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【 Dark Waters Rise 】【 英文 】【 1998 】

1.Dominus Infernus Vobiscum
2.Omens of Elder Creation
3.Over Mountains of Ancient Power

1.Dominus Infernus Vobiscum (修改)

They are the beings from the skies
Masters of demise
Learned by the Ancient prophecies

Bannished from this plane
Their voices call to pain
Holders of the key to existence
I am the ONE!!!!!!!!!

They speak... through me
I call... through me
Forgotten voices... From the past
Elder gods... I beckon into me!
With all your Strength
Surround me... Ancient ones!
I hear your power
As i have said!

Demon in me... Redeem your past upon Reflection!
Come through me... Manifest your dreams of chaos!
I beg of you!
Grasp my creation... Overtake my body, command my soul!

These rays of light have blinded my soul!
Abridge the gate between our realms!
I feel your outworld vibrations in me!
Praise thy strength my eternal daemons!
I surrender myself to you my elder fathers!
We shall raise the everlasting underword!
Raise the black seas to overwhelm force!
Conquer this land and claim the throne!

The infernal power flows within my blood
Magnifigence... i grip the eternal strength
Underworld demons have captured my soul
They speak to me... i hear their commands!

My hands spout infernal fire! I spout tongues of unknown dialect?
I levitate above the ground. My eyes glow with the power of infernal fire!

Grasp the unknown force in flame of the power of Magnificence
Realms of truth found within the unholy power
Lifting through the ages an immortal sumerian deamon untold
Defied by its life and held by the sacred oath

Fire in my soul! The flame of life.. The daemon takes hold!
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Malificent daemon in me i command you! Surrender to me...

Infernal fire the deamon takes hold and breaks through control
I command thy daemon speak tell me thy name infernal majesty

I am the one who you called.. beckoned forth in to you...
Know me by this.. I am all your fears unleashed.

Infernal fire the deamon takes hold and breaks through control
I command thy daemon speak tell me thy name infernal majesty

Insence of the power the destruction of our..
Desent through the land in praises of man..
Tell me thy name daemon of all i have slain..
Ethereal journey to a plane i wish not to see..

What unholy place is this?!?!

The fires of Hell!!!

I succumb to your power daemon..
Tell me thy name and i will sustain my will to defeat you
Will you hearken forth your powers.. Destroy all i see on the godless earthly realm and claim It as your own and claim it as your throne..
Speak to my thy name of thee who would conquer..
And Destroy my home on this realm

The name you seek.. Is that you cannot speak...

On this plane you called my name and call me too you broken through you
This is the choice you have made you have called my name for pain and pain
I shalt bring you and this plane you call home i will destroy!!!

Vermis Mysteriis is thy name..
The daemon spoke and called infernal torches of malificent flame,
burning all in the fires of hell..
In the hell i called into then flames of all!!

I have forsaken you
Death has overtaken you
Burning internal pain
Once more the earthen realm i have overtaken and claimed for Hell

Fall from the Light.....

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2.Omens of Elder Creation (修改)

Of infinite forms of malificent zenites
To the race of transverse spirits
Surmise the kingdom to golden scepter
Defy the ancient power and pass from thy gate
Open forth the gates of life given power
Bring forth a child to me
Hearken in impurity
From the gate ancient life given power...

Spirit... whom raised before me
Illuminator... of all impurity
Possess... the birth of man
I call... forth from sun

I call forth the ancient wisdom
I call forth the elder power
I call forth the golden scepter
i call forth life given darkness!!!

Fathers of the unholy night bring me forth your gift of life...

Form the birth from gate of night
Unholy birth from the fires of might
The birth of life of conquering light
That he may see and conquer all humanity

Sacrifice, Blood offerings, Remember!
Lord of the offerings of battle Remember!
The name of CTHAH666, Deity of...
In the covenant all is silenced...
The gate of life subverged upon ground
Thee i invoke... Come forth to me...
NKBA my child... BARRA! to the Earthen plane
'Tis the name that of Nergal...
Ye whoith be slayer of man and lions
God of war. Remember! Spirit of red planet, Remember!
In the name of this covenant, Remember!
God of the sacrifice of the blood of light...
The scarab has come from infinity
Invision the formation of unformed life
Opened the gate of life given power
Brought fourth a child to me
Coalesce in all impurity...Remember!!

Of infinite forms of malificent Zenites
To the beginnings of life given power
Conquer the kingdom of golden sword
Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!
Opened the gate of thy sphere
To one whom has no fear
Wielding the sword of destruction
Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!

Abound! Yet leap of inside the defiant gate of Ia Kanpa
The realm of earth has spread wide the demons liege
Populating the unknown land leapt from the gate of...
What would have been Nergal from his unabridged wisdom

Escape the land, lest ye perish
Deafen by the awakening of Evils
Watch thou the eyes behind me
Slayer of lions and man of kind

Destructive winds and storms are they
An evil blast, herald of the baneful storm
They are mighty Children, Ancient ones
The flood hath rushith through the land!
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And the Circle shown before mankind
The liege broke forth upon the soil
In all millenniums none such as this
Barra Xul of Kia Thumathate!

And the ancient ones seek their vengeance upon the earth!
The child hath become form of war in the name of ...
The offspring of Marduk.
For lo! the Elders possess the sign By which the
powers of the ancient ones are turned back
Retrieve! Man has the name the number and the shape of our Covenant!
The true form is that! The true name is that!
The true number is that of CTHAH666... Retrieve and Remember!
To summon the blood of your parents and this is the Covenant Created by the elder gods
... Formed from blood of ancient ones
Man is the key by which the gate of IAK SAKKAK may be flung wide...

The ancient ones seek their vengeance upon the offspring of what would be Marduk!
Strike with the blood of elders Nergal hath done that of spirit if the Red planet well!
Of no fear for what is new came from that which was old...
And the elders shall rule upon the Earth!
And claim it as there own... The ancient ones call from the gate to return!
Brought fourth a new liege Punish Marduk in the
destruction of what would be his son...Nergal!

The Ancient ones surrounded Nergal and unleashed spears of infernal flame!
Nergal returned with taunts of blasphemy releasing serpents of poison!
The dark waters stirred... In rage the ancient ones returned with rays of unlife!
In quickness Nergal escaped and threw fourth flames of destruction!
One ancient perished... the dark waters raised... From hatred for Marduk...
The ancient ones of the number two of three grasped Nergal and sent through...
Light of Fire! And Nergal fell unbreathing the ancients turned to release...
The spell of Marduk upon the earth and Nergal awakened to plunge fourth...
the spear of death of Enki upon the skull of the Ancient one! One of Three...
The ancient one leapt fourth upon Nergal and severed his head with a golden sword!

The lonely cries of a thousand lives...
Marduks son.. Alone he died...
The ancients know, to bestow...
The power of Infernal glow!
Marduks weeps in Ancient sleep...
Fall as the King.. The shadows sing...
The saddest song.. A life not long...
As dark waters lye

Many moons have passed since the time
When the world goes on none the wise
Between the worlds in Nether realm
The call of those who do not know
Bridging the gate between the realms
The army wakes and begins to rise
Marduk stirs and opens his eyes...
All is calm as the dark waters rise...

** 'Stoop not down, therefore,
Unto the Darkly-Splendid World,
Wherein continually lieth a faithless Depth
And Hades wrapped in clouds,
Delighting in unintelligible images
Precipitous, winding,
A black, ever-rolling Abyss
Ever espousing a body unluminous
Formless and Void.'

3.Over Mountains of Ancient Power (修改)

No Evil Spirit!
No Evil Demon!
No Evil god!
No Evil Fiend!
No Evil Spell!
No Enchantment!
No Sorcery!
No Shadow of the Night!

No Evil in the world or Under it
Over the world or inside the world
May seize upon me of here
Barra Ante Malda!!

I have put upon me the fiery star of the heavens, the potent disk upon my head
Thus the spirit of a watcher may stumb upon me to exorcise the gate of fiends
The gate of that of Inna from the realm avast before Elder Gods in their name i...
Hear as i have said Ancient ones who would have brought Evil upon the world...
(The World)

I am the one who would call upon the Elders to exorcise Inna from this realm
Barra Ante Malda Inna! To lift me to favor with the Elder gods for the name
I invoke the gods of night that they may come forth... Come to the desert!
Edin na Zu Mulla Xul! Alal I have summoned you forth in the praise of battle...
Upon the inflamed arc of portal claws of the Xul rise and strike with unheard fury!
Enemy of my master Enki! I assail you! I assure you! As Alal strikes upon thee..
With fists of fire and rays of fury the Ancient one attacks the power of Enki!

Upon the mountains of Ashu my master Enki calls.. Escape! I flee over mountains
Of time from the fury of ancient powers that i may recover strength for battle
Incense has burnt the light of our time... Destroying the fragments of light of Elders
Slept in the crevice for centuries the ancient ones have over taken our realm..

The Elders of past times have gone from this realm claimed by Alal and ancients
Over mountains of the Xul they sense my steps and send the watcher to assail...
The Elders of past times have gone from this realm claimed by Alal and ancients
Over mountains of the Xul they sense my steps and send the watcher to assail...

Lords of... Elder flame... I call... The name... Invoke thee
... Elder flame... I call... Invoke thee... Lords of!

Offering... brought me to the land, of Alal's Xul liege...
Horde! Ancients are the coven of Xul! Beckon the covens of Anu!
Offering... brought upon the land, of Alal's Xul liege...
Horde! In name of the coven of Xul! Invocating the gate of Enki!

Seized me here!

In the coven... The watcher comes to me
In the coven... Come rise before Anu
In the coven... Unwaking time is Enki
Hear me call the name!

Exode the ancient power from this realm of plane
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That would have brought forth the malevolence
To conquer the Elder fathers of time long forgotten
I call to you Elder spirits that you may empower me

In the coven... The watcher comes to me
In the coven... Come rise before Anu
In the coven... Unwaking time is Enki
Hear me Elders!

Cease to lie beneath the mountains of ancient Kur in his wake
Iak Sakkak has not risen from the depths to where i call the name
Enki is pale with fear as the watcher has called upon legions
I beckon elder wisdom and summon in me infernal powers

Bestowed! The elder powers!
Flowing! The infernal fires!
Rising! The lamenting of a age not long forgotten!
Fiery! The wake of!
Forsake! Realms of Xul!
Risen! the lamenting of an age not long forgotten!
Bestowed! The ancient powers!
Flowing! The infernos fires!
Rising! The lamenting of a age not long forgotten!
Fiery! The waking of!
Forsake! Realms of Xul!
Risen! the lamenting of an age not long forgotten!

Anu rises before me spouting blasphemy!
Searing, burning, i chant ancient tomes
Elder scrolls incant the names of Marduk
Surmise Anu in all his splendor infernos

Inchanted is the land once known by the fathers of time of the watcher in all his splendor
Then heard the call was Enki from time ago returned with rays of fire and infernos of fury
Upon the fragments of what would be Anu, Enki stole the crown of time for his throne
In vengeance Enki lashed upon the corpse of Anu with might and a fury from times of ago
Never to see the light of Shammash bound eternally in the darkness of death Anu Barra!
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa! Gone forth to the desert in the name of Enki and the elder fathers
Enki placed the crown of Anu upon his land gaining the wisdom and power of the Ancient
With strength Enki rose to the sky curse the Ancient in the name of all that have fallen from

No Evil in the world or Under it
Over the world or inside the world
Hath seized upon me of here
Barra Ante Malda!!

With all the power of a land over wrought with Evils and horrors of Anu and his liege
The Watcher appears with light of blinding of the eyes of shammash to speak forth
In the name of the covenant i besiege you Enki this is how it will be written and spoken
The Elder fathers have rid the land of the Xul from Ancient gods and broken the coven

Lest it be told as it has been done....