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John Farnham( 約翰法漢 )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 264 首歌 】
約翰·彼得·法納姆(John Peter Farnham)(生於1949年7月1日)是英國出生的澳大利亞流行搖滾歌手。法納姆是從1967年到1979年的青少年流行偶像,當時被稱為約翰尼·法納姆,但自那以後成為一名成年當代歌手的職業生涯。他的職業生涯主要是作為一個獨奏藝術家,雖然他在1982年至1985年取代了Glenn Shorrock作為小河樂隊的主唱。1986年9月,他的獨奏單曲“你的聲音”在澳大利亞單曲榜的第一名達到頂峰。相關專輯“Whispering Jack”持有總共25週的第一名,是澳大利亞歷史上第二高的專輯。單曲和專輯都在國際上名列前茅,其中瑞典排名第一。

在他五十多年的職業生涯中,法納姆已經成為他國家最著名和最受歡迎的表演者之一,也是澳大利亞唯一連續五十年獲得第一名的藝術家(與英國的克里夫·理查德爵士相呼應)與1967年的“Sadie(The Cleaning Lady)”,1970年的“Raindrops Keep Fallin”在我的頭上,1988年的“Age of Reason”;和專輯:1986年的耳語傑克,1988年的原因時代,1990年的連鎖反應,1993年再次,1993年的33 1/3,2002年的最後時間。隨著許多藝術家,包括吉米·巴恩斯,尋求者和Stevie Nicks和Lionel Ritchie等國際舞蹈,他還發行了2005年的“Concert”和“Olivia Newton John”的Tom Jones,包括1998年主賽事的亮點(還有Anthony Warlow),Two Strong Hearts Live在2015年和2016年的聖誕朋友。

法納姆獲得了榮譽和獎項,其中包括1987年度澳大利亞年度澳大利亞1996年澳大利亞官員和19個ARIA獎,包括2003年入選名人堂。從1969年起,電視週讀者連續五年被評為“流行之王”。除了他的錄音生涯之外,法納姆也在舞台上演出了Charlie Girl,Pippin和1992年的耶穌基督超級巨星的澳大利亞製作的主角。他主演了自己的電視劇和特別作品,包括“魔術”(Colleen Hewett),Bobby Dazzler,Farnham和Byrne(與Debra Byrne),還有許多其他熱門歌曲,如唐巷秀,倒計時和嘿嘿,星期六。澳大利亞搖滾歷史學家,伊恩·麥克法蘭(Ian McFarlane)將他描述為“澳大利亞搖滾和流行音樂史上最成功的獨奏藝術家”,法納姆保留了幽默感和朴實無私的“每個人”的魅力,也使他成為澳大利亞娛樂史上最受尊敬的名人“。
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The Essential 3.0 英文
1.I Remember When I Was Young
3.Hearts On Fire
4.Trying To Live My Life Without You
5.Come Said The Boy (提供)
6.Comic Conversation
7.Don't You Know It's Magic
8.Man Of The Hour
10.Everything's Alright
11.Friday Kind Of Monday
12.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
13.Sadie, The Cleaning Lady
One Voice:Greatest Hits 英文
1.We Will Rock You
2.That's Freedom
3.Age of Reason
4.Pressure Down
5.Don't You Know It's Magic
6.A Touch of Paradise
8.When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
9.Chain Reaction
10.Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
11.Sadie(The Cleaning Lady)
12.A Simple Life
13.Burn for You
14.The Last Time
15.You're the Voice
16.Two Strong Hearts
17.Everything's Alright
19.Seemed Like a Good Idea(At The Time)
20.Talk of the Town
22.Have a Little Faith(In Us)
23.Heart's on Fire
24.Everytime You Cry
26.No Ordinary World
27.Man of the Hour
The Last Time 英文
1.The Last Time
2.No Ordinary World
3.Lonely Man
4.When I Can't Have You
5.Undeniably Real
6.Keep Talking
8.One More Try
9.Even After All This Time
33⅓ 英文
1.That Driving Beat
2.Trying To Live My Life Without You
3.You Don't Know Like I Know
4.Everything Is Gonna Be All Right
5.Man Of The Hour
6.I've Been Lonely For So Long
7.That's What Love Will Make You Do
8.I Can't Get Next To You
9.You're The Only One
10.I Thank You
11.Soul Reason
12.The Way
13.Walk Away
Anthology 1 英文
1.You're The Voice
2.Pressure Down
3.A Touch Of Paradise
5.Two Strong Hearts
6.Age Of Reason
7.That's Freedom
8.Chain Reaction
9.Burn For You
10.Seemed Like A Good Idea
11.Talk Of The Town
13.Have A Little Faith
14.A Simple Life
15.Heart's On Fire
16.When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
17.Everytime You Cry
Romeo's Heart 英文
1.Have A Little Faith(In Us)
2.Little Piece Of My Heart
3.A Simple Life
4.All Kinds Of People
5.Romeo's Heart
6.Don't Let It End
7.Heart's On Fire
8.Hard Promises To Keep
9.Over My Head
10.May You Never
11.Second Skin
12.Don't Let It End
13.Burn For You(Live)
14.Age Of Reason(Live)
15.A Touch Of Paradise(Live)
16.Two Strong Hearts(Live)
Then Again 英文
2.Seemed Like A Good Idea(At The Time)
3.Only Women Bleed
4.Talent For Fame
5.When All Else Fails
6.What You Don't Know
7.Treated This Way
8.Always The Same
9.The Reason Why
10.So Long In Love
11.It All Comes Back To You
13.Rolling Home
14.Talk Of The Town
Chain Reaction 英文
1.That's Freedom
2.In Days To Come
3.Burn For You
4.See The Banners Fall
5.I Can Do Anything
6.All Our Sons And Daughters
7.Chain Reaction
8.In Your Hands
9.New Day
10.The Time Has Come
11.The First Step
12.Time And Money
Age Of Reason 英文
1.Age Of Reason
2.Blow By Blow
3.Listen To The Wind
4.Two Strong Hearts
5.Burn Down The Night
6.Beyond The Call
7.We're No Angels
8.Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done
9.The Fire
10.Some Do, Some Don't
11.When The War Is Over
12.It's A Long Way To The Top(If You Wanna Rock n' Roll)
Whispering Jack 英文
1.Pressure Down
2.You're The Voice
3.One Step Away
5.Going, Going, Gone
6.No One Comes Close
7.Love To Shine
9.A Touch Of Paradise
10.Let Me Out
Whispering Jack - 20th Anniversary Edition 英文
1.Reasons - Remastered 2006
2.A Touch of Paradise - Remastered
3.Pressure Down - Extended Version - Remastered 2006
4.You're the Voice - Live - Whispering Jack In Concert
Live at the Regent Theatre: 1st July 1999 英文
1.Burn for You (feat. Merril Bainbridge)
2.Every Time You Cry (feat. Human Nature)
3.You're the Voice (John Farnham and Guests)
5.That's Freedom
Johnny Farnham 英文
2.A Day in the Life of a Fool
3.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
5.Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
John Farnham: The Box Set Series 英文
1.One Step Away (Remastered)
2.Time and Money
3.The First Step
4.Burn Down the Night
5.The Fire
6.Lonely Man
7.Infatuation - Live
8.One (Live)
9.A Touch of Paradise
10.In Days to Come
11.That's Freedom
12.You're the Voice
13.Hearts on Fire
14.Age of Reason
15.New Day
16.Some Do Some Don't
17.No One Comes Close (Remastered 2006)
18.Trouble (Remastered 2006)
19.Let Me Out (Remastered 2006)
20.Every Time You Cry (with Human Nature)
21.Going, Going, Gone (Remastered 2006)
22.Love to Shine (Remastered)
23.It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock N Roll)
24.I Can Do Anything
25.All Our Sons and Daughters
26.Blow by Blow
27.Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done
28.Keep Talking
29.The Time Has Come
30.Burn for You
John Farnham Live At The Regent Theatre 英文
1.Reasons - Live At The Regent Theatre
2.Everytime You Cry (with Human Nature) [Live]
3.Don't You Know It's Magic (with James Reyne) [Live]
4.Burn for You (with Merril Bainbridge) [Live]
5.A Touch of Paradise (with Ross Wilson) [Live]
6.Everything's Alright (Live)
7.Playing to Win - Live At The Regent
8.That's Freedom - Live At The Regent
9.Chain Reaction - Live At The Regent
10.Everything's Alright - Live At The Regent
11.One (Live)
Jack 英文
1.Love Chooses You
2.You Took My Love
3.Hit The Road Jack/Fever
5.Nobody Gets Me Like You
6.You Don't Know Me
7.Love Me Like You Do
9.I'm The One Who Loves You
10.Love Come Knockin'
Full House 英文
1.When the War Is Over (Live)
2.One (Live)
4.Age of Reason - Live
5.Help! - Live
6.A Touch of Paradise
7.That's Freedom
8.You're the Voice
9.You're the Voice (Live)
10.Please Don't Ask Me
11.Playing to Win
13.Don't You Know It's Magic (Live)
14.Two Strong Hearts (Live)
15.Chain Reaction (Live) (提供)
16.Burn for You (Live)
17.Reasons (Live)
18.A Touch of Paradise (Live)
19.That's Freedom (Live)
20.Pressure Down (Live)
21.Burn for You
Anthology 3: Rarities 英文
1.Burn for You (U.S. mix)
2.I Feel Fine (feat. Strings Unlimited)
3.Your the Voice (Swing version)
4.Break the Ice
Anthology - Two 英文
1.Sadie (The Cleaning Lady) - Live
3.Everything Is Out of Season
5.One - Live
6.Help - Live
7.Justice for One - Live
8.Everything Is Out of Season - Live
9.Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - Live
10.Looking Through a Tear - Live
11.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
暫存 英文
1.Playing To Win
2.Reason Why
3.You're The Only One
4.Help Me If You Can
5.Age of Reason (extended mix)
7.WITH You (Love Theme from Rad)
8.Thunder in Your Heart (Bonus Instrumental)
9.You'll Never Walk Alone
10.Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)
11.Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
12.Rock Me Baby
13.Acapulco Sun
14.Thunder in Your Heart
15.The First Noel
16.Underneath the Arches
17.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

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