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The Black Crowes( 黑烏鴉樂團 )【 共收藏 28 張專輯, 331 首歌 】
Black Crowes是1989年組建的美國搖滾樂隊。他們的唱片包括八張錄音室專輯,四張現場專輯和數張單曲。樂隊於1989年由製片人George Drakoulias與Def American Recordings簽約,次年推出首張專輯Shake Your Money Maker。後續的南方和諧與音樂伴侶在1992年達到Billboard 200的首位。在2002年到2005年之間發生中斷之後,樂隊在2008年發布Warpaint之前重組了並巡迴了幾年,在2008年發布Warpaint之後,廣告牌圖表在2010年8月發行了一張最棒的專輯/原聲雙重專輯Croweology之後,樂隊開始了20週年紀念巡迴演唱會,隨後又發生了第二次失敗。在2013年的最後一次巡演之後,樂隊終於在2015年宣布分手。

樂隊銷售了超過3000萬張專輯,並在VH1的100位Hard Rock巨星中列為92位。他們被美樂蒂製作人標記為“世界上最搖滾樂和搖滾樂隊”,而滾石樂隊的讀者在1990年將他們評為“最佳新美國樂隊”。
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Wiser for the Time (Live) 英文
1.Only Halfway to Everywhere (Live)
2.A Conspiracy (Live)
3.Title Song (Live)
4.My Morning Song/Stare It Cold (Live)
5.Cursed Diamond (Live)
6.Sister Luck (Live)
7.Smile (Live)
8.Tied Up And Swallowed (Live)
9.Downtown Money Waster (Live)
10.Better When You're Not Alone (Live)
11.Darling of the Underground Press (Live)
12.Jealous Again (Live)
13.Hotel Illness (Live)
14.Thunderstorm (Live) (提供)
15.Oh the Rain (Live) (提供)
16.Soul Singing (Live)
17.Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Live) (提供)
18.Exit (Live)
19.No Speak No Slave (Live)
20.Make Glad (Live)
21.Waiting Gulity (Live)
22.She Talks to Angels (Live)
23.Willin' (Live)
24.Hot Burrito #1 (Live)
25.Hot Burrito #2 (Live) (提供)
26.Garden Gate (Live)
The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion 英文
1.Time Will Tell
2.My Morning Song
3.Hotel Illness
4.No Speak No Slave
6.Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
7.Thorn In My Pride
8.Sting Me
9.Sometimes Salvation
10.Black Moon Creeping
11.99 LBS
12.Sting Me (Slow)
13.Wee Who See The Deep
14.Proximity Mines In The Complex (提供)
15.The People Under The Stairs (提供)
16.Be Still (提供)
Warpaint 英文
1.Walk Believer Walk
2.Wee Who See The Deep
3.God's Got It
4.Thick & Thin
5.Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
6.Whoa Mule
7.Locust Street
8.Wounded Bird
9.Movin' On Down The Line
10.Oh Josephine
12.There's Gold In Them Hills
Before The Frost....Until The Freeze 英文
1.Good Morning Captain
2.Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)
4.A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound
5.Kept My Soul
6.What Is Home
7.Make Glad
8.And The Band Played On
9.The Last Place That Love Lives
10.Aimless Peacock
12.Shine Along
13.Roll Old Jeremiah
14.Lady Of Avenue A
15.So Many Times
16.Fork In The River
17.I Ain't Hiding
18.Houston Don't Dream About Me
19.The Garden Gate
20.The Shady Grove
Freak 'N' Roll Into The Fog 英文
1.Welcome To The Goodtimes
Lions 英文
1.Cosmic Friend
2.'Young Man, Old Man'
3.Midnight from the Inside Out
4.Soul Singing
5.Miracle to Me
6.Come On
8.Ozone Mama
9.No Use Lying
10.Cypress Tree
11.Lay It All On Me
12.Losing My Mind
13.Greasy Grass River
14.Love Is Now
Three Snakes And One Charm 英文
1.Under A Mountain
2.Good Friday
4.One Mirror Too Many
6.Girl From The Pawn Shop
7.Only Halfway To Everywhere
8.Bring On, Bring On
9.How much For Your Wings?
10.Let Me Share The Ride
11.Better When You're Not Alone
12.Evil Eye
Amorica 英文
1.Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz (提供)
2.A Conspiracy
4.Cursed Diamond
5.Wiser Time
6.Song of the Flesh
7.Ballad In Urgency
8.Tied Up And Swallowed
9.Downtown Money Waster
10.She Gave Good Sunflower
12.P. 25 London
13.High Head Blues
Warpaint Live 英文
1.Oh Josephine
2.Torn and Frayed (Live)
3.Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (Live)
4.Whoa Mule (Live)
5.There's Gold In Them Hills (Live)
6.God's Got It (Live)
7.Wounded Bird (Live)
8.Locust Street (Live)
9.We Who See the Deep (Live)
10.Evergreen (Live)
11.Walk Believer Walk (Live)
12.Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution (Live)
Trump Plaza Hotel, Atlantic City 1990 (Live FM Radio Recording Remastered In Superb Fidelity) 英文
1.Twice As Hard (Remastered)
2.Sister Luck (Remastered)
3.Hard To Handle (Remastered)
4.Could I've Been So Blind (Remastered)
5.Stare It Cold (Remastered)
6.Jealous Again (Remastered)
7.Struttin' Blues (Remastered)
Transmission Impossible (Live) 英文
1.Twice as Hard (Live in Atlantic City '90)
2.She Talks to Angels (Live in L.A '91)
3.Could I've Been so Blind (Live in L.A '91)
4.Hard to Handle (Live in L.A '91)
5.Sister Luck (Live in L.A '91)
6.Stare It Cold (Live in L.A '91)
7.Thick N' Thin (Live in L.A '91)
8.Struttin' Blues (Live in Atlantic City '90)
9.Jealous Again (Live in Atlantic City '90)
The Southern Harmony And Music 英文
1.Sting Me
3.Thorn In My Pride
4.Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
5.Sometimes Salvation
6.Hotel Illness
7.Black Moon Creeping
8.No Speak No Slave
9.My Morning Song
The Black Crowes: Live 英文
1.Thick n Thin (Live)
2.She Talks to Angels
3.Hard to Handle (Live)
4.Lickin' (Live)
5.Title Song (Live)
6.High Head Blues (Live)
7.Black Moon Creeping (Live)
8.Cosmic Friend (Live)
9.Girl From a Pawnshop (Live)
10.Miracle to Me (Live)
11.Greasy Grass River (Live)
12.Midnight from the Inside Out (Live)
13.Hard to Handle
Sho' Nuff 英文
1.Sometimes Salvation (live)
2.Hard to Handle (live)
3.Cursed Diamond (Live)
4.Don't Wake Me (Bonus Track)
5.She Talks to Angels (Acoustic Bonus Version)
6.Song of the Flesh (Bonus Track)
7.She Talks to Angels
8.Hard to Handle
9.Time Will Tell
Shake Your Moneymaker 英文
1.Hard To Handle
2.Seeing Things
3.Jealous Again
4.Struttin' Blues
5.Stare It Cold
6.Twice As Hard
7.She Talks To Angels
8.Sister Luck
9.Could I've Been So Blind
Seeing Things On The Radio (Remastered) [Live Stereo FM Radio Broadcast Set. Jul 5th '92] 英文
1.Black Moon Creeping (Remastered) - Live
2.Twice As Hard (Remastered) - Live
3.Hotel Illness (Remastered) - Live
4.Seeing Things (Remastered) - Live
5.No Speak No Slave (Remastered) - Live
Live in L.A. 英文
1.Thick 'N' Thin (Remastered)
2.She Talks To Angels (Remastered)
3.Hard To Handle (Remastered)
Live At the Fillmore 12/19/10 (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Roll Old Jeremiah (Live)
2.Tornado (Live)
3.Shine Along (Live)
4.Stare It Cold (Live)
5.Feathers (Live)
6.Space Captain (Live)
Live At the Fillmore 12/18/10 (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Garden Gate (Live)
2.Exit (Live)
3.Young Man, Old Man (Live)
4.I Ain't Hiding (Live)
5.Ozone Mama (Live)
6.Nonfiction (Live)
Live At the Fillmore 12/17/10 (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Good Friday (Live)
2.Under a Mountain (Live)
3.Fork In the River (Live)
4.Hot Burrito #1 (Live)
5.Another Roadside Tragedy (Live)
6.Shady Grove (Live)
Live At the Fillmore 12/15/10 (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Paint An 8 (Live)
2.P.25 London (Live)
3.Greenhorn (Live)
4.She Gave Good Sunflower (Live)
Live At the Fillmore 12/14/10 (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Cold Boy Smile (Live)
2.Ballad In Urgency (Live)
3.Smile (Live)
4.Time Will Tell (Live)
5.Lady of Avenue A (Live)
6.By Your Side (Live)
7.A Train Still Makes a Lonely Sound (Live)
8.Hard to Handle (Live)
Live At the Fillmore 12/12/10 (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Hotel Illness (Live)
2.My Heart's Killing Me (Live)
3.Peace Anyway (Live)
4.How Much for Your Wings? (Live)
5.Bring On, Bring On (Live)
6.Been a Long Time (Waiting On Love) [Live]
Legendary FM Broadcasts - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston TX 6th February 1993 英文
1.No Speak No Slave (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
2.Jealous Again (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
3.Sometimes Salvation (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
4.Stare It Cold (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
5.Hotel Illness (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
6.Thick 'N' Thin (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
7.Black Moon Creeping (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
8.Twice As Hard (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
9.Thorn In My Pride (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
10.My Morning Song (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
11.Sting Me (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
12.Remedy (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
Freak 'n' Roll... Into the Fog (Live) 英文
1.Only Halfway to Everywhere (Live)
2.Welcome to the Goodtimes (Live)
3.Space Captain (Live)
4.Wiser Time (Live)
5.Non Fiction (Live)
6.Let Me Share the Ride (Live)
7.Mellow Down Easy (Live)
8.The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down (Live)
9.Hard to Handle (Live)
Croweology 英文
1.Jealous Again (Acoustic Version)
2.Non-Fiction (Acoustic Version)
3.Thorn In My Pride (Acoustic Version)
4.Bad Luck Blue Eyes
5.She Talks to Angels
1994-11-01: Taller: Marlesdon Mean Fiddler Club, Harlesden, London, England, UK 英文
1.Conspiracy (live: 1994-10-25: Amorica World Premiere radio broadcast, [unknown location])
2.P. 25 London (live: 1994-10-25: Amorica World Premiere radio broadcast, [unknown location])
3.Wiser Time (live: 1994-10-25: Amorica World Premiere radio broadcast, [unknown location])
4.She Talks to Angels (live: 1994-10-25: Amorica World Premiere radio broadcast, [unknown location])
5.Remedy (live: 1994-10-25: Amorica World Premiere radio broadcast, [unknown location])
暫存 英文
1.Cold Boy Smile
2.Girl From A Pawnshop
3.Only Halfway To Everywhere
4.'Bring On, Bring On'
5.Mellow Down Easy
6.Just Say You're Sorry
7.Live Too Fast Blues/Mercy, Sweet Moan
8.Thick 'N' Thin
9.Celebration Day
10.Custard Pie
12.Hey Hey (what Can I Do)
13.In My Time Of Dying
14.Lemon Song
15.Misty Mountain Hop
16.Nobody's Fault But Mine
17.Oh Well
18.Out On The Tiles
19.Shapes Of Things
20.Sick Again
21.Sloppy Drunk
22.Ten Years Gone
23.What Is And Should Never Be
24.Whole Lotta Love
25.Woke Up This Morning
26.Your Time Is Gonna Come
27.You Shook Me
28.Shake 'em On Down
29.Sting Me (slow Version)
30.Virtue and Vice
31.Shake Your Money Maker
32.Torn And Frayed
33.Mercy, Sweet Moan
35.My Heart's Killing Me
36.Don't Wake Me
38.Garden Gate
39.You Don't Have To Go
40.Last Place That Love Lives
41.By Your Side
42.We Who See The Deep
43.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
44.Only A Fool
45.Kicking My Heart Around
46.It Must Be Over
48.Go Faster
49.She Talks To Angels (Acoustic - Bonus Track)
50.Title Song
51.Diamond Ring
52.Kickin' My Heart Around
55.O, Josephine
56.Go Tell The Congregation
57.Then She Said My Name
58.Shady Grove
59.Good Morning Captain (Live from the Artists Den)
60.Welcome To The Good Times
61.Hard To Handle (Live Radio Broadcast)
62.Wee Who See the Deep (Live)
63.Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
64.Twice As Hard (recorded at Hard Rock Live)
65.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
66.Kickin' My Heart Around (live)
67.Blackberry (live)
68.She Talks To Angels (Live 1991 Broadcast Remastered
69.Thick and Thin (Live, The Cabaret, San Jose, CA 3 Nov '90)
70.Jealous Guy (Live, The Cabaret, San Jose, CA 3 Nov '90)
71.Remedy (Live: Houston, TX 6 Feb '93)

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