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【 A Distant Rainbow 】【 英文 】【 2014 】

1.Random Silences (提供)

2.Pictures in Her Mind (Melodia Castillo) (提供)

3.I Feel For You (提供)

4.Sunday Cycling (提供)

5.444 (提供)

6.His-Hell (提供)

7.Wind Wake You Up (提供)

8.Delphinoidea (提供)

9.Beautiful Blue Marble (提供)

10.Random Silences (Roel Funcken RMX) (提供)

11.Pictures in Her Mind (Christ. Remix) (提供)

12.I Feel For You (Ochre Remix) (提供)

13.444 (Somatic Responses' Rebash) (提供)

14.His-Hell (Plaid Remix 2) (提供)

15.Delphinoidea (Tom Roberts Remix) (提供)

16.Beautiful Blue Marble (The Inventors Of Aircraft Remix) (提供)

17.444 (A God With Horns Remix) (提供)

18.444 (Abereiddy Astronomical Society Remix) (提供)

19.444 (Future Image Remix) (提供)

20.444 (Johnny Jitters Remix) (提供)

21.444 (Ten and Tracer's Furliss Instead Remix) (提供)

22.Beautiful Blue Marble (Cousin Silas Remix) (提供)

23.Beautiful Blue Marble (Shamman Delly Remix) (提供)

24.Delphinoidea (Nonima RMX) (提供)

25.His-Hell (Keef Baker Remix) (提供)

26.I Feel For You (Illl's Derealisation) (提供)

27.I Feel For You (Noboru Watanabe Remix) (提供)

28.I Feel For You (Sun Glitters Remix) (提供)

29.I Felt For You (Sweguno Remix) (提供)

30.Pictures in Her Mind (Surface10 Remix) (提供)

31.I Feel For You (Tim Koch Remix) (提供)

32.Pictures in Her Mind (Verbose Remix) (提供)

33.I Feel For You (Twisted Perspective Remix) (提供)

34.Sunday Cycling (Bearhead Remix) (提供)

35.Sunday Cycling (Floating Spirits' Weekend Cruise) (提供)

36.Sunday Cycling (Pausal Remix) (提供)

37.The Wind Wake You Up (Logreybeam Remix) (提供)

38.The Wind Wake You Up (Missingsense Remix) (提供)