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straightenerthe place has no name

1.The Place Has No Name 2.Kakusei

rihannaamerican oxygen

1.American Oxygen


1.The Nail In Our Coffin 2.A Cancer Uncontained 3.Dead To The World:Alive In My Eyes
4.The Earth Will Turn 5.The Darkness Won't Divide 6.Origin
7.The Burning Of Bridges 8.Spotless Mind 9.The World Was Quiet
10.Lucid Dreamer 11.A God Without A Face 12.Never See The Sun Rise


1.I - III - V Seed Of Chaos(Album) 2.Cold Blood(Album) 3.Shadowmaker(Album)
4.Slow Burn(Album) 5.Reign Of Fear(Album) 6.Hole In My Soul(Album)
7.House Of Chains(Album) 8.Riot Lights(Album) 9.Come Back Down(Album)
10.Sea Song(You Waded Out)(Album) 11.Till Death Do Us Part(Album) 12.Dead Man's Eyes(Album)

hollywood undeadday of the dead

1.Usual Suspects 2.How We Roll 3.Day Of The Dead
4.War Child 5.Dark Places 6.Take Me Home
7.Gravity 8.Does Everybody In The World Have To Die 9.Disease
10.Party By Myself 11.Live Forever 12.Save Me
13.Guzzle, Guzzle 14.I'll Be There 15.Let Go

three days gracehuman

1.Human Race 2.Painkiller 3.Fallen Angel
4.Landmine 5.Tell Me Why 6.I Am Machine
7.So What 8.Car Crash 9.Nothing's Fair In Love And War
10.One Too Many 11.The End Is Not The Answer 12.The Real You

the telephonesbest hit the telephones

1.happiness,happiness,happiness 2.sick rocks 3.FREE THROW
4.Love & DISCO 5.Monkey Discooooooo 6.Urban Disco
7.HABANERO 8.A.B.C.DISCO 9.kiss me, love me, kiss me
10.I Hate DISCOOOOOOO!!! 11.Yeah Yeah Yeah 12.A A U U O O O
13.D.E.N.W.A 14.Odoru〜朝が来ても〜 15.Keep Your DISCO!!!
16.It's Alright To Dance(Yes!!! Happy Monday!!!) 17.Don't Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! 18.Hyper Jump
19.Say DISCO

kirsi ranto03

1.03 2.Ei Jaksa Kiinnostaa 3.Lontooseen
4.Ruutuvihko 5.Vie Pois 6.Sormet Jäässä
7.Roolileikit 8.Kreisii 9.Viimeinen Virhe
10.Älä Ole Tylsä 11.Onnenpäivät 12.Ainut Jonka Sain

jessica mauboycan i get a moment ?

1.Can I Get A Moment ?(Acoustic)

madonnarebel heart

1.Living For Love 2.Devil Pray 3.Ghosttown
4.Unapologetic Bitch 5.Illuminati 6.Bitch I'm Madonna
7.Hold Tight 8.Joan Of Arc 9.Iconic
10.HeartBreakCity 11.Body Shop 12.Holy Water
13.Inside Out 14.Wash All Over Me 15.Best Night
16.Veni Vedi Vici 17.S.E.X. 18.Messiah
19.Rebel Heart

kelly clarksonpiece by piece

1.Heartbeat Song 2.Invincible 3.Someone
4.Take You High 5.Piece By Piece 6.Run Run Run(feat. John Legend)
7.I Had A Dream 8.Let Your Tears Fall 9.Tightrope
10.War Paint 11.Dance With Me 12.Nostalgic
13.Good Goes The Bye 14.Bad Reputation 15.In The Blue
16.Second Wind

diolock up the wolves

1.Wild One 2.Born On The Sun 3.Hey Angel
4.Between Two Hearts 5.Night Music 6.Lock Up The Wolves
7.Evil On Queen Street 8.Walk On Water 9.Twisted
10.Why Are They Watching Me 11.My Eyes

holychildrunning behind

1.Running Behind

mystery skullsforever

1.Forever 2.The Future 3.Paralyzed
4.Hellbent(feat. Snowblood) 5.Fantasy 6.Ghost
7.Magic(feat. Nile Rodgers And Brandy) 8.Number 1(feat. Brandy And Nile Rodgers) 9.When I'm With You
10.Body High 11.Every Note

rae morrisunguarded

1.Skin 2.Under The Shadows 3.Closer
4.For You 5.Love Again 6.Don't Go
7.Unguarded 8.Cold(Feat. Fryars) 9.Do You Even Know ?
10.Morne Fortuné 11.This Time 12.Not Knowing

juicy jall i need

1.All I Need(One Mo Drank)

wiz khalifafurious 7:original motion picture soundtrack

1.See You Again(feat. Charlie Puth)

flo ridaonce in a lifetime

1.Once In A Lifetime(一生一次)


1.Happiness 2.Forever Friends 3.君に贈る歌 ~Song For You
4.Eternal Love 5.Life Is Good feat. SWEEP 6.Change Your World
7.Love Is Louder 8.All My Ladies feat. Crystal Kay & Thelma Aoyama 9.Fierce
10.Die For You 11.Can't Be Without You 12.Happiness(松下奈緒)
13.Always Love U

ricky martina quien quiera escuchar

1.Adiós 2.Disparo Al Corazón 3.Isla Bella
4.Perdóname 5.Náufrago 6.La Mordidita
7.Cuanto Me Acuerdo De Ti 8.Mátame Otra Vez 9.Nada
10.A Quien Quiera Escuchar 11.Náufrago(Acoustic Version) 12.Mátame Otra Vez(Acoustic Version)
13.Nada(Dharmik Version)

chiaraun giorno di sole - straordinario

1.Straordinario 2.Un Giorno DI Sole 3.Il Rimedio La Vita E La Cura
4.L'uomo Senza Cuore 5.Amore Infinito 6.La Vita È Da Vivere
7.Qualcosa Resta Sempre 8.Il Volto Della Vita 9.Nomade
10.Il Meglio Che Puoi Dare 11.Siamo Adesso 12.Che Valore Dai
13.Ruba L'amore 14.Il Senso DI Noi 15.Titanium

musta paraatipeilitalossa

1.Metallia 2.Metalliset Kasvot 3.Eläimen Kalu
4.Peilitalo 5.Muukalainen 6.Ennustus
7.Ajatus 8.Hyvää Yötä 9.Veitsen Terällä
10.Nukke 11.Olet Kuva 12.Ääni Pimeästä


1.Eleggua(Intro) 2.Oya 3.Ghosts
4.River 5.Think Of You 6.Behind The Curtain
7.Stranger / Lover 8.Mama Says 9.Weatherman
10.Faithful 11.Yanira 12.Singles

bushidosonny black

1.Fotzen 2.Jeder Meiner Freunde 3.Haifisch
4.Mitten In Der Nacht 5.Crackdealer Sound 6.Sporttasche
7.Osama Flow 8.Gangsta Rap Kings 9.Messerstecherei
10.Blei - Patronen 11.John Wayne 12.Tausend Gründe
13.Baseballschläger 14.AMG 15.Nie Ein Rapper II

james baymove together

1.Move Together

los toreros muertospor biafra

1.Mamá 2.El Cielo Es Azul 3.On The Desk
4.Los Niños De Colores 5.En MI Portal 6.Para Ti
7.Pilar 8.En Un Cuarto De Baño 9.Manolito
10.Vámonos Al Campo 11.Dime Guau

imagine dragons謎霧幻鏡(smoke + mirrors - deluxe)

1.Shots(開槍) 2.Gold(變幻成金) 3.Smoke And Mirrors(謎霧幻鏡)
4.I'm So Sorry(真的抱歉) 5.I Bet My Life(賭上人生) 6.Polaroid(拍立得)
7.Friction(火花) 8.It Comes Back To You(重回你身邊) 9.Dream(夢)
10.Trouble(煩惱) 11.Summer(夏天) 12.Hopeless Opus(絕望之作)
13.The Fall(墜落) 14.Thief(賊) 15.The Unknown(未知)
16.Second Chances(第二次機會) 17.Release(釋放) 18.Warriors(戰士)

teena marieirons in the fire

1.I Need Your Lovin' 2.Young Love 3.First Class Love
4.Irons In The Fire 5.Chains 6.You Make Love Like Springtime
7.Tune In Tomorrow

saxonheavy metal thunder

1.Heavy Metal Thunder 2.Strong Arm Of The Law 3.Power & The Glory
4.And The Bands Played On 5.Crusader 6.Dallas 1PM
7.Princess Of The Night 8.Wheels Of Steel 9.747(Strangers In The Night)
10.Motorcycle Man 11.Never Surrender 12.Denim And Leather(Live At Bloodstock)
13.Backs To The Wall(Live At Bloodstock) 14.Sacrifice(Live At Bloodstock) 15.Power And The Glory(Live At Bloodstock)
16.Heavy Metal Thunder(Live At Bloodstock) 17.Battalions Of Steel(Live At Bloodstock) 18.Motorcycle Man(Live At Bloodstock)
19.And The Bands Played On(Live At Bloodstock) 20.To Hell And Back Again(Live At Bloodstock) 21.747(Strangers In The Night)(Live At Bloodstock)
22.Crusader(Live At Bloodstock) 23.Wheels Of Steel(Live At Bloodstock) 24.Princess Of The Night(Live At Bloodstock)
25.Denim And Leather(Live At Bloodstock)

big seanblessings


rumerinto colour

1.Intro(Return Of Blackbird) 2.Dangerous 3.Reach Out
4.You Just Don't Know People 5.Baby Come Back To Bed 6.Play Your Guitar
7.Sam 8.Better Place 9.Pizza And Pinball
10.Butterfly 11.I Am Blessed

nicki minajtruffle butter

1.Truffle Butter


1.Non - Fiction(Intro) 2.Everybody Loves / The Def Of You(Interlude) 3.Run(feat. Schoolboy Q) / An Island(Interlude)
4.Integrity(feat. Charisse Mills) 5.One More(feat. T. I.) 6.Time Of Our Lives(feat. Pitbull)
7.Who's Taking You Home 8.Coming With You 9.Let You What... Interlude
10.Take You There 11.Good Morning / Gon' Ride(Interlude) 12.Make It Easy(feat. Jeezy)
13.Money Can't Buy 14.Religious / Ratchet Wit Yo Friends(Interlude) 15.She Knows(feat. Juicy J)
16.She Said I'm Hood Tho(feat. Candice) 17.Story Time 18.Why
19.Congratulations 20.Worth It(Bonus) 21.Body On You(Bonus)

diana krallwallflower

1.California Dreamin' 2.Desperado 3.Superstar
4.Alone Again(Naturally) 5.Wallflower 6.If I Take You Home Tonight
7.I Can't Tell You Why 8.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 9.Operator(That's Not The Way It Feels)
10.I'm Not In Love 11.Feels Like Home 12.Don't Dream It's Over
13.In My Life 14.Yeh Yeh 15.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word(Live From Paris, France / 2014)
16.Wallflower(Live From Paris, France / 2014)

keith sweatharlem romance:the love collection

1.Make It Last Forever(With Jacci McGhee) 2.Right And A Wrong Way 3.I'll Give All My Love To You
4.I Want To Love You Down 5.Give Me What I Want 6.Keep It Comin' Smooth Version
7.There You Go Tellin' Me No Again 8.Get Up On It(Feat. Kut Klose) 9.Grind On You
10.Come Into My Bedroom 11.Yumi 12.Come With Me(Feat. Ronald Isley)
13.Nobody(Feat. Athena Cage)(Remastered Single Version) 14.Chocolate Girl 15.My Body

marilyn mansonthe pale emperor

1.Deep Six(深深六呎) 2.Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge(爽三天玩到掛) 3.Killing Strangers(殺光陌生人)(基努李維電影捍衛任務)
4.The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles(洛杉磯的梅菲斯特) 5.Warship My Wreck(沉艦記) 6.Slave Only Dreams To Be King(奴隸國王夢)
7.The Devil Beneath My Feet(腳下惡魔) 8.Birds Of Hell Awaiting(地獄鳥守候) 9.Cupid Carries A Gun(愛神帶把槍)
10.Odds Of Even(無人倖免) 11.Day 3(第三天) 12.Fated, Faithful, Fatal(命定, 信仰, 致命)
13.Fall Of The House Of Death(鬼屋崩垮)

scorpionsreturn to forever

1.Going Out With A Bang 2.We Built This House 3.Rock My Car
4.House Of Cards 5.All For One 6.Rock 'N' Roll Band
7.Catch Your Luck And Play 8.Rollin' Home 9.Hard Rockin' The Place
10.Eye Of The Storm 11.The Scratch 12.Gypsy Life

blurgo out

1.Go Out

kid rockfirst kiss

1.First Kiss 2.Good Times, Cheap Wine 3.Johnny Cash
4.Ain't Enough Whiskey 5.Drinking Beer With Dad 6.Good Time Lookin' For Me
7.Best Of Me 8.One More Song 9.Jesus And Bocephus
10.Say Goodbye(Bonus Track)


1.Tonight(Single Remix) 2.Where We Belong

skip the uselittle armageddon tour(live)

1.Harry Poppers 2 2.30 Years 3.Nameless World
4.Antislavery 5.Cup Of Coffee 6.P.I.L
7.Give Me Your Life 8.Lust For You 9.The Wrong Man
10.Little Armageddon 11.Second To None 12.You Are
13.Darkness Paradise 14.Gone Away 15.Bullet In My Head
16.She's My Lady 17.Off MeLive Zenith, Lille / 2014 18.The Story Of Gods And Men
19.The Taste 20.Ghost 21.Etre Heureux
22.Hell Parade 23.Medley 24.Don't Wanna Be A Star
25.People In The Shadow 26.Sluts 27.Birds Are Born To Fly
28.Bastard Song / Nadine Aoualpé


1.The Road You Didn't Take

aviciithe nights

1.The Nights

fall out boyamerican beauty / american psycho

1.Irresistible 2.American Beauty / American Psycho 3.Centuries
4.The Kids Aren't Alright 5.Uma Thurman 6.Jet Pack Blues
7.Novocaine 8.Fourth Of July 9.Favorite Record
10.Immortals 11.Twin Skeleton's(Hotel In NYC)

julie zenattiles amis

1.Les Amis 2.Un Cœur En Ville 3.D'où Je Viens
4.D'où Je Viens(Acoustic)

reba mcentiregoing out like that

1.Going Out Like That

pulcino pio小雞嗶嗶

1.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Chinese Version Radio Edit)(小雞嗶嗶 - 中文版) 2.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Radio Edit)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲) 3.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Carlo Oliva & Thomas Prioli Remix Edit)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲 Carlo Oliva & Thomas Prioli 混音版)
4.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Carlo Oliva & Thomas Prioli Remix Extended)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲 Carlo Oliva & Thomas Prioli 慢搖混音版) 5.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(J - ART Remix Edit)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲 J - ART 混音版) 6.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(J - ART Remix Extended)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲 J - ART 慢搖混音版)
7.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Scotty Club Remix(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲 Scotty Club 混音版) 8.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Scotty Club Remix Edit)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲 Scotty Club 混音版) 9.Pulcino Pio - Il Pulcino Pio(Remix)(小雞嗶嗶 - 義大利原曲混音版)

ciarai bet

1.I Bet

april kryfireflies


curtis stigerstime was

1.This Time 2.Keep Me From The Cold 3.Every Time You Cry
4.Anything You Want 5.There's More To Makin' Love(Than Layin' Down) 6.It Never Comes
7.The Ghost Of You And Me 8.Time Was 9.Cry
10.Somebody In Love 11.The Big One 12.New York Is Rockin'
13.There Will Always Be A Place


1.Te Conozco Desde Siempre 2.Diles 3.Eres El Agua
4.Sabes Bien 5.Fragiles 6.Hablame
7.Amor De Hielo Y Sal 8.Y Sigo Preguntandome 9.Lo Que No Sabes
10.Sobrelleve 11.Perdida

alison krausstoo late to cry

1.Too Late To Cry 2.Foolish Heart 3.Song For Life
4.Dusty Miller 5.If I Give My Heart 6.In Your Eyes
7.Don't Follow Me 8.Gentle River 9.On The Borderline
10.Forgotten Pictures 11.Sleep On

level 42something about you:the collection

1.Something About You 2.Lessons In Love 3.Running In The Family
4.Love Meeting Love(Album Mix Edit) 5.Turn It On(Extended Version) 6.Good Man In A Storm
7.The Sun Goes Down(Living It Up) 8.I Sleep On My Heart 9.The Chinese Way(Extended John Luongo Remix / New York Remix)
10.Standing In The Light 11.Leaving Me Now(Extended Version) 12.A Pharoah's Dream(Of Endless Time)
13.Last Chance 14.Flying On The Wings Of Love 15.Kansas City Milkman
16.Sandstorm 17.Follow Me(Live At The Coronet / 1985)

kanye westonly one

1.Only One

belle & sebastiangirls in peacetime want to dance

1.Nobody's Empire 2.Allie 3.The Party Line
4.The Power Of Three 5.The Cat With The Cream 6.Enter Sylvia Plath
7.The Everlasting Muse 8.Perfect Couples 9.Ever Had A Little Faith ?
10.Play For Today 11.The Book Of You 12.Today(This Army's For Peace)

the prodigythe day is my enemy




bertie higginscasablanca

1.Casablanca(卡薩布蘭卡) 2.Just Another Day In Paradise(只是另一天在天堂) 3.The Candle Dancer(蠟燭舞者)
4.Pirates And Poets(海盜和詩人)

us the duoshake it off

1.Shake It Off

tutyou got me when i stare at you

1.You Got Me When I Stare At You 2.Color Of Words 3.Little Child
4.Send Me 5.But I 6.Sorry
7.Aquarium 8.Rainy Day

lion babelion babe ep

1.Jump Hi 2.Don't Break My Heart 3.Jungle Lady
4.Treat Me Like Fire

george clintoncomputer games

1.Get Dressed 2.Man's Best Friend / Loopzilla 3.Pot Sharing Tots
4.Computer Games 5.Atomic Dog 6.Free Alterations
7.One Fun At A Time

sarantosthe happiest time of the year

1.The Happiest Time Of The Year 2.Jesus Is Born 3.It's Christmas Time
4.On This Night 5.We Wish You A Merry Christmas 6.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
7.Joy To The World 8.Deck The Halls 9.O Holy Night
10.Jingle Bells 11.The First Noel 12.Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing
13.Silent Night 14.Oh Come All Ye Faithful 15.A Christmas Carol
16.The Holy Night 17.The Nutcracker 18.The Elves And The Shoemaker
19.Santa Claus's Letter 20.Twas The Night Before Christmas 21.Santa's Team
22.The Little Match Girl 23.Santa Claus Does Not Forget

ll cool jmama said knock you out

1.The Boomin' System 2.Around The Way Girl 3.Eat Em Up L Chill
4.Mr. Good Bar 5.Murdergram 6.Cheesy Rat Blues
7.Farmers Blvd.(Our Anthem) 8.Mama Said Knock You Out 9.Milky Cereal
10.Jingling Baby(Remixed But Still Jingling)(Remix) 11.To Da Break Of Dawn 12.6 Minutes Of Pleasure
13.Illegal Search 14.The Power Of God

david bisbaltú y yo(gold edition)

1.No Amanece 2.Sí Pero No 3.Diez Mil Maneras
4.Si Aún Te Quieres Quedar 5.Tú Y Yo 6.Mi Estrella De Cine
7.Culpable 8.Hombre De Tu Vida 9.Burbuja
10.Lo Que Vendrá 11.Olvidé Respirar 12.Vida, Qué Locura
13.Historia De Un Amor 14.Fuego De Noche, Nieve De Día 15.Si Aún Te Quieres Quedar
16.Hombre De Tu Vida 17.Amame 18.Unbreakable(Diez Mil Maneras)(Radio Mix)
19.Unbreakable(Diez Mil Maneras)(Club Remix) 20.Closer Tonight(Freixenet 2014) 21.Closer Tonight(FBT Remix)


1.Tür Zu 2.1000 Dinge 3.Drehscheibe
4.Dunkel - Hell 5.Licht Aus 6.Gegenwind
7.EXIT 8.Stück Für Stück 9.Charlie Brown
10.RBM 11.Halbzeit 12.OFF
13.Glas - Beton 14.Roofer 15.Raupe
16.Anfang Des Traums 17.Tür Auf 18.Das Letzte(In Vallis Session)
19.Faden Verloren(In Vallis Session) 20.Stille(In Vallis Session) 21.Running High(In Vallis Session)
22.Der Moment(In Vallis Session) 23.Salem 3(In Vallis Session)

collabrostars(special edition)

1.Stars 2.Bring Him Home 3.Come What May
4.With You 5.Let It Go 6.Anthem
7.Secrets 8.Somewhere 9.All Of Me
10.Over The Rainbow 11.Say Something 12.Falling Slowly
13.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 14.White Christmas

jennifer rushheart over mind

1.I Come Undone 2.Down To You 3.Heart Over Mind
4.Search The Sky 5.Stronghold 6.Flames Of Paradise
7.Love Of A Stranger 8.Heart Wars 9.Sidekick
10.Call My Name

joy denalaneborn & raised

1.Change(Album Version) 2.Let Go(Album Version) 3.Be Real(Album Version)
4.Heaven Or Hell(Album Version) 5.One In A Million(Album Version) 6.For The Love(Album Version)
7.7 Year Itch(Album Version) 8.Caught Up(Album Version) 9.Stranger In This Land(Album Version)
10.Start Over 11.Born & Raised(Album Version) 12.Something Stirrin' Up(Album Version)
13.Despite It All(Album Version) 14.Soweto '76 - '06(Album Version) 15.Sometimes Love(Album Version)

empyrthe peaceful riot

1.God Is My Lover 2.New Day 3.Birth
4.Tonight 5.Water Lily 6.The Voice Of The Lost Souls
7.Forbidden Song 8.The One 9.The Fever
10.My Empress 11.March On 12.Join Us

5 seconds of summerlivesos

1.18(Live) 2.Out Of My Limit(Live) 3.Disconnected(Live)
4.Amnesia(Live) 5.Beside You(Live) 6.Everything I Didn't Say(Live)
7.Long Way Home(Live) 8.Heartache On The Big Screen(Live) 9.American Idiot(Live)
10.Teenage Dream(Live) 11.Good Girls(Live) 12.What I Like About You(Live)
13.End Up Here(Live) 14.She Looks So Perfect(Live) 15.What I Like About You(Studio Mix)

sam smithhave yourself a merry little christmas

1.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


1.T5C 2.Who's That Rave ? 3.Today(feat. Vassy)
4.We Got The Sound 5.Radiate(feat. Vassy) 6.999(Call The Police)
7.King Of The Land 8.Bigroom Blitz 9.Chopstick(Mado Kara Mieru)
10.Home Again 11.Fuck Forever 12.Jaguare
13.T. O. O. 14.Listen 15.Can't Stop The Hardcore
16.Fallin' 17.In Need 18.How Much Is The Fish ?(Tony Junior Remix)
19.Maria(I Like It Loud)(R.I.O. Remix) 20.Move Your Ass !(Stefan Dabruck Remix) 21.Army Of Hardcore(BMG Remix)
22.Friends(NRG Remix) 23.Jigga Jigga !(Dave202 Remix) 24.I'm Lonely(Kindervater Remix)
25.Posse(I Need You On The Floor)(Amfree Remix) 26.Fire(Laserkraft 3D Remix) 27.Shake That !(Barany Attila / DJ Dominique Remix)

pitbulpiensas(dile la verdad)

1.Piensas(Dile La Verdad)

maroon 5happy christmas(war is over)

1.Happy Christmas(War Is Over)

gwen stefanispark the fire

1.Spark The Fire(New Version)

fabolousthe young og project

1.Lituation 2.We Good 3.All Good
4.You Made Me 5.She Wildin' 6.Ball Drop
7.Bish Bounce 8.Rap & Sex 9.Gone For The Winter
10.Cinnamon Apple 11.Young OG II

evanescencetogether again

1.Together Again

ludacrisburning bridges

1.New Beginning Intro 2.Money 3.Problems
4.In My Life 5.Burning Bridges 6.Good Lovin

one directionfour

1.Steal My Girl 2.Ready To Run 3.Where Do Broken Hearts Go
4.18 5.Girl Almighty 6.Fool's Gold
7.Night Changes 8.No Control 9.Fireproof
10.Spaces 11.Stockholm Syndrome 12.Clouds
13.Change Your Ticket 14.Illusion 15.Once In A Lifetime
16.Act My Age

foo fighterssonic highways

1.Something From Nothing 2.The Feast And The Famine 3.Congregation
4.What Did I Do ? / God As My Witness 5.Outside 6.In The Clear
7.Subterranean 8.I Am A River

gladys knight & the pipsimagination(expanded version)

1.Midnight Train To Georgia 2.I've Got To Use My Imagination 3.Storms Of Troubled Times
4.Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 5.Once In A Lifetime Thing 6.Where Peaceful Waters Flow
7.I Can See Clearly Now 8.Perfect Love 9.Window Raisin' Granny
10.Midnight Train To Georgia(Single Version) 11.Window Raisin' Granny(Single Version) 12.Midnight Train To Georgia(Short Version)
13.Midnight Train To Georgia(Instrumental)

jenny wilsonlove and youth

1.Crazy Summer 2.Summer Time - The Roughest Time 3.Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward
4.Those Winters 5.Bitter ? No I Just Love To Complain 6.Would I Play With My Band
7.Love And Youth 8.A Hesitating Cloud Of Despair 9.Love Ain't Just A Four Letter Word
10.Common Around Here 11.Hey, What's The Matter ? 12.Balcony Smoker
13.A Brief History 14.Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward(The Knife Remix) 15.Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward(Joachime Remix)

georges brassensgeorges brassens n9

1.Les Trompettes De La Renommée 2.Jeanne 3.Je Rejoindrai Ma Belle
4.Marquise 5.Les Amours D'antan 6.La Marguerite
7.L'assassinat 8.Si Le Bon Dieu L'avait Voulu 9.La Guerre De 14 - 18

chris ledouxhorsepower

1.Horsepower 2.One Less Tornado 3.All Wound Up
4.A Cowboy Was Born 5.Smack Dab In The Middle 6.The Buffalo Grass
7.Feels Like I'm Gettin' Into Something Good 8.The Ride 9.Rodeo Moon
10.Between The Rainbows And The Rain 11.Pass My Hat 12.Blue Bonnet Blues

armin van buuren超級精選 阿曼國歌(armin anthems - ultimate singles collected)

1.This Is What It Feels Like(UK Radio Edit)(Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie) 2.In And Out Of Love(Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel) 3.Not Giving Up On Love(Armin van Buuren feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor )
4.Ping Pong(Armin van Buuren) 5.Blue Fear(Armin van Buuren) 6.Drowning(Avicii Radio Edit)(Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V.)
7.Burned With Desire(Rising Star Radio Edit)(Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa) 8.Hystereo(Armin van Buuren) 9.We Are Here To Make Some Noise(Armin van Buuren)
10.Communication(Armin van Buuren) 11.Shivers(Armin van Buuren feat. Susana) 12.Intense(Armin van Buuren feat. Miri Ben-Ari)
13.Feels So Good(Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali) 14.Love You More(Armin van Buuren feat. Racoon) 15.Alone(Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans)
16.Yet Another Day(Armin van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson) 17.Serenity(Armin van Buuren feat. Jan Vayne) 18.Going Wrong(Armin van Buuren's Radio Edit)(Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones)
19.Save My Night(Armin van Buuren) 20.Sail(Armin van Buuren)



laith al - deenwas wenn alles gut geht

1.Lass Es Los 2.Alles Bleibt 3.Frühling
4.Was Wenn Alles Gut Geht 5.Steine 6.Immer Wieder
7.Nur Wenn Sie Daenzt 8.Wo Gehen Wir Hin 9.Das Kannst Nur Du
10.Volle Kraft 11.Wenn Gestern Heute Wär 12.In Meiner Nähe
13.Outro 14.Wenn Gestern Heute Wär 15.Die Liebe Zum Detail(Live 2014)
16.Frühling(Live 2014) 17.Fließende Wasser(Live 2014) 18.Dein Lied(Live 2014)
19.Lass Es Los(Live 2014) 20.Alles An Dir(Live 2014) 21.Nur Wenn Sie Daenzt(Live 2014)
22.Bilder Von Dir(Live 2014)

abraham mateowho i am

1.All The Girls(La La La) 2.Eres Como El Aire 3.Todo Termino
4.Torture 5.Mi Circo 6.Another Heartbreak
7.It's U 8.Fue Un Error Amarte 9.I Choose That Girl
10.Golden Heart 11.Who I Am 12.Hearts
13.Adicto A Ti(Adicct 4 Da)(Bonus Track) 14.Baby Girl(Bonus Track) 15.Niña Indeterminada(Bonus Track)
16.Zero Fahrenheit

meghan trainori'll be home

1.I'll Be Home

sidonieel incendio

1.El Incendio 2.La Sombra 3.Un Dia Mas En La Vida
4.Algo Nos Pasara 5.Por Ti 6.Viva El Loco Que Invento El Amor
7.A La Vera Del Mar 8.Al Viento 9.Sin Querer
10.Nueva York 11.En Mi Garganta 12.El Adios

lil waynegotti


bastillethe driver

1.The Driver

calvin harrismotion

1.Faith 2.Under Control 3.Blame
4.Love Now 5.Slow Acid 6.Outside
7.It Was You 8.Summer 9.Overdrive
10.Ecstasy 11.Pray To God 12.Open Wide
13.Together 14.Burnin 15.Dollar Signs

paloma faithready for the good life

1.Ready For The Good Life

selena gomezthe heart wants what it wants

1.The Heart Wants What It Wants

bring me the horizondrown



1.Pretty Hurts 2.Haunted 3.Drunk In Love
4.Blow 5.No Angel 6.Partition
7.Jealous 8.Rocket 9.Mine
10.XO 11.Flawless 12.Superpower
13.Heaven 14.Blue

vanessa paradislove songs tour

1.Pas Besoin De Permis 2.Intro(Vanessa Paradis / Love Songs Tour) 3.Il Y A
4.La Seine 5.Natural High 6.Station Quatre - Septembre
7.Pourtant 8.Tandem 9.Sunday Mondays
10.Joe Le Taxi 11.L'incendie 12.Dis - Lui Toi Que Je T'aime
13.Commando 14.Le Rempart 15.Pas Besoin De Permis
16.Marilyn & John 17.Divine Idylle 18.Tu Vois C'que J'vois
19.Love Song 20.L'ouverture 21.L'au - Delà
22.Love Song 23.C'est Quoi ? 24.Les Espaces & Les Sentiments
25.Prends Garde À Moi 26.Tu Pars Comme On Revient 27.Rocking - Chair
28.Station Quatre - Septembre 29.Tu Vois C' Que J'vois 30.L'interlude
31.La Crème 32.Le Rempart 33.Mi Amor
34.New Year 35.Tu Si Na Cosa Grande 36.Etre Celle
37.Doorway 38.La Chanson Des Vieux Cons 39.Les Roses Roses

take thatthese days

1.These Days

taylor swift1989

1.Welcome to New York 2.Blank Space 3.Style
4.Out Of The Woods 5.All You Had To Do Was Stay 6.Shake It Off
7.I Wish You Would 8.Bad Blood


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