you love me2.this one's for the girls
I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Single) 英文
1.I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Single)
Eleven 英文
1.One Night
2.Always Be This Way
3.Teenage Daughters
4.I'm Gonna Love You Through It
5.You're In My House Now
6.Closing Time
7.I Give It To You
8.Marry Me
9.Broken Umbrella
10.You Can Get Your Lovin' Right Here
11.Whatcha Gonna Do
12.Summer Of Love
13.When You Love A Sinner
14.Long Distance Lullaby
15.Ask The Boy
Shine 英文
1.Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong
2.I Just Call You Mine
3.Sunny Side Up
4.Walk Away
5.I'm Trying
6.What Do I Have To Do
7.Don't Cost A Dime
9.You're Not Leaving Me
10.Wild Rebel Rose
Playlist 英文
1.Show Me
2.Cryin' Time
3.God Bless America
4.I Love You
5.Happy Girl
6.Independence Day
7.Safe in the Arms of Love
8.There You Are
9.Wrong Again
10.It's My Time
11.My Baby Loves Me
12.Wild Angels
13.This One's For The Girls
14.How I Feel
Emotion 英文
1.Do What You Do
2.Anything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues
3.I Love You
4.Make Me Believe
5.Love's The Only House
6.There You Are
7.It's My Time
8.I Ain't Goin' Nowhere
9.Anything And Everything
10.From The Ashes
11.Good Bye
12.This Uncivil War
White Christmas 英文
Rca Records
1.Do You Hear What I Hear
2.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
3.Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
4.O Come All Ye Faithful
5.The Christmas Song(Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
6.O Holy Night
7.Silver Bells
8.Away In A Manger
9.White Christmas
10.What Child Is This
11.I'll Be Home For Christmas
12.Silent Night
Evolution 英文
Rca Nashville
1.I'm Little But I'm Loud
2.Happy Girl
3.Be That Way
4.A Broken Wing
5.Wrong Again
6.Keeping My Distance
7.Still Holding On
8.Whatever You Say
9.I Won't Close My Eyes
10.I Don't Want To See You Again
11.Some Say I'm Running
12.Here In My Heart
13.One Day You Will
Wild Angels 英文
1.Wild Angels
2.Safe In The Arms Of Love
3.Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town
4.A Great Disguise
5.Swingin' Doors
6.All The Things We've Never Done
7.Two More Bottles Of Wine
8.Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road
9.You've Been Driving All The Time
10.Born To Give My Love To You
11.Beyond The Blue
The Way That I Am 英文
1.Heart Trouble
2.My Baby Loves Me
3.That Wasn't Me
4.Independence Day
5.Where I Used To Have A Heart
6.Goin' To Work
7.She Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
The Way I Am-German Import 英文
1.Heart Trouble
2.My Baby Loves Me
3.That Wasn't Me
4.Independence Day
5.Where I Used To Have A Heart
6.Goin' To Work
7.She Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
11.The Time Has Come
12.That's Me
13.Cheap Whiskey
14.When You Are Old
The Time Has Come 英文
1.The Time Has Come
2.That's Me
3.True Blue Fool
4.Losing You Feels Good
5.Walk That Line
6.Cheap Whiskey
7.I Can't Sleep
8.A Woman Knows
9.The Rope
10.When You Are Old
Waking Up Laughing 英文
1.For These Times
2.Beautiful Again
3.Everybody Does
4.House Of A Thousand Dreams
5.How I Feel
6.If I Had Your Name
7.Love Land
8.Cry Cry ('Til The Sun Shines)
Teenage Daughters (Single) 英文
1.Concrete Angel
Live In Concert 英文
1.Happy Girl (Live)
2.Anyway (Live)
3.Concrete Angel (Live)
4.From the Ashes (Live)
5.Whatever You Say (Live)
6.This One's for the Girls (Live)
7.Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live)
8.This One's for the Girls
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Concrete Angel
Country Sings Disney 英文
1.Through Your Eyes
暫存 英文
1.Still Holding On (Duet With Clint Black)
2.Chances Are
3.Little Bits Of Lightning
4.When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues
5.through my daughters eyes
6.When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues
7.Chances Are(Hope Floats Soundtrack)
8.Little Bits Of Lightning(Touched By An Angel Soundtrack)
9.What Do I Have To Do?
10.Wrong Baby Wrong
11.Broken Wing
12.When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues (Intro)
13.Concrete Angel 2
14.How Far
15.Reluctant Daughter
16.Learning to Fall
17.So Magical
18.Concrete Angel 3
19.She's a Butterfly
20.God's Will
22.Just Who I Am
23.Tryin' To Find A Reason
24.Going To Work
25.Wearing White
26.When You Love Me
27.City of Love
28.With A Broken Wing
29.When God Fearing Women Get The Blues
30.Harper Valley PTA
31.Today I Started Loving You Again
32.I Still Miss Someone
33.Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
34.Heartaches By the Number
35.I Don't Hurt Anymore
36.Love's Gonna Live Here
37.Make the World Go Away
38.You Win Again
39.Help Me Make It Through the Night
40.I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
41.Satin Sheets
42.True Love Ways
43.I'll Still Be Me
44.Over the Rainbow
45.I Can't Stop Loving You
46.'Til I Can Make It On My Own
47.Once a Day
48.How Great Thou Art
49.You Ain't Woman Enough
50.Together Again
51.My Valentine
52.My Baby Loves Me Just The Way That I Am
53.Valentine (With Jim Brickman)
54.Over The Rainbow (Live)
55.Independance Day
56.Valentine (with special guest artist, Jim Brickman)
57.I Love You (Single Version)
58.Sweet Dreams Of You (with Take 6)
59.Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
60.Trip Around The Sun
61.All The Things Weve Never Don
62.Please Come Home for Christmas
63.This One's for the Girls (remix)
64.Harper Valley PTA (live)
65.Independence Day (live)
66.We've Got Tonight
67.I'll Be There
68.Dreaming My Dreams
69.Jingle Bells
70.Life #9 (dance mix)
71.When Love Is Gone

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