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2.Hard As A Rock
3.Whole Life

1.Heaven (修改)

it's the same old situation – nothing's gonna change
but our life's still going on
we live our life with complications – and everything goes wrong
but our dreams will going on
maybe we're living for some moments
maybe it's all our destiny
we're so much different but at least we're all the same
we're all able to make this world a better place
heaven ain't a bad place to be
I don't know how to tell ya – but I like it more than this
heaven ain't a bad place to be
maybe we're living for some moments
maybe it's all our destiny
but we all live under the same old sky
turning the wheels of time
isn't it a shame how we ruin our life

2.Hard As A Rock (修改)

tell me tales - don't want to hear
give me a number - I don't care
sell me things that I don't need
try to steal my fantasy
I don't need your god damn sympathy
it's my life and I don't have to please
hard as a rock - born to be free
living like an angel on the edge of sanity
show me ways that I should go
it's not my future - I say no
I live my life just as I want
higher, faster, on and on
tell me the truth - but it's a lie
I've heard enough - don't waste my time

3.Whole Life (修改)

this is the whole life of me
it's the truth – it's a sin – it's a misery
always total energy
never quiet – always loud – I'm the enemy
the wildest dreams and fantasies
I went through – straight ahead – it was hard to see
always high on kerosine
might explode in your face when you're calling my name

I am out of sanity
I'm a dream – I'm a lie – you will never see
I'm crazy but I'm still believe
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in my dreams – in my life – the eternity
I'm running right against the time
now I'm here – now I'm there – I am nowhere to find
I've never tried to live a lie
but I'm here – I'm the truth – I'm the alibi

just call me satan or whatever you want
ramn down your cruzifix through my heart
please try to catch me if you can
I'm outa space – in nowhereland

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