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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Kenny Loggins( 肯尼羅根斯 )
Kenny Loggins( 肯尼羅根斯 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 282 首歌 】
因演唱「捍衛戰士」,「渾身是勁」,「超越巔峰」這幾部熱門電影而為大家耳熟能詳的男歌手肯尼羅根斯,其實早在70年代便與好友James Messina合組Loggin & Messina二重唱,二重唱分道揚鑣後,Kenny Loggins自組一個七人團體,錄製第一張個人專輯「Celebrate Me Home」,接著受邀參與超級搖滾樂團 Fleetwood Mac 的巡迴演唱會,使其聲名大噪。1984年他為電影「渾身是勁」(Footloose) 所唱的同名主題曲Footloose不但奪得排行榜三週冠軍,也是 Loggins 歌唱生涯中第一首冠軍曲,並使他的作品首度打入英國排行,得到第六名。
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Sittin’ In 英文
1.Nobody But You
2.Danny's Song
3.Vahevala (提供)
4.Trilogy Lovin' Me To Make A Woman Feel Wanted Peace Of Mind (提供)
5.Back To Georgia (提供)
6.Listen To A Country Song (提供)
7.Same Old Wine (提供)
8.Rock 'N Roll Mood (提供)
All Join In 英文
1.Moose 'n Me (提供)
3.Go Fish (提供)
4.First There Is A Mountain
5.Puppy Song
6.You Can All Join In
8.Long Tail Cat
10.Underneath The Same Sky
11.All Together Now
12.You Got A Friend In Me
13.Two Of Us
14.Come Go With Me
Return To Pooh Corner[重回天真童夢] 英文
1.All The Pretty Little Ponies
2.Medley (提供)
3.Return To Pooh Corner
4.Rainbow Connection(奔向彩虹)
5.St.Judy's Comet
6.The Last Unicorn
7.Cody's Song
8.The Horses
More Songs From Pooh Corner 英文
1.Your Heart Will Lead You Home
2.You'll Be in My Heart (Phil Version)
3.Always In All Ways
4.Flying Dreams
5.That'll Do
6.Turn Around
7.Beauty And The Beast
8.Baby Mine
9.The Inch Worm
10.Hana Aluna Lullabye
The Tigger Movie[跳跳虎歷險記] 英文
1.Your Heart Will Lead You Home
December 英文
1.Walking In The Air
2.The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
3.The Bells Of Christmas
4.Coventry Carol
5.Christmas Time Is Here
6.Angels In The Snow
7.White Christmas
8.Some Children See Him (提供)
9.On Christmas Morning
10.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
The Unimaginable Life 英文
1.Let The Pendulum Swing
2.Just Breathe
3.I Am Not Hiding
4.All I Ask
5.Now That I Know Love
6.The Art Of Letting Go
7.One Chance At A Time
8.Love's Got Nothin' To Prove
9.This Island Earth
10.No Doubt About Love
11.The Rest Of Your Life
12.Birth Energy
13.The Unimaginable Life
14.Your Spirit And My Spirit
Yesterday Today Tomorrow Great 英文
1.Celebrate Me Home
2.Conviction Of The Heart
3.Danger Zone
4.Don't Fight It
7.For The First Time
8.Heart To Heart
9.I'm Alright
10.Meet Me Half Way
11.Return To Pooh Corner
12.The Real Thing
13.The Rest Of Your Life
14.This Is It
15.Whenever I Call You Friend
Footloose Soundtrack 英文
Outside-From The Redwoods 英文
1.Angry Eyes
2.Celebrate Me Home
3.Conviction Of The Heart
5.I'm Alright
6.If You Believe
7.I Would Do Anything
8.Leap Of Faith
9.Love Will Follow
10.Now And Then
11.This Is It
12.What A Fool Believes
13.Your Mama Don't Dance
Leap Of Faith 英文
1.Cody's Song
2.Conviction Of The Heart
3.If You Believe
4.I Would Do Anything
5.Leap Of Faith
6.My Father's House
7.Now Or Never
8.Sweet Reunion
9.The Real Thing
10.Too Early For The Sun
11.Will Of The Wind
Back To Avalon 英文
1.Blue On Blue
2.Isabella's Eyes
3.Hope For The Runaway
4.True Confessions
5.She's Dangerous
6.Back To Avalon
7.One Woman
8.Tell Her
9.I'm Gonna Miss You
10.Nobody's Fool(Theme From caddyshack Ll') (提供)
11.Meet Me Half Way
Vox Humana 英文
1.At Last
3.I'll Be There
4.I'm Gonna Do It Right
5.Let There Be Love
7.Love Will Follow
8.No Lookin' Back
9.Vox Humana
High Adventure 英文
1.Don't Fight It
3.Heart To Heart
4.If It's Not What You're Looking For
5.It Must Be Imagination
6.I Gotta Try
7.Only A Miracle
8.Swear Your Love
9.The More We Try
Alive 英文
1.All Alone Tonight
3.Celebrate Me Home
4.Down 'n Dirty
5.Easy Driver
6.Here There&Everywhere (提供)
7.I'm Alright
8.I Believe In Love
9.Junkanoo Holiday(Fallin'-Flyin')
10.Keep The Fire
11.Love Has Come Of Age
12.Now And Then
13.This Is It
14.Wait A Little While
15.What A Fool Believes
16.Whenever I Call You Friend
17.Why Do People Lie
18.You Don't Know Me
Keep The Fire 英文
1.Give It Half A Chance
2.Junkanoo Holiday(Fallin'-Flyin')
3.Keep The Fire
4.Love Has Come Of Age
6.Now And Then
7.This Is It
8.Who's Right, Who's Wrong
9.Will It Last
Nightwatch 英文
2.Down 'n Dirty
3.Down In The Boondocks
4.Easy Driver
6.Somebody Knows
7.Wait A Little While
8.What A Fool Believes
9.Whenever I Call You Friend
Celebrate Me Home 英文
1.Celebrate Me Home
2.Daddy's Back
3.Enter My Dream
4.I've Got The Melody(Deep In My Heart)
5.If You Be Wise
6.I Believe In Love
7.Lady Luck
8.Set It Free
9.Why Do People Lie
10.You Don't Know Me
In High Adventure 英文
1.Don't Fight It
3.Heart To Heart
4.If It's Not What You're Looking For
5.I Gotta Try
6.It Must Be Imagination
7.Only A Miracle
8.Swear Your Love
9.The More We Try
How About Now 英文
1.A Year's Worth Of Distance
2.A Love Song
3.I'll Remember Your Name
4.How About Now
5.I Don't Want To Hate You Anymore
6.That's When I Find You
7.If You Never Been There
8.Truth Is
9.Too Much
10.This Too Shall Pass
11.I'm A Free Man Now
12.One Last Goodbye Song
暫存 英文
3.I'm Kissing You (From 'William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet') [Alternate Version]
4.For the First Time (From 'One Fine Day')
5.I'm Free(Heaven Helps The Man)
6.Playing With The Boys
7.Welcome To Heartlight
8.Your Daddy Don't Rock And Roll
9.House At Pooh Corner
11.Love's Got Nothing To Prove
12.Never Never Land
13.Pure Imagination
14.Rainbow Connection
15.Somewhere Out There
17.Down & Dirty
18.Down And Dirty
19.Junkano Holiday (fallin' Flyin')
20.Once In A Lifetime
21.Whenever I Call You 'friend'
22.I Will Do Anything
23.The Christmas Song
24.Kenny Loggins / Footloose
26.Footloose (From 'Footloose')
27.For The First Time (From 'One Fine Day')
28.Meet Me Half Way (From 'Over The Top')
29.You'll Be In My Heart
30.Love Is
31.Alive N' Kickin'
32.I Miss Us
33.The One That Got Away
34.It's About Time
35.With This Ring
36.Nobody's Fool (Theme from Caddyshack 2)
37.There Is A Mountain
38.I'm Alright (Theme from Caddyshack)
39.Highway To The Danger Zone
40.I'm Free
41.Junkanoo Holiday
42.Watching the River Run
43.My Music
44.Danger Zone (From 'Greatest Hits')
45.St. Judy's Comet - from the Sony Wonder album 'Return to Pooh Corner' LT/LK 57674
46.Neverland Medley
47.Conviction Of The Heart - Live
48.I'm Alright - Live
49.This Is It - Live
50.Leap Of Faith - Live
51.Love Will Follow (Duet With Shanice) - Live
52.Celebrate Me Home - Live
53.If You Believe - Live
54.Angry Eyes - Live
55.Your Mama Don't Dance - Live
56.Keep The Fire - Live
57.Easy Driver - Live
58.Love Has Come Of Age - Live
59.All Alone Tonight - Live
60.You Don't Know Me - Live
61.Why Do People Lie - Live
62.Wait A Little While - Live
63.Whenever I Call You 'Friend' - Live
64.Footloose (From ''Footloose'') [1998 Remaster]
65.Kenny Loggins / Danger Zone
66.Footloose (174 BPM)
67.Footloose (Album Version) (Footloose)
68.Golden Ribbons
69.Thinking of You
70.Footloose (From the Film ''Footloose'')
71.Footloose (from the Paramount Film ''Footloose'')
72.Footloose (single version)
73.Underneath the Same Sky - Pop Version
74.Nobody's Fool
75.Lead The Way
76.Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
77.Celebrate Me Home (For the Holidays) (live)
78.Your Heart Will Lead You Home (From 'The Tigger Movie')

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